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Howdy folks, Tim here, wanted to wrap up the week (and head into Memorial Day) with some good news (re: Zillow facing another comeuppance). An article I read today, entitled Zillow real estate Zestimates under fire, reports “…an Illinois real-estate broker filed a lawsuit based on the Zestimates ...
by Andy Coffaro PropertyMinder MarketingWe know how busy you are from the time you wake up and have your first cup of coffee until your head hits the pillow that night.That’s why we’re giving you three incredibly simple ways to stay engaged with your sellers not just today, but also for years and...
Howdy folks, Tim here, how’s your week going? With inventory at record lows, it’s imperative to secure listing opportunities by any means necessary. Agreed? This includes targeting the hottest homebuyer demographic in the nation: millennials. The logic behind this? Your homebuyers become your hom...
Tim here, with a quick, simple definition (it's related to improving your website)... "Make: to form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create." Based on this definition, anyone can make a website. Right? But Making A Website That's Worth Visiting? That take...
Howdy ActiveRainers, Tim here, with a couple news articles that caught my eye - would love to hear your thoughts! First off – looks like Zillow is in hot water. An excerpt from an article entitled “Zillow Advertising under CFPB fire sets real estate industry on edge”: "Why would a new-media compa...
Howdy, Tim here, with a little "Wednesday Wisdom" for ya (re: an update and offer about generating listings from the hottest housing market in the nation).."Four of the five most expensive [housing] markets were in California. Silicon Valley's San Jose [locale of PropertyMinder headquarters] took...
 Howdy ActiveRainers, Tim here, with a quick heads up - today is National Biographer's Day.Biography: (noun) an account of someone's life written by someone else, complete with details of the most important parts.Your professional life and legacy deeply matter to us. We want to help you shape the...
 Howdy ActiveRainers, Tim here, ready for the weekend? Reminder – this Sunday is Mother’s Day, which can evoke feelings of warmth, nurturing and contentment (i.e. - feelings your leads, clients, buyers and sellers should ALL experience, before, during and after any and all interaction(s) with you...
Yet another PropertyMinder shout-out...A fitting #FlashbackFriday post as we head into the weekend. :) "Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you weren't fabulous the first time but because the timing and circumstances weren't quite right. You just got overlooked."-Carol WilliamsHere...
Recent PropertyMinder shout-out...So, naturally, we're paying it forward. :) ~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~ I got asked this week how I get business from my FB Biz Page. When I asked for more clarification they said "there is nothing special about your page". They were correct! The page by itself ha...

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