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This was great, had to reblog in case anyone missed it before!Recently several movies have had real estate agents as characters. It's always fun to see how our profession is portrayed on screen.  Here's what I came up with for movies with real estate agents: I Love You Man (2009) Paul Rudd stars ...
Who has some good movies that are either Realtor related or real estate related in general? I love movies where I see someone doing Realtor type things because I can relate to it so well after 7 years in the business. I saw one with Eddie Murphy about a haunted house, but can't seem to remember t...
The internal battery is gone on those bad boys? I haven't had any of mine completely die yet, however I couldn't get one unshackled from the door of a listing that my seller pulled off the market. Who used the blue Supra lockboxes and have you ever had any of them die completely or quit working? ...
Has anyone else used this tool that a lot of lenders use now? They will feature a Realtor partner that they work with and it's a web based program that gives the potential buyer a login and username as well as the agent and lender having access to a main page. Show's when their prospects log in, ...
    I know you are thinking that either I am lying, crazy or a combination of the 2, but I know for a fact, that a former chicken coop was listed on our MLS and possibly even sold at one time. No, I was not the offending agent who took this listing. I have taken some pretty poor listings in my da...
Yes, this actually happened in my office, which of course will remain nameless. This was one of my earlier places I hung the license. This broker was a loose cannon to say the least, and after the cops came to get both sides of the story, what a mess. From what I recall, no one was arrested, but ...
I don't know about everyone else, but for most of my real estate career, it's been quantity over quality so to speak. I've been fortunate to earn six figures in Idaho of all places multiple years. But it was not due to selling huge tracts of land, ranches or mansions. It's been helping every fami...
Advertising in real estate magazines or newspapers? I used to do the Real Estate Book for years, and then when the market started going quite a bit downhill, I got rid of the $500 a month bill for a full page monthly ad. The calls had long since dried up and I was wondering if all buyers were doi...
And making deals happen left and right. A holiday always seems to either refresh you and make you want to get out there and get it done, or it slows down the day you have off. Am I the only one who doesn't particularly care for these extra Monday's off that they throw on during the minor holidays...
We've all had them, and some of us that have been in the market for a long time probably have MANY of these. I'm curious to see if anyone has had a REALLY interesting/scary/frustrating situation during showings. I know for me, one of the most frustrating when I was a rookie was taking a guy from ...

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