feng shui manhattan: Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving From Feng Shui Manhattan! - 11/26/15 07:26 AM
Thanksgiving can be transformed into a day of gratitude. What are you thankful for? I give thanks to the wisdom and stories passed down from our ancestors. I am thankful for my family and friends, I am thankful for all the challenging and fun experiences life has blessed me with. Sending blessings, love and light to all. Happy Thanksgiving.

feng shui manhattan: Please Vote For 'Feng Shui Long Island!'- Best Of 2016! - 10/08/15 11:48 AM
Some of you already know the great news, we have been nominated for "Best Of Long Island 2016" under the category of Home & Garden: Interior Decorator.
Voting began October 1st, 2015 and runs through December 15, 2015.
We need your help!
You can vote one time per category, per day, per IP address.
Here is the link:http://vote.longislandpress.com/engine/YourSubmission.aspx….
Click on the link, scroll down to "Interior Decorator," look for "Feng Shui Long Island - Farmingdale" and submit your vote!

Remember you can vote ever single day leading up to December 15th. 
Once a week I will create a friendly reminder.
Thank you for your support and … (10 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Empty Rooms Could Mean Stagnant Energy According To Feng Shui - 09/30/15 08:31 AM
At the start of this week I had the great opportunity of working with client located along the Gold Coast of New Jersey. Their home was pretty impressive, 8,966 square-footage, 13 rooms, 2 three car garages, a beautiful Zen garden, and so much more! Bottom line, there was a lot of space. Keep this comment in mind..."a lot of space."
courtesy of Lennor.com
My client noticed a decrees and stagnation in career opportunities since moving into the home about five years ago. 
After discussing the history of my client and their home, along with life sections in need of addressing, it became very clear as we walked through the space that many of … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Your Home Workshop at The Studio City Library, CA on October 29th, 2015 - 09/30/15 08:21 AM

Free to Attend!
Join us and learn how to make simple and easy to remember feng shui changes within your home. Learn how to reduce stress, enhance harmony, happiness, establish stronger habits of focus and clarity when making decisions, connect with your spirit energy for deeper guidance, increase prosperity and love, along with so much more!Open the door for new perspective on how to enhance your career, finances, relationships and more. Have fun and explore the fusion of a creating a harmonious environment with simple suggestions. Students are asked to bring in a simple sketch of their floor plan for a mini … (0 comments)

feng shui manhattan: What To Do After Finding The Wealth Area Of Your Office - One Fast Tip - 09/27/15 08:14 PM
Now that you have located your wealth corner within your office, the next step is knowing what to put there. 
Keeping the Feng Shui tip very simple, understand the wealth corner has accent colors you could implement to help activate the meridian energy point even more. You could choose from any family of purple and / or green. This could be accents in furnishings or artwork as to name fast examples. 
You could also add an element to this life section. A common and great cure is by adding a plant (wood element). Let that be real (which is always best) or silk (the next best option) … (6 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Work Shop Sponsored By The Floral Park Library December 1st, 2015 @ 7pm - 09/10/15 08:35 AM
 "Creating a Prosperous Life with Feng Shui" By making simple shifts in the presentation of your space you can consciously and sub-consciously enhance the most important areas of your life. In other words, where attention goes, energy flows. These workshops will teach you how your daily interactions with your home, work and everyday surroundings can effect your mood, mental state of thinking, physical patterns of behavior, health, and spiritual well-being.
Feng Shui can be used to enhance your career, finances, relationships and more. Students are asked to bring in a simple sketch of their floor plan for a mini Feng Shui consultation of … (1 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Wishing You All A Happy Close To The Summer of 2015 - 09/06/15 08:05 PM

This was a summer full of adventure, new beginnings, and unexpected life changing events. It seems as the years of adulthood trek on, the illusion of "time" becomes less of a worry because everyday blends into the next.
Being present with as many moments as possible during life is a precious gift you can share with loved ones and yourself.  Goodbye Summer 2015 and thanks for the memories!

feng shui manhattan: What Does Your Front Door Say About You? - 09/06/15 06:53 AM
After completing my Feng Shui consultation along the upper East Side of Manhattan yesterday, I decided to treat myself to the Metropolitan Museum. During my walk there, I noticed a great contrast with two neighboring front doors.
In Feng Shui, the principle for any front door is to do your best in creating a welcoming presentation. The front door is known as the "mouth of ch'i," where all opportunities, people, and energy metaphorically and sometimes literally, step into your life. Now for each person, a "welcoming entrance" can be perceived very differently as you will see below. 

