feng shui manhattan: Is it 'Good' Feng Shui to Keep Objects Under My Bed? - 10/21/16 05:43 PM
Question: I have a one bedroom apartment in Sherman Oaks, CA. I read in an a Feng Shui article that its not good to store items under the bed. Since space is limited, is there a Feng Shui cure that could still allow me to keep things under my bed and not negatively impact my energy? 
You always have options when implementing Feng Shui into your home and lifestyle.  You just need to be creative in how you perceive and utilize your space. While at the same time, understand the reasoning behind the Feng Shui suggestion of 'avoid keeping objects under your bed.'
To put things simple, energy rises, expands and contracts. This … (25 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Please Vote for Feng Shui Long Island - Nominated Best of L.I. 2017 - 10/21/16 05:31 PM
  Feng Shui Long Island is participating in the 12th Annual Best of Long Island Competition. 
Please vote for us under 'Interior Decorator' - Feng Shui Long Island, for Best of Long Island. You can vote once a day through December 15th, 2016! Thank you!
Click here to vote 
Thank you for your support! 

feng shui manhattan: Is Having Plants In Your Bedroom 'Bad' Feng Shui? - 10/19/16 10:35 AM
Question: I am in the process of Feng Shui-ing my NYC apartment and I read putting plants in the bedroom is bad. Then In a video, I hear plants are good Feng Shui. What would you suggest? 
The answer to this is, yes and no. How so? Looking to the scientific facts about plants, in the evening time most plants give off carbon dioxide. That is not ideal when we are sleeping. Being sure your bedroom is set up for optimal rejuvenation and healing is essential. 
The exception for plant lovers out there is, if you have a … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Sedona Arizona - Origins of Feng Shui Manhattan - 10/12/16 01:39 PM
I am currently in California, providing Feng Shui consultations for clientele in the region. During the Columbus Day weekend, I made a stop over in Sedona, Arizona. The last time I visited this part of the country was back in 2013.
Sedona Red Rocks is one one of my favorite places on Earth. Besides being engulfed in the amazing energy field, with each visit it offers an opportunity to give thanks to the origins of how this company came to be.
In 1996, the birth of an idea called, 'Feng Shui Long Island' was created by Carole Provenzale during a visit to the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ. In 1997, that … (2 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Manhattan New Logo and Banner! - 10/12/16 12:59 PM
I have been patiently researching, envisioning and interviewing designers to help design the new logo to for Feng Shui Manhattan. Today, the new logo has finally arrived!!  
To further assist in expressing that my company has expanded beyond New York City boarders, a new banner has also been created.  I have offices in California and New York City. This Feng Shui Expert flies cost to cost, providing Feng Shui consultations, classes, workshop and seminars. 
Another moment of evolution!! 
Logo and banner design by Richard Cabrera  http://romthirty.com/
Richard was amazing to work with! Thank you again! 

feng shui manhattan: Take Time To Honor Yourself - 10/08/16 10:18 AM
How many of us take a moment or even a day or so just to honor ourselves? This is a lesson I am in the process of learning. Since taking over my mother's company, "Feng Shui Long Island, Inc,' full time in 2010, it's been non-stop with setting up meetings for new projects, PR work, marketing, providing workshops, classes, and private consultations, while also writing a book on Feng Shui. 
My lesson within this past month has been about slowing down and getting into a rhythm that does not overwhelm myself. I have begun to pace my work days with a more structured schedule for certian activies … (9 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Great Feng Shui in Andy Cohen's Studio of "Watch What Happens Live" - 10/02/16 10:30 AM
On September 20th, 2016 I was invited to be the Feng Shui Consultant on Bravo TV's, "Watch What Happens Live." One of the first questions Andy Cohen (host of "Watch What Happens Live") asked me during the live recording was, "How is the Feng Shui in the studio?" 
With out any hesitation I responded, "I love it!"
From the moment I stepped into the studio my eyes widened and my heart sang with delight because the space was so intimate, welcoming, and cozy. The studio's aura was filled with vibrant glows of energy. A lot of love and care went into the arrangement of key items.
Some Quick Observations:
Mr. Cohen was born in … (8 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Manhattan Invited on Bravo TV's - Watch What Happens Live - 09/22/16 07:05 AM
On September 20th, 2016, Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan made a guest appearance on Bravo TV's, "Watch What Happens Live." Laura was seated at the bar, serving up quick Feng Shui Tips and insights for Andy Cohen (host of WWHL), Bob Harper (from the Biggest Loser) and Shannon Beador (from Housewives of the OC).
Here is the After Show Episode.
Shannon Beador and Bob Harper 
Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano
Andy Cohen and Laura Cerrano
Great Feng Shui in Andy Cohen's Studio of Watch What Happens Live

