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We’ve shown you recently how critically important social media is for your business (+ tips on how to gain more “likes” and followers). From marketing and repeat clients, to snagging new leads, social media can be one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing strategies you’ll ever emplo...
  *Don't let scenes like this unfold amongst your leads and clients. Catch up on this week's marketing tip.*Happy Monday ActiveRainers,We have a feeling that many of your leads are thinking about using a family member or close friend as their next real estate agent.  It makes sense. We get it. It...
 ActiveRainers,Tim here, and I’m just going to cut to the chase: good things (listings) don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who agitate (their leads and clients). And when I say agitate, I mean it in the most positive and motivating (NOT irritating) way possible. Agitate: verb, to a...
 Irrespective of our heavy reliance on digital exchanges (via email, text or Facebook) – verbal communication with folks still matters. Your sellers are no exception. If anything, they need to hear your voice and/or see you in-person more than anyone else.What better time to connect than during a...
Howdy ActiveRainers, Tim here, with a quick reality check: your website doesn't have to be perfect. What it does have to be, though, is worthwhile.  A worthwhile website. Cool concept. But let's break it down, word for word: Worthwhile: adj., worth the time, money, or effort spent; of value or im...
 Howdy,Tim here, with a quick (seller-related) heads up for springtime... As you begin your Spring cleaning at the office - you may find that you're missing a few things - namely, listings. And I mean missing in the true sense of the word: "adj. not able to be found because it is not in its expec...
Maximize your listings.Maximize your referrals.Maximize your repeat businessIn short, and quite simply: maximize your potential.All 8 tips/steps and resources are a few clicks away...
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