Which front entrace would you prefer?

feng shui manhattan: Before and After Photos Of a Space Clearing - 07/16/15 08:16 AM
Before and After Photos Of a Space Clearing
For a good part of the week I have been sharing insights on the topic of Space Clearings. Last year I had the honor of teaming up with The Center for Inner Wisdom to provide a collaborative Space Clearing for the Lyric Theater in NYC. This is one of the oldest theaters in New York City, so that means there is a great amount of history and spiritual activity.
To help illustrate even more in what a Space Clearing looks like, here is a before photo and after photo. These images were taken in a matter of minutes after the … (9 comments)

feng shui manhattan: What Some of My Clients Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan - 06/24/15 03:30 AM
What Some of My Clients Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan
Thank you so much Laura and thank you for your suggestions. I have to say that since the day you left I noticed certain things happening already. The day after I saw you I received Tibetan prayers in the mail from my friend. I found the perfect place for the dresser in my bedroom and the following day I found a missing mailbox key I had no clue I had and needed before leaving for my trip.
Thanks you so much again for being so supportive.
Love and hugs,
New York City, NY

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Pop Quiz Answer To: What Are The Deconstructive Cycles Of The 5 Elements? - 06/01/15 07:48 AM
Feng Shui Pop Quiz Answer To: What Are The Deconstructive Cycles Of The 5 Elements?
Knowing the Five elements theory in Feng Shui is always beneficial because it offers insight into personality dynamics along with simple ways to help check and balance the energy of your home, body, mind and spirit as needed. 
Below I listed all 5 element answers. 
Five elements Answers:
Fire       C.   Melts wood Earth    D.  Absorbs water Metal    A.   Cuts wood Water   B. Extinguiesed fire Wood   E. Breaks up earth _____________________________________________
A.   Cuts wood
B.   Extinguishes fire
C.   Melts wood
D.   Absorbs water
E.   Breaks up earth

feng shui manhattan: Pink Tie Event for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation - 05/05/15 05:00 AM
Pink Tie Event for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation
PinkTie.org / Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure, was founded by Mike Cave, CEO of 1st Equity Title & Closing Services, after losing his beloved aunt to brest cancer. 
PinkTie.org and PinkTie1000’s core mission is to benefit local organizations, nationwide, in the communities that we serve, which are predominately volunteer, with zero-to-minimal overhead costs and administrative fees. This allows us to make the most direct impact in the community. Our vision is to find creative ways to bring our vast real estate network together, in support of education and research to find … (6 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Is It Necessary To Understand the History of Feng Shui? - 05/04/15 10:25 AM
Is It Necessary To Understand the History of Feng Shui?
One of the first teachings in the practice of Feng Shui is to honor your ancestors, your family and teachers who have passed along knowledge to help you gain accesses to your own inner wisdom. I have heard some express, knowing the history of Feng Shui origins and even the use of the celestial animals or sacred geometric symbols in Feng Shui is not worth the time learning or implementing into one's home or office. 
I can only share from my own experience what I have observed with the use of animals, sacred geometic symbols, etc,... I see this being integrated into our lives … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Walking Tour: Hidden Feng Shui Designs within New York City Architecture - 05/02/15 07:05 AM
Hidden Feng Shui Designs within New York City Architecture 
Jane’s Walks are walking conversations about people and cities. Anyone can lead a walk because everyone is an expert on the places they live, work and play.  
Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan will be leading a FREE walking tour on May 3rd, 2015 starting at 9:30am
About the Tour:
Walk the streets of NYC with Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano and develop your Feng Shui eyes to see hidden Feng Shui architectural designs. This walk covers two Feng Shui design inspired sites, Times Square and the Trump International Hotel and Towers. These two locations … (3 comments)

