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TailGateTags nameplates draw potential clients to your website, telephone or office like a magnate. They mount to your car where your vital information is seen hundred to thousands of times daily while you just drive. TailGateTags are classy looking and keep their "like new" appearance for years. Here's the best part. TailGatetags are only $39.95 ea. Quality is 100% guaranteed.



I've made lots of mistakes over the years.    Lots and lots of mistakes.   I've tried new things only to see them fall in flames.   Much like an inventor attempting to make the perfect mouse trap.....but through it all I've kept a focus on the goal ahead.   When other kids were playing baseball I...
Whether we choose to believe it or not this time honored expression is for the most part true.  Being seen with influential people or celebrities instantly puts you in their league in the public mind. I'm not for a moment suggesting you immediately ditch the good friends you've made over the year...
It's a new dawn and a new day.   I hope you greeted this day with enthusiasm and an entire new range of ideas to keep your business moving in an upward direction.   If you haven't done your homework, you can likely expect this day to be pretty much like the last.    Set your plans carefully every...
To my readers...  Sorry...I've been away from ActiveRain for a few days.   I've been extremely busy welcoming new affiliates to our marketing program.   Business before blogs I'm afraid. I constantly read business news of all kinds....not just real estate news.   I'm still hopeful that for most o...
This You Tube video will clearly shows that things aren't always what they seem.....and sometimes it can leave us with a big tear in our eye for the underdog.      Hurray for small town Susan Boyle, who brought the big city judges to their knees.....including smarmy Simon Cowell!!!! Well worth a ...
Always remember you're in real estate to win.    If you're not winning take a good solid hour of in-depth thought to write down why you're not winning.   Your first question should be "why are you not selling all the real estate you want.?"   Remember, real estate is selling and there are agents ...
I have a secret to impart.   Well, it's really not much of a secret.   It's more like a practical statement of truth. The number one reason anyone does anything is.........they're asked to do it.    Every day McDonald's asks you to buy their hamburgers.   Every day Coca-Cola asks you to buy their...
Painted eggs and fuzzy bunnies have long been Easter symbols...   But where does the tradition come from.    I was curious, so I looked into it. The original Easter bunny was probably associated with the Pagan equinox festival that predated Easter.   In merry old...very old England the Saxons dev...
Nothing will take you where you want to go better than having a sense of direction and purpose.    When you channel all your energy into a single goal and work at it every day in a logical, methodical way you can't help but come out a winner.     There's no secret to it.   It's focus.    Lay your...
Aside from its religious significance Easter generally a time in spring when the robins have returned and buds on trees and shrubs are busting out all over.     It's a time for renewal as well for those celebrating Passover which begins on Thursday. My blog will not deal with the religious signif...

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