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Laura Cerrano is the CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan (established in 1997). She provides remote and on-site consultations, seminars, workshops and classes in New York, California, New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition, Laura is a resident teacher at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset, NY. Her primary focus is a unique blend of Feng Shui healing for your space and inner self with interior design. principles. If you need customized Feng Shui suggestions, it's best to contact Laura directly and schedule a session.



New York Feng Shui Art?  What's 650 HOURS of your Time Worth? I have always grown up with a love of ART.  All different art in all different medias.  Recently on a Feng Shui Consultation in the lovely town of Huntington, Long Island, New York I came across some amazing artwork I wanted to share w...
Feng Shui New York Renovations My Feng Shui Consultation today was on Long Island's wonderful town of Huntington, New York.  If you are familiar with Long Island at all, you're probably aware of this town and it's special qualities.  It's almost like a little piece of New York City on Long Island...
Parapsychology.  What a fascinating subject it is.  When I first became interested in it I was at my local college, having enrolled in some psychology courses.  We had our breaks at the same time as the parapsychology class and I found THEIR discussions much more interesting then OURS.  The next ...
As a Feng Shui Consultant in New York City and Long Island, I am often called to homes, apartments and businesses when someone is moving in or just prior.  This is the ideal time to go as I can help them with furniture placement, colors, and one of the most important things of all, erasing Predec...
Feng Shui and The Law of Attraction Many of us are so much more in tune with Energy then ever before.  No doubt that "The Secret" made a huge difference in many of our lives already and continue to do so.  Suddenly, we "got it."  There IS a ‘Law of Attraction' and many of the things we thought we...
In Feng Shui, we evaluate a home or a business from many different aspects.  We want to see if it will support a client, if there are any particular issues with the home that might interfere with important principles of Feng Shui, if our clients will grow and thrive in a particular place. Althoug...
As many of you know, my daughter Laura Cerrano has been a Feng Shui Consultant in New Paltz for the last several years.  After studying and going to client's homes, businesses, apartments and offices as well as studying with experts in the field of Feng Shui, she has been doing Feng Shui Consulta...
 As a New York Feng Shui Consultant who utilizes the Bagua Method along with Western and ‘Black Sect' methods to have all Feng Shui principles in order, I have seen one area of the Bagua that is often neglected.  To me AND to the clients I advise, this is often the most important area (next to he...
As a Feng Shui Consultant on Long Island and New York City, there are many things we have to work around.  And some things we need to tell clients we just hope they will believe us and make the changes, although they may be a little more difficult then the usual ones we can choose. A huge princip...
Where does a New York Feng Shui Consultant go to reconnect with Nature?  Since I am often in New York City, I must say I love Central Park.  The energies of the Park change constantly from place to place; some parts have music blaring and lots of activity to the quieter parts of the park where pe...

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