laura cerrano: Feng Shui for your home with deeper insights by Laura Cerrano - 04/30/13 08:58 AM
Feng Shui for your home with deeper insights by Laura Cerrano

Feng shui for you home starts from within, it starts with the daily thoughts that you are manifesting at this very moment.  In order for one to bring Peace of mind into their home, they must become aware of the thoughts they are putting out to the universe and world. 
If your approach Feng shui with your home from a physical standpoint by placing objects, adding colors and re-arranging furniture, change will be felt only on a physical 3-D level.  Remember you have to also balance the emotional, mental … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Advice: Patience - 04/30/13 06:56 AM
Feng Shui Advice: Patience

Have patience with yourself, have patience with others, have patience with the world and change will be easier.  Our Universe is going through great transformations.  It truly is the time of Aquarius.  Feng Shui is just one of many teachings that offer insight with how to develop patience.  In fact one of the processes of Feng Shui is based on patience. In order for true change to come one must learn to understand when they are ready and open, only then will transformation of life truly come about. One must also understand, any form of change and … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Insight: Transition into a new world - 04/30/13 06:36 AM
Feng Shui Insight: Transition into a new world
This world is evolving and transitioning into a new plane of vibrations that all are feeling whether you wish to admit it or not.  One example is the increased frequency of natural disasters. This is actually Mother earth's way of reconstructing herself along with forcing us to evolve as spiritual beings with her.  For those who are not "going with the flow" of evolution, they are currently the ones struggling the most with this reality.  How can you identify that feeling?  Most may feel anxiety, have a lack of patience, feel rushed all … (3 comments)

laura cerrano: Long Island Feng Shui Assessment Description and Fees - 04/30/13 06:17 AM
Long Island Feng Shui Assessment Description and Fees
Times for home or business assessments are typically 1 hour
Buying a home or selling one?  Feng Shui Manhattan and Long Island can make your home feel warm and inviting while incorporating simple Feng Shui remedies to attract that perfect buyer or get your home sold…Quickly.  We also work with Real Estate Agents to give them the “edge” they need with their clients. In today’s Real Estate market, including a home Feng Shui assessment along with the other required services is becoming more common and requested by clients and Real Estate agents across … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: When will It be Enough for people to change for the better? - 04/24/13 06:42 AM
Insight into the happenings of this world: When will It be Enough for people to change for the better?
We all have been observing and experiencing the various violent activities manifesting in this world, and yes they will become progressively worse if not stopped.  One major on going example is the unnecessary gun violence that can be prevented with new laws can be made to provide better safety for all but due to money, greed and egoistical power this process is a bit challeng
Another example is the increased amounts of chemicals in our foods; GMO's. These Genetically modified organisms are dumbing down … (6 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Insight: Your create your own reality - 04/22/13 03:30 AM
Feng Shui Insight: You create your own reality
The perspective of our current world is that in order to achieve wealth, love, health, and really any abundance in our life, it will first come from a physical standpoint.  The items, people, events and experiences that are before you this very moment have first and foremost been created by your sub-conscious and conscious thoughts.   The physical manifestation is the end result of your repetitive thoughts geared to those various areas of your life.
You can Feng Shui your home or business all you want, put up pretty colors, beautiful object and re-arrange … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: New York Lectures with Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan - 04/22/13 03:24 AM
New York Lectures with Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan
Ms. Cerrano has been a keynote speaker on the topic of Feng Shui for 13 years.  She has been providing lectures and workshops for public libraries, colleges, museums, art galleries, small businesses, large corporations, and private companies.   Each lecture and workshop is customized to your specific Feng Shui needs and interests.  You will receive a wealth of information that is easy to absorb allowing instant and practical use of all tips and advice shared with attendees that same day.
Examples of Top requested Feng Shui Topics currently:
Feng Shui for … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: Enhancing your home Staircase with Feng Shui - 04/16/13 07:30 AM
Enhancing your home staircase with Feng Shui

