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Tim here, with another quick, empowering, listing-oriented marketing tip. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that once homebuyers become homeowners, they can expect to spend an extra, whopping $5,000 on home care, renovations, improvements and “surprise costs” (i.e. – issue...
Tim here, how's the summer listing-hunt going?If it's still an uphill battle and/or you're procrastinating out of fear - have you ever considered the "set it and forget it" approach? "Set it and forget it: to automatically accomplish anything that you are actively afraid of and deliberately avoid...
 by Andy CoffaroPropertyMinderMarketing We like to think we’re pretty sound when it comes to marketing here at PropertyMinder.We’re especially confident in our ability to provide you with entertaining, enlightening, and educational infographics.Why do we believe this?Because you’ve told us so via...
 Tim here, with some news that'll rattle you (but don't worry, there's hope!)...An article I read recently claimed: "Indecisive or procrastinating homebuyers beware: New data show that more than half the homes on the market in May were snapped up in less than a month...[making it the] shortest tu...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Tim here, with a (homeseller) coaching moment... Your homesellers (and homebuyers, for that matter) are less likely to respond to emails that come off as generic, overused, or bland.  My suggestion to you: celebrate (and focus and capitalize on) their individuality (I'll even ...
by Andy CoffaroPropertyMinderMarketing You’re probably aware that one of the best ways to nurture your leads is through engaging, compelling, and enlightening email newsletters. There are best practices you should employ when sending them out, including using fun and casual language and providing...
 JUST IN: "...realtors are up in arms that the homeowner can complete the transaction with or without their services [thanks to Zillow's new 'Instant Offers']." Not only will this disempower listing agents - it comes with a price tag for Zillow who is poised "to disrupt the residential real estat...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Tim here - how's your summer going?Heads up: Father's Day is this Sunday the 18th.Given the fact that parent-child dynamics vary from person to person, I tried to be as inclusive as possible when drafting the greeting below. Let me know what you think - and feel free to use th...

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