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Services for Real Estate Pros - Promo-Plates car nameplates by Ameri-Plates
TailGateTags nameplates draw potential clients to your website, telephone or office like a magnate. They mount to your car where your vital information is seen hundred to thousands of times daily while you just drive. TailGateTags are classy looking and keep their "like new" appearance for years. Here's the best part. TailGatetags are only $39.95 ea. Quality is 100% guaranteed.



If business is good and you have all you can handle please pass this to those associates who could use more recognition in a difficult economy. It's not rocket science to know that those who do the best real estate are those who are best known in their community.    It's not necessary for clients...
You may never have thought about putting an advertising plate on the rear of your car before.   It's something that doesn't readily come to mind when promoting your real estate or mortgage business.    Please think about it now. Here's something to keep in mind the next time you're in traffic.  S...
I find it somewhat amazing that print media, Internet search engines and telephone book yellow pages offer no individual exclusivity in advertising.    What I mean is, competitors ads and contact information are placed side by side with yours.   As an example...no respectable radio or TV station ...
These days a website is an essential part of doing business in the real estate industry.   It's no longer a luxury.   80% of home buyers consult the web first.  You may have the most wonderful website on the planet... but if nobody knows how to find it what's its value?  Having an unknown website...
It remarkable...  Those that sell the most are generally those who are best know in their community.   Clients don't have to know you personally, but they do have to see your name or website address appear often.    By often I mean day after day....every day for years.    The nice thing about you...
When I retired at the young age of 50, thanks to a company golden handshake we quickly discovered we could no longer afford to live the lifestyle we'd become accustom to in the city we lived in.    I'm sure a lot of boomers faced, or are facing the same predicament. What to do?   What to do? The ...
  TailGateTags URL'Plates get your message seen hundreds to thousands of times everyday for years while you just drive.. All for less than dinner and a movie. Take a moment to read this carefully. If you don't agree this is the best advertising value anywhere we encourage you to contact us direct...
It's a tough marketplace for many and we're still a long way from being out of the woods.  Indications are it's going to be another year at least before we start seeing market conditions improve.  The signs are all around us.   Most would now agree that the US is in a state of change and it's not...
www.TailGateTags.com   Every day I hear from real estate agents who tell me how wonderfully well they're doing in a sluggish market.   In fairness some are doing well.   For many it's the bottom of the 9th inning and they're still waiting to hit that home run. Sometimes it seems like there are to...
It's every real estate agent's dream to have instant recognition.   Being known in the community is key to business success.   No agent or company would dream of having an unpublished telephone number, yet it's surprising how many real estate websites (good as they are) remain anonymous.   You ma...

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