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My name is Laura Cerrano and I am the CEO of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island founded in 2000. That same year I also became a Certified Feng Shui Consultant through the Proven Feng Shui School of NY. I am a Key Note on the topic of Feng Ascension, published author and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I strive to educate and help guide readers to gain a deeper emotional, physical, spiritual and mental understanding and connection to the principles of Feng Shui because there is much more to this beautiful ancient art then what meets the eyes. It's truly a lifestyle and well-being. The Feng Shui voice provides easy to implement tips and advice with how to start shifting the energy in your home or business the very same day. The suggestions provided in this blog are very general and offer an excellent start for Feng Shui Enthusiast and even advanced practitioners. If You are looking for more customized suggestions that meet your unique Feng Shui needs, it's best to contact Laura to set up a private session. Phone: 646.397.0440
Free Summer Concerts In Long Island NY for 2015Looking for FREE things to check out on Long Island NY? Summer time is a magical place for residents and visitors a like. Yesterday, I joined friends in a fireworks celebration at Eisenhower Park to kick off the season of free concerts and to celebra...
Build Positive Momentum and Allow It To BeIt starts with a seedling of a thought, followed by your actions which waters that thought and creates instant momentum, even if you do not physically see it right away.Feng Shui works with the laws if physics. For anything to change in our lives, we need...
Feng Shui Office Tip: Rough Edges On Your Folders Need To Go Feng Shui is based on the lifestyle of respecting people, environments and even objects. Objects are are an interesting discussion because in Feng Shui they represent certain thoughts, actions and words that have been manifested into a ...
Los Angeles California Feng Shui Workshop with Laura Cerrano at the Atwater Library On August 26th, 2015, the Atwater Village Branch Library in Los Angeles proudly presents, "Feng Shui Fundamentals with Laura Cerrano" Certified Feng Shui Expert. Here you will discover how Feng Shui can help rejuv...
Exploring Long Island NY: ST. John's Greek Orthodox Church Festival for 2015  Looking for something fun to do on Long Island this weekend? If you are in Blue Point, NY, check out St. John's Greek Orthodox Church festival. There are vendors, carnival games and rides, live music and traditional Gre...
Capturing The Essence Of You With Artvesta Studio In New York CityAs we all know, it's important to keep our website and various other social media profiles up to date and refreshed. I finally committed to getting an updated head shot, and this time go %100 professional with the process. This inc...
 What Some of My Clients Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan Thank you so much Laura and thank you for your suggestions. I have to say that since the day you left I noticed certain things happening already. The day after I saw you I received Tibetan prayers in the mail from my friend. I found t...
How To Select And Place A Water Fountain with Feng Shui In Mind Adding a water fountain, according to the Feng Shui principles, is a powerful energy and mood boosting enhancer for both work or home environments. The water element offers a soothing healing energy though sound and is associated to ...
Westbury New York Alternative and Metaphysical Store: Botanica La Luz & Gift Shop New York City is full of "alternative" and metaphysical stores scattered through out, especially near the village and Union Square regions of the city. I am happy to share, Westbury NY now offers Long Islander's the...
Shifting Your Perspective About How To Attract WealthOne of the biggest requests in topics of discussion clients ask to address when implementing Feng Shui into their home and life is wealth. What about wealth are you looking to enhance? I will ask. "more money," is 99% of the response I receive....

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