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Only some will see the value in this blog..   For others the message will go right over their heads.   Take a moment to read it twice to understand the importance of vision. Having a vision of who you are, what you want to be and where you want to go in real estate can take you there.  Visions ar...
Well....the work is done for this morning and being a true hedonist at heart it's time for a little afternoon wang chung.   I find that selling and enjoying life go hand in hand.   One enhances the other.   I just noticed a short blog about taking a vacation.   Since we're just back from vacation...
I'm one of those fortunate ones who has a country home and city condo.     These are properties I've owned for some time and enjoy both worlds very much, although spend most of my time in the city.   The location of my condo is ideal.   It's right on the water with a garden park just across the s...
Who wields the power when it comes to home buying?   Research indicates that in the vast majority of cases it's women who have the final say when it comes to purchasing a home.     So why is it that men seem to get most of the attention when a home is being shown?   Never under-estimate the influ...
I drive my classic car every day.   Not to show off....but because I haven't found a new car on the market that can compare with the beauty, style and comfort of my 47 years out of date Oldsmobile.   The clothes that I wear are never really in style, but never out of style either.   I'm as comfor...
The two most common excuses for not taking a vacation are "I'm too busy" or "I can't afford it. "    Believe it or not...some folks have gone years without a real vacation.    What's that old saying about "all work and no play making Jack a dull boy?"    The constant pressure of work dulls the mi...
Hi Everyone...   We've returned from vacation refreshed and renewed.   Nothing beats getting away..  No blog this time....just a beautiful sunset at dusk across a small sheltered lake. If you beathe deeply you can almost smell the scent of pine in the air.   This photo was taken with a 5 mp digit...
Yesterday I wrote that the Conferrence Board of Canada (a think tank) predicted the recession in Canada is nearly over.   The Conferrence Board is usually accurate in their forecasts.    Today comes word that house sales in Canada are booming at record levels..     See story HERE. An amazing turn...
The Conferrence Board of Canada (Think Tank) is generally pretty accurate in its predictions.    It says Canada is on the verge of coming out of the recession.   Here's the story on how our neighbor to the north is faring these days..  There's also encouraging news for Canadian real estate agents...
Not long ago a reader of one of my blogs asked if I was successful....since I dole out so much advice.   The answer to that question is YES!!   It's of no value doling out advice if you don't personally heed it.   Plain fact is....the advice offered in my blogs actually works.   It comes from con...

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