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Most real estate activity happens during the months of May and August.Now is the time to get going.Keep in mind that the average person knows 3 real estate agents.Eliminate the other 2 real estate agents with the steps below.No, you can’t "make" someone buy or sell.But you can make them think of ...
  Hey there,Tim here. Just touching base with another Tip Of The Week. How've you been?Truth be told - this week's tip (see the handy email below) is only relevant to agents actually working with sellers, now or in the future. If you're at a loss of people to send this to, keep in mind that Selle...
Tawd Frensley, our VP of Sales and Marketing, delivers another articulately pointed and factually-driven wake-up call. Here's a question...Is free really free? Or better yet, is free good enough?Your broker, bless their heart, provides you with a website for your business. It's obviously not free...
Let's not play the blame game.  It's not how many people you have in your database.It's how well you know the people in your database.If this wasn't the case, then you could consider the phone book your CRM. (if agents actually called, that is) Just because the Internet exists, doesn't mean you d...
  Hey ActiveRainers,Tim here - how's your June going?Heads up (although you're probably already aware): Father's Day lands on Sunday the 19th.Given the fact that parent-child dynamics vary from person to person, I tried to be as inclusive as possible when drafting the greeting below. Let me know ...
 Hey ActiveRainers,Tim here, again. Any plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend? If you're in need of email marketing content to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers, and/or thank veterans and those currently in the armed services, let us know and we'll write something for you in 1 busines...
 The following is another stirring guest blog post by our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley."If more than 90% of your business comes from referrals........Then why on Earth are you worried about Google ranking, Website Traffic, and Internet leads?Putting 100% of your time and effort into s...
  Hey folks, Tim here. How was your weekend? Quick heads up - we've written Open House Follow-Up Phone Scripts for conversations you'll be having the next day or so.  Need an e-mail to send out, too? Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has drafted one for "The Monday (or Tuesday) after....
 The neighbors that you meet are curious for a couple of reasons:1) They don't have a real estate agent providing them with neighborhood information to keep them informed.2) Like many, their agent has left the business because they weren't able to succeed. Why do we say this? -Every Email Counts....
  If stats show that 80% of your database will buy or sell with another agent,then what are you doing to decrease those odds? Transactions are based on the total # of people in your database.You may have 300 contacts, but how many of them are in another agent’s CRM? Imagine having more time to gi...

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