If this is the case with your home, here are some simple Feng Shui cures you can put into place.
You want to be mindful of the images gracing you up the staircase. This client used butterflies, some use images of family, others may use nature oriented images, the choice is yours.  At the top of the staircase you should also be mindful about what greets you as you step foot onto the second level.  This client choose an image of a boat with a positive affirmation that says, “Destiny.” Some may … (2 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Manhattan and LI Community: Please Support the MS Walk 2013 - 04/11/13 04:51 AM
Feng Shui Manhattan and LI Community: Please Support the MS Walk 2013

In memory of Julia Schultz (right side of photo)
Why We Fight MS
Having multiple sclerosis means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up. Or that you may suddenly have impaired vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different, and devastating, for everyone ? the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.
Why I Walk
After losing vision in one eye and experiencing a … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: The Vista is Long Island City's first Feng Shui designed building - 04/10/13 05:13 AM
The Vista is Long Island City's first Feng Shui Designed Residential building

This project by far has been one of the fastest developed buildings I have collaborated on. One may ask why? Feng Shui will match the integrity, focus, intentions and energy that you exude. All who took part in helping to bring the Vista to life, did just that, simply did the best they could with an open mind and heart with every step of the way.  It's always an amazing process to see a creative vision come to life. 
Here is a sneak preview of the Vista … (2 comments)

laura cerrano: "I already Know about Feng Shui" - 04/09/13 03:27 AM
"I already Know about Feng Shui"
"I already Know about Feng Shui, I read many books, so just come to my house and tell me what to do." This is a common response I receive after I ask inquiring clients, "what is your background of understating with the teachings of Feng Shui?" 
This is from my perspective of living the lifestyle and teaching Feng Shui for over 13 years, no one can know everything there is about Feng Shui, even this Certified Feng Shui consultant.  I say this in the most humble of ways because Feng Shui is … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: The mission of Feng Shui Consultants by Laura Cerrano - 04/09/13 03:21 AM
The mission of Feng Shui Consultants by Laura Cerrano

Every Feng Shui Consultant, practitioner, expert, and master (no matter your title) follows a Feng Shui oath and prayer that clearly states the responsibility each of us has for the greater good of humanity and self.  There are various Feng Shui methods which offer us all an infinite amount of solutions to create full life transformations.    ,
Our mission as a collective group is to empower, inspire, motivate, share new insights and knowledge with the teachings of Feng Shui that will help bring about new found awareness to self and to … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Advice: No more Excuses when you have new found Awareness - 04/02/13 05:57 AM
Feng Shui Advice: No more Excuses when you have new found Awareness
One of many goals Feng Shui has in store for all who utilize this 6,000 year old ancient practice is to bring awareness to the fact that energy is all around you.   Every thought and action creates the pathway for tomorrow with opportunities, events and people that come into your life.  As you develop this new found awareness you are no longer allowed to make excuses.  In finding this awareness, your responsibly to self, the way you interact towards others and this world in general has … (3 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Tip of the Week: Your home mirrors your Spirit - 04/02/13 05:18 AM
Feng Shui Tip of the Week: Your home mirrors your Spirit
I tell all my clients that your home mirrors your spirit.  When you take time to understand self, you will become more comfortable with who you truly are.  This will allow clarity and focus with every  intention you are certain to manifest. Combining that focus with Feng Shui will give you the the ingredients to merge your spirit with the presentation of your home, thus creating a grounding environment.
When this happens, people naturally gravitate toward certain colors, objects, and textures that display the essence of their higher self with … (2 comments)

laura cerrano: What are your Priorities in Life? by Miss Feng Shui - 04/02/13 04:35 AM
What are your Priorities in Life? by Miss Feng Shui
Please take a moment to really reflect and ask self, what are my priorities in life?  Remember, energy flows where attention goes.  If your priorities are only about yourself, do not be surprised if like minded people who display selfish qualities have been surrounding you these days.  It is strongly recommended to rewire that program and learn how to balance your responsibilities to self and others, when necessary.  Be sure to give thanks and show appreciation to those in your life, whether that be with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