feng shui manhattan: What Qualifies A Feng Shui Consultant To Be "Real" ? - 08/09/16 08:20 PM
When investigating what qualifies a person to be a "real-authentic" feng shui consultant, its suggested to consider thier place of birth, whom they studied with and paying mind to their personal character, values, morals and choice in life style practice.
Ask yourself: Are they knowledgeable and informative? Did they explain everything clearly and precisely? Are they professional? Are they reliable and respectful? Do they choose to advance their own studies and share that knowledge with their clientele and students? Do they practice what they teach? (very important). 
At the end of the day, when the client feels great, inspired, more confident, aware and their life is changing for the better, that is what we … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: The 8th Month Is Full Of Abundance - 08/04/16 07:30 AM
The number 8 in Feng Shui and really universally is a powerful number because its recognized for its strong qualities in manifesting double the abundance and infinite possibilities. 
So this means, collectively and individually we need to be even more mindful of our thoughts and actions during the month of August. How could we keep them positive? Take an inventory of your daily choices and thoughts.
Is what you choose to watch on TV creating more stress? If so, change the program.
Is your selection of food making you feel tired? If so, eat cleaner (more fruits, veggies, leaner meats). 
How about … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: New Feng Shui Manhattan T-Shirts - 07/22/16 07:32 AM

This is an oldie, yet goodie when it comes to marketing. I decided to update our T-shirt design by adding the tag line with the company name on the front. On the back, you have the website and phone number displayed, along with the company name and tag line repeated.  
This is a great way to help get any business name get into the public eye while offering a fun and creative outlet. 

feng shui manhattan: The Success Of Social Media For Our Business - 07/12/16 07:49 AM
My first introduction to social media marketing began with my mother, Carole Provenzale. I believe it was 2006, ActiveRain.com made it's presence on the web and blogging became a new leading tool for business owners to help "get their name out there." 
I remember mom spending hours writing, commenting and simply connecting. I never really understood the value until I began to blog and experience it for myself. 
Bottom line...
By becoming plugged in to the social media world of blogging, it helped me understand how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkendIn, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Podcast and so many other various social outlets more efficiently. 
It increased our brand recognition and following locally, nationally and globally. 
We have been … (6 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Testimonials From Clients Who Work With Feng Shui Manhattan - 07/06/16 06:27 AM

"I wanted to mention that everyone who comes into our business location is wowed. You really helped us create a positive energy force and the suggestions you made have been accurate. Even the locations of our wealth, creative, knowledge and partnership offices made sense. We recently made changes in the wealth area and are seeing an upward movement in our business from two years of stagnation."
- Ellen. L, West Islip, NY
"Thanks SO much for the comprehensive notes - I'm so pleased with the changes I've made - thanks to you!"

