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 An little (but big) idea of what to do during the Thanksgiving downtime.  Maybe you are doing a little online shopping, or you are resting in between meals. We have an idea of what you can do a few minutes a day to get your business the attention it deserves come January 1, 2016.(Which is 40 day...
We are excited to let you know that we have made substantial improvements to the Home Care Center.The Home Care Center has been re-named to Homebrella.  December Tip: Spend the next 40 days adding all of your service providers to Homebrella.(Plumbers, Painters, Landscapers, Roofers, Pest Control)...
 20 Minutes A Day, Pays.Tackle manageable tasks that help you handle and humanize your business.  What can 20 minutes get you? Plenty…- 5 homeowners set up on Seller's Corner so they stay connected to their neighborhood.(Pssst....register for this week's Seller's Corner webinar, now!)- 5 buyers s...
 Generating Listings has never been so easy.  “I set it up just 45 minutes ago and I’ve already got responses! If you’re not using it, you ARE losing business.”- Tim Montoya, with PM since 2008 Seller's Corner: 1) Prevents folks from grabbing listing flyers and contacting agents off the "For Sale...
  Heard of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)? Shock-value aside, this acronym will undoubtedly help to permanently brand this week's tip in your mind. For those not in your database (like Social Media connections or people you meet), post this no-nonsense, clear-cut content as your ...
 Earlier this week it rained for the first time in a long time in the Bay Area, where we are headquartered. This is a big deal for us Californians. Raindrops and puddles are on everyone’s minds, social media, and conversations. Weather is a perfect reason to go into your PropertyMinder toolkit, c...
   That's what folks should "feel" after opening any and all of your emails. Words matter. C.R.M. also stands for: Cut the Robotic Mumbling  Use it the right way, your CRM should also serve to generate more referrals. You'll never know how injecting personalized flair and warmth can enhance your ...
 Stop beating around the bush. Simply deliver what will compel homeowners to turn to you when they're ready to sell or list: the value of their home.  We'll help you secure a listing (or more) within the next 4 months.  End 2015, and begin 2016, strong.   Seller's Corner & Client TrackingLIVE WEB...
 2 BR, 2 BA, 13 Ghosts... Same Listing Agent?We’re putting a big listing-related myth to rest. Retain hot seller leads, listing prospects and past clients once and for all - with Seller's Corner... Read More. Help Leads & Clients Avoid Eerie Syndicate Portal Traps Some more MLS fact v. fiction an...

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