feng shui manhattan: It's Ridiculous to Have all 5 Elements in Every Single Room Of Your Home - 04/25/15 07:48 AM
It's Ridiculous to Have all 5 Elements in Every Single Room Of Your Home
This was a comment I read in an article not to long ago on the topic of Feng Shui (Environmental Psychology). "It's ridiculous to have all 5 elements in every single room of your home." Looking to the Five elements theory in Feng Shui, there is reason this principle says, "its suggested to have all 5 elements in each room." The reason is because Feng Shui, as well as as building biology and Biohilia Design, understanding it's mans inherit need to be surrounded by nature. Feng Shui also refers to this as, … (9 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Soul Sunday: Love Yourself - 04/12/15 06:49 AM
Feng Shui Soul Sunday: Love Yourself
I have written about the topic of loving yourself many time before, but this discussion is so important to repeat because it carries and supports you through life during great experiences and especially during our low points. One way to address the understanding of "loving yourself" is knowing that you deserve the best in life. This is not being selfish or arrogant, it's about being your own parent and looking out for your inner child's best and highest interest as you evolve in this lifetime.
As you can see, this topic of "love Yourself" can go pretty deep, but for the moment … (5 comments)

feng shui manhattan: What Some Libraries Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan's Workshops - 04/10/15 07:58 AM
What Some Libraries Have to Say about Feng Shui Manhattan's Workshops with Laura Cerrano
On April 9th, 2015 I had the pleasure of providing a Feng Shui workshop at the Hampton Bays Public Library. We had a pretty nice turnout and all audience members were encourage to participate by asking questions through out, sharing stories to help gain new insights and each did a full overlay of the Ba-gua map with their own personal house's  floor plan. 
Here is what some of the patrons thought of the workshop: 
"Thank you Laura for the very explicit presentation last night and for bringing refreshments. That was very generous of you. You had … (11 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Happy Easter, Passover and Spring from Feng Shui Manhattan! - 04/05/15 09:19 AM
Happy Easter, Passover and Spring from Feng Shui Manhattan!

 Happy Easter, Passover and Spring! Sending love, light and abundance to all. To all New Yorker's (and everyone in general if you can) be sure to get outside today and enjoy this amazing weather. I took a fast walk around my home and came across these beautiful flowers blooming and are happy to share them with you. 
Have a blessed Sunday. 

feng shui manhattan: Carole Provenzale Continues to Support My Efforts From Heaven - 03/24/15 06:33 PM
Carole Provenzale Continues to Support My Efforts From Heaven-Thank you

It has been five years since mom’s passing in 2010. During that period of time, so much as happened. I have experienced favorable and unfavorable events. Yet, with each experience I understood it was necessary and part of my self cultivation process which extended into all other areas of my life. 
A few weeks before the the 2015 Spring equinox and Solar eclipse, the veil of energy between those who have passed away and those still living on Earth seemed to become extremely thin. Not only was I experiencing … (15 comments)

feng shui manhattan: Feng Shui Workshops April 2015 at the Rye NY and Hampton's Bay Library - 03/24/15 09:46 AM
Feng Shui Workshops April 2015 at the Rye NY and Hampton's Bay Library

Please come enjoy a fun, interactive and educational lecture on Feng Shui presented by Feng Shui Healing Expert Laura Cerrano – CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island
 Feng Shui is a metaphysical practice developed over 6,000 years ago. Rejuvenate your energy and become motivated, inspired and positively engaged with new perspective on life. You will learn how to combine the intuitive thinking processes of Feng Shui and analytical techniques for your home, a blend of east and west alchemy that can help … (1 comments)

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