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Services for Real Estate Pros - Promo-Plates car nameplates by Ameri-Plates
TailGateTags nameplates draw potential clients to your website, telephone or office like a magnate. They mount to your car where your vital information is seen hundred to thousands of times daily while you just drive. TailGateTags are classy looking and keep their "like new" appearance for years. Here's the best part. TailGatetags are only $39.95 ea. Quality is 100% guaranteed.



Those who are regular readers of my blog will remember a suggestion to get in the parade...    The 4th of July will soon be here and every town and city has a parade.   This is your opportunity to see and be seen by thousands of people.....and also have some fun at the same time.   Parade entrant...
A short blog about not over-spending...    As today is Saturday....(grocery day)....I'll write about food shopping. As usual we have our handy dandy shopping list of all the groceries we'll need to get through the week with us.   DO NOT IMPULSE BUY....MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT.   The first stop...
Everything in this great wide world is a balancing act.  When the teeter totter tips too far in either direction (to put it in simple terms...) nothing works right. It's my thought that for too long we've all lived beyond out means.   Too much debt, too much excess, too much greed etc..   Keeping...
It's long been my belief that we're all worth what we think we're worth....and more importantly what others think we're worth.  Perception becomes reality.    That being said...when push comes to shove we have to live up to that perception.   In other words we have to be as good as we claim we ar...
Every year at this time in Detroit they hold what's called the world's biggest fireworks display.   It draws more than a million people to water's edge to view.   Here's a photo I took with my cheap little Kodak camera Wednesday night...(with a little help from PhotoShop.)
With this blog I'll reach...or be very close to reaching 100,000 ActiveRain points.    What's the big deal anyway and who really cares??? I've never quite understood the value in trying to amass blogging points.   It seems to me a little like getting silver stars from the teacher in kindergarten ...
Studies show American investors, companies and individuals are hoarding trillions of dollars in cash.     They're all sitting on a mountain of greenbacks waiting to see where the economy will settle out.   The best guess of insiders is that the US recession will end in late 2009....however that d...
If you ask the average real estate agent what their goal is....they'll likely respond..."Selling houses and making money."  On the surface this may seem like a logical answer...but this is an objective, not necessarily a goal. Goals are an entire range of ambitions we'd like to accomplish in our ...
It doesn't matter if business is good or bad...there's always room for improvement.  One of the best ways improve your game is to find out who the top sales people are in your community.   You may already know who leads the pack in sales every month. The question you may wish to ask yourself is.....
There comes a time in the life of every computer when replacement is needed.   Everything has a life expectancy.   Many computers are traded in, scrapped for recycling, or donated to others.     BUT HOLD ON A MINUTE.....  Your computer may be harboring secrets that you don't want shared with anyo...

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