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  Happy Valentine's Day, ActiveRainers!Tim here, with a quick question: do you think your website and marketing is up to par, in terms of maximizing repeat business? You'll love this 8 step graphic illustrating how to ensure you're the only agent that homeowners (your sellers) turn to when they'r...
 Wouldn't it be nice to see this more in 2017? It's possible (with Seller's Corner).
 Your livelihood (aka - your database of leads, clients, buyers and sellers) should remain yours, and yours alone. Period. End of story. Agreed? Then secure and shield them from the competition with a personal CRM. 
 Be the first, the only, (quite simply THE ) agent they imagine to list their home. #PureImagination 
   Hey ActiveRainers, Tim here - with a quick heads up. This Tuesday, January 24th is National Compliment Day. Now, literal compliments are nice and all - but things that "complement" what your sellers and buyers need in life are even better. Agreed?  So, send a compliment, a complement - or both...
1) Ask: what percentage of your transactions came from Referrals?2) Write down the name and RELATIONSHIP of the people that referred you business last year.3) Put all of the Non-Referral clients in your PropertyMinder CRM.4) Send these people a PERSONAL Email, Text or Call them.5) Simply Stated: ...
 Numbers don't lie. Our sources prove that.Friendly reminder of the reality that social media matters in the real estate industry.(Get and stay social with these extra savvy social media tips.) 
Howdy, 2016 has been rough. So here’s a little holiday rhyme (inspired by the late, great Dr. Seuss) to perk up your mood – and, very likely, your listings. The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Take Them Back In 2017) Every agent across the land enjoyed listing a lot, But the syndicate G...
Hey, Heads up: this Wednesday, December 21st marks both Winter Solstice (shortest day and longest night of the year) AND Look on the Bright Side Day.Coincidence? I think not. Your leads and clients will be deprived of extra daylight, which might make them extra cranky – especially if it’s chilly ...

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