feng shui manhattan: Providing Los Angeles and San Diego CA Feng Shui Consultations - 06/29/16 05:57 AM
Laura Cerrano, CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan will be visiting her Los Angeles, California office from July 5th - July 18th in 2016. During that time she is providing on-site home and business consultations within the Los Angeles and San Diego regions. Visits to the California office is scheduled every other month. As of right now, July and August are two months with back to back visits. To view options in services, please visit: http://fengshuimanhattan.com/feng-shui-consultations/To scheduled an appointment and/or to clarify questions you have in regard to the consultation process and fees, please contact Laura Cerrano directly.Email: Laura@FengShuiManhattan.comPhone: 646.397.0440Website: www.FengShuiManhattan.com

feng shui manhattan: New Feng Shui Manhattan Business Card! - 06/26/16 06:25 PM

I have been meaning to order new feng shui business cards for a while, yet I kept putting it off and now they have finally arrived!! 
Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert
On-site/remote Feng Shui residential, commercial & real estate development consultations.  Feng Shui Workshops, classes, seminars, tours & certification programs. Space Clearing Ceremonies. Reiki healing & Feng Shui life coaching.  … (4 comments)

feng shui manhattan: What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say About Feng Shui Long Island! - 06/07/16 12:21 PM

"We really enjoyed your consultation, really glad we found you. The summary is really well done. We look forward to the session session with you!"
Leah and Dan, Astoria Queens, NY (Remodeling their entire 3 level home)
"Your notes were a tremendous help!  Thank you.  It was very detailed and right in line with the guidance I am looking for. I really look forward to working with you going forward on colors and furniture layout of the house as well as the property itself." 
Sue, Long Island, NY (constructing a brand new house)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Terminology: Mouth Of Chi - 06/07/16 12:01 PM
In order to become more familiar with Feng Shui, it's helpful to learn the terminology. This weeks term is "Mouth of Chi." This represents the actual front door that was originally designed for the intended use of entering and exiting your home, apartment or office. 
The front door is said to be where all the good energy first flows into your environment and life from a literal, energetic and metaphorical position. Be sure nothing is obstructing your view of the actual front door or blocking the walking path into your home. 

feng shui manhattan: Walking The Streets of Lower Manhattan: The Bowery - 06/03/16 07:46 AM

The historic 1.5 mile Bowery is the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan Island. Long before Broadway became Manhattan's signature road, the lane that would become the Bowery wound to the island's upper reaches. It was a dirt trail etched by the bare feet and moccasins of the Native Americans before the Dutch arrived and situated their farms.
The Bowery's first residents were ten families of freed slaves in 1645. Then in the late 17th century when the Dutch settled Manhattan island, they named the path Bouwerij road. “Bouwerij” is an old Dutch word for "farm" and was appropriate as it connected farmlands … (3 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Tip: How To Improve The Energy Flow Of A Basement Apartment - 05/29/16 04:35 PM
Choose Artwork That..
Offers a open view or open space to observe. This could include abstract artwork that offers wide open spaces and does not feel congested with its design. Or you could use images of nature that give you a view panoramic view of a seascapes, landscape, mountain scape, sky scape or even city scape. 
Be mindful Of The Furniture You Place Within Your Apartment
Due your best to select multi functional furniture that could also open and expand when needed.  
Due your best to select furniture that has been designed with a curved, round or soften edges. 
Be mindful of the furniture's "bulkiness," height, width and selection of stain or color. Darker colors could create a heavy feeling. The bulkiness, height … (0 comments)

feng shui manhattan: How Could Feng Shui Bring About Deeper Self Awareness? - 05/24/16 05:47 AM
In feng shui, we leave no stone unturned. This includes observing a person's habits and behavioral patterns to offer a deeper opportunity of self awareness. 
How could feng shui bring about deeper self awareness?
During a feng shui consultation I ask clients to share their goals and challenges, which is key. This also allows them to LISTEN to their own words of description.
As we walk though their space together, it's amazing how the home aligns with what they share (goals and especially the challenges) before any feng shui changes are made. Essentially, their home illustrates areas of their lives that are full of happiness or confusion through the display of certain artwork, colors, function … (5 comments)

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