feng shui manhattan: Happy New Year from Feng Shui Manhattan! - 12/29/16 01:02 PM
Can you believe how fast 2016 flew by and now it is already 2017!! I believe 2017 and beyond will demand each and eveyone of us to be our best selves. On the first day of the New Year, please practice sincerity and compassion. Allow that energy to carry on throughout the 2017 year. Learn to create inner peace and that will expand into the external world.
With love and light,
Happy New Year World! 

feng shui manhattan: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Feng Shui Manhattan! - 12/25/16 09:44 AM
Wow! The year of 2016 has moved so fast and here we are wishing each other a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! From my family to yours, may you all be blessed with wonderful moments of togetherness and happiness. 
"The best and most beautiful things in the world can not been seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness" - Helen Keller

feng shui manhattan: Today is a Special Day of Remembrance - December 17th Carole Provenzale - 12/17/16 07:27 PM
What a special day for our family and the birth of Feng Shui Manhattan (also known as "Feng Shui Long Island"). My mother, Carole Provenzale, was born on this day of December 17th, 1954. Without her presence on earth many things would not have come to fruition. 
Such as with my brother and I being adopted from Colombia, Carole being the first in the family to study Feng Shui and become certified, along with establishing the company, formally known as "Feng Shui Long Island," back in 1997. She was also the Feng Shui consultant to the very first 100% Feng Shui-ied hospitality … (10 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Santa Monica Feng Shui Workshops in Feburary 2017 with Feng Shui Manhattan - 12/09/16 08:06 PM

Join Certified NY Feng Shui Expert, Laura Cerrano in Santa Monica California for an introduction to Feng Shui and Design Workshop. Students will learn the basics of Feng Shui, how to incorporate the Five Natural Elements into your conceptual design process and how the colors we chose can have a profound impact on our environments. Begin creating spaces that promote balance, harmony, productivity and prosperity.
Feburary 9th, 2017
Santa Monica Public Library. 2601 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Time: 7pm - 8:30pm. FREE. 
Feburary 10th, 2017
Santa Monica Public Library. 1704 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Time: 1pm - 2:30pm. FREE. 

feng shui manhattan: Voting Continues for Best of L.I. Till December 15th! - Please Vote - 12/02/16 05:57 PM
  Feng Shui Long Island is participating in the 12th Annual Best of Long Island Competition. 
Please vote for us under 'Interior Decorator' - Feng Shui Long Island, for Best of Long Island. You can vote once a day through December 15th, 2016! Thank you!
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Thank you for your support! 

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Manhattan Wishes You and Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/16 10:43 AM
Wishing you all a safe, fun, loving and warm Thanksgiving. Many of us are very blessed not being confronted with great conflict in this moment. Being mindful of that, our prayers are with the many tribes who have gathered to protect the Standing Rock Indian reservation in North Dakota. 
"When you practice gracefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others."
-The Dalai Lama

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Tips On How to Decompress from the 2016 Election - 11/12/16 11:40 PM
I think it's safe to say, no matter who you voted for, many feel like Chris Farly from this movie clip in 'Tommy Boy.' The stress levels have been off the charts leading to the election and now we brace for the uncertainties of whats to follow.
1. It will be in your best interest to reduce how much mass media programing and social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc, you consume. It's a passive way to fuel extra stress, anxiety and even depression. Read this article from The Huffington Post to learn more. It's good to be informed, yet you need to also take a … (10 comments)

feng shui manhattan: A Veterans Day Thank You - 11/12/16 08:45 AM
Peter Provenzale top row, second in from the left
As many of you know, my mother, Carole Provenzale's father, Peter Provenzale served in the U.S. Air force on the Argonaut III B-17 Bomber during WWII. He had the honor of serving with Clark Gable and other wonderful, dedicated soldiers. 
Thank you to all the Veterans and those serving our country today.

feng shui manhattan: New Client Review for Feng Shui Manhattan! - 11/12/16 08:35 AM
It's always a happy moment to hear from clients about their progress. I received this review on 11/10/16 from Devon in New York City. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you, Devon and I look forward to hear more about your continued success! 
To read more yelp.com reviews, visit: Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island Yelp Page

feng shui manhattan: Is Having A Lot of Artwork Hang On My Wall Considered Clutter? - 10/28/16 05:31 AM
Question: I am in the process of hanging up artwork and photographs in my new home. I love them all and envision filling one entire wall with all of them or would that be considered clutter? 
A big part of Feng Shui encourages clientele to express themselves. There are always core Feng Shui guidelines, yet as you become comfortable with understanding how the principles work, you can bend and shape them to your needs. 
A few Feng Shui Tips to Consider While Configuring the Composition of Your Wall Art: 
What is the subject matter? Do they bring a smile to your heart? Do they trigger happy memories? Or are you just putting them … (6 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Happy Halloween from Feng Shui Manhattan! - 10/28/16 04:20 AM
This Halloween I am in NYC working with clients and will be sure to have my camera on hand, ready to capture photos of goblins and ghouls! As I do, I'll update this post.
For those local to New York City and looking for fun things to do, you have more then enough options to keep you entertained! Check out Time Out New York for Halloween events, parades, parties and more! If you have never seen or even better, have been in the Greenwhich Village Parade, I strongly recommend you consider. I had the honor of partaking in this parade once, and wow! Amazing!!
Have a … (8 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Please Vote for Feng Shui Long Island - Best of L.I. 2017! - 10/28/16 04:09 AM
  Feng Shui Long Island is participating in the 12th Annual Best of Long Island Competition. 
Please vote for us under 'Interior Decorator' - Feng Shui Long Island, for Best of Long Island. You can vote once a day through December 15th, 2016! Thank you!
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feng shui manhattan: Is it 'Good' Feng Shui to Keep Objects Under My Bed? - 10/21/16 10:43 AM
Question: I have a one bedroom apartment in Sherman Oaks, CA. I read in an a Feng Shui article that its not good to store items under the bed. Since space is limited, is there a Feng Shui cure that could still allow me to keep things under my bed and not negatively impact my energy? 
You always have options when implementing Feng Shui into your home and lifestyle.  You just need to be creative in how you perceive and utilize your space. While at the same time, understand the reasoning behind the Feng Shui suggestion of 'avoid keeping objects under your bed.'
To put things simple, energy rises, expands and contracts. This … (32 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Please Vote for Feng Shui Long Island - Nominated Best of L.I. 2017 - 10/21/16 10:31 AM
  Feng Shui Long Island is participating in the 12th Annual Best of Long Island Competition. 
Please vote for us under 'Interior Decorator' - Feng Shui Long Island, for Best of Long Island. You can vote once a day through December 15th, 2016! Thank you!
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feng shui manhattan: Is Having Plants In Your Bedroom 'Bad' Feng Shui? - 10/19/16 03:35 AM
Question: I am in the process of Feng Shui-ing my NYC apartment and I read putting plants in the bedroom is bad. Then In a video, I hear plants are good Feng Shui. What would you suggest? 
The answer to this is, yes and no. How so? Looking to the scientific facts about plants, in the evening time most plants give off carbon dioxide. That is not ideal when we are sleeping. Being sure your bedroom is set up for optimal rejuvenation and healing is essential. 
The exception for plant lovers out there is, if you have a … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Sedona Arizona - Origins of Feng Shui Manhattan - 10/12/16 06:39 AM
I am currently in California, providing Feng Shui consultations for clientele in the region. During the Columbus Day weekend, I made a stop over in Sedona, Arizona. The last time I visited this part of the country was back in 2013.
Sedona Red Rocks is one one of my favorite places on Earth. Besides being engulfed in the amazing energy field, with each visit it offers an opportunity to give thanks to the origins of how this company came to be.
In 1996, the birth of an idea called, 'Feng Shui Long Island' was created by Carole Provenzale during a visit to the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ. In 1997, that … (2 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Manhattan New Logo and Banner! - 10/12/16 05:59 AM
I have been patiently researching, envisioning and interviewing designers to help design the new logo to for Feng Shui Manhattan. Today, the new logo has finally arrived!!  
To further assist in expressing that my company has expanded beyond New York City boarders, a new banner has also been created.  I have offices in California and New York City. This Feng Shui Expert flies cost to cost, providing Feng Shui consultations, classes, workshop and seminars. 
Another moment of evolution!! 
Logo and banner design by Richard Cabrera  http://romthirty.com/
Richard was amazing to work with! Thank you again! 

feng shui manhattan: Take Time To Honor Yourself - 10/08/16 03:18 AM
How many of us take a moment or even a day or so just to honor ourselves? This is a lesson I am in the process of learning. Since taking over my mother's company, "Feng Shui Long Island, Inc,' full time in 2010, it's been non-stop with setting up meetings for new projects, PR work, marketing, providing workshops, classes, and private consultations, while also writing a book on Feng Shui. 
My lesson within this past month has been about slowing down and getting into a rhythm that does not overwhelm myself. I have begun to pace my work days with a more structured schedule for certian activies … (9 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Great Feng Shui in Andy Cohen's Studio of "Watch What Happens Live" - 10/02/16 03:30 AM
On September 20th, 2016 I was invited to be the Feng Shui Consultant on Bravo TV's, "Watch What Happens Live." One of the first questions Andy Cohen (host of "Watch What Happens Live") asked me during the live recording was, "How is the Feng Shui in the studio?" 
With out any hesitation I responded, "I love it!"
From the moment I stepped into the studio my eyes widened and my heart sang with delight because the space was so intimate, welcoming, and cozy. The studio's aura was filled with vibrant glows of energy. A lot of love and care went into the arrangement of key items.
Some Quick Observations:
Mr. Cohen was born in … (8 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Manhattan Invited on Bravo TV's - Watch What Happens Live - 09/22/16 12:05 AM
On September 20th, 2016, Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan made a guest appearance on Bravo TV's, "Watch What Happens Live." Laura was seated at the bar, serving up quick Feng Shui Tips and insights for Andy Cohen (host of WWHL), Bob Harper (from the Biggest Loser) and Shannon Beador (from Housewives of the OC).
Here is the After Show Episode.
Shannon Beador and Bob Harper 
Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano
Andy Cohen and Laura Cerrano
Great Feng Shui in Andy Cohen's Studio of Watch What Happens Live

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