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My name is Laura Cerrano and I am the CEO of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island founded in 2000. That same year I also became a Certified Feng Shui Consultant through the Proven Feng Shui School of NY. I am a Key Note on the topic of Feng Ascension, published author and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I strive to educate and help guide readers to gain a deeper emotional, physical, spiritual and mental understanding and connection to the principles of Feng Shui because there is much more to this beautiful ancient art then what meets the eyes. It's truly a lifestyle and well-being. The Feng Shui voice provides easy to implement tips and advice with how to start shifting the energy in your home or business the very same day. The suggestions provided in this blog are very general and offer an excellent start for Feng Shui Enthusiast and even advanced practitioners. If You are looking for more customized suggestions that meet your unique Feng Shui needs, it's best to contact Laura to set up a private session. Phone: 646.397.0440



No Soup for YOU!  Here on Long Island??   Seinfeld.  I watched the series and loved them all.  The entire concept of the show was brilliant I thought:  “A Show about absolutely Nothing.”  It worked!   When I heard one of the cast members was going to be signing Autographs I thought of all the Sei...
The Feng Shui of a New York City Apartment New York City Apartments and Brownstones are very special places especially when applying Feng Shui Principles.  Feng Shui in NYC Apartments can be a bit of a challenge but they are ALWAYS fun. New York Feng Shui Consultants Laura Cerrano and Carole Prov...
  Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving! In this New York Feng Shui House we think of Gratefulness.  We also think of Giving Back or Tithing.  A certain percentage of each Feng Shui Consultation goes to my two favorite charites. One is St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  We all have a s...
New York Feng Shui Blessings and a Blog---That's all it Took! I don't believe anyone starts Blogging with the realization of all the incredible things it can bring you.   I certainly didn't.  I certainly didn't expect a BLOG here on Activerain to help my mom get a new dog..... My BEST ActiveRain ...
New York Feng Shui-Sometimes all you Need is a Blessing and a Blog! There are Feng Shui Blessings and Feng Shui Space Clearings.  As New York Feng Shui Practitioners we use whatever methods our clients like but I have to confess that Black Sect methods of Blessings are particularly powerful.  I'v...
  The BUSINESS of Feng Shui in New York I don't believe when Feng Shui came to New York it was meant to be ‘strictly business.'  I don't believe back then ANY of us thought about Feng Shui as a ‘great way to make money,' or a ‘terrific business opportunity.'  I DO believe that we did it because w...
What's so GREAT about Localism?  It's a TREASURE.... There are some people, especially "Newbies" to Activerain that may not see the Advantages of posting to Localism.  As a Feng Shui Consultant who lives and play on Long Island, NY and in New York City, I love writing about the different areas I ...
Real Estate Agents:  Tell Buyers the TRUTH!  by Feng Shui Long Island NY Consultant Yes, it's a mini rant....or maybe not so mini..  I DO know it's only a few percentage of Real Estate Agents that do this but you may be wasting your OWN time! I've now seen several properties listed on the MLS.  A...
New York City Feng Shui and Missed Opportunities by Feng Shui Long Island NY Consultant   Everything comes into our lives for a reason.  Oftentimes, when we are not at our best energetically or otherwise, we won't take a second look at something that is coming our way.  We're not up to it, we fig...
Feng Shui in New York...Let's Talk about The FORM School!  By NYC Feng Shui Long Island & NY Consultants There are so many methods of Feng Shui used not only in New York City and Long Island NY but around the World.  It's our theory that the more schools of thought of Feng Shui we are familiar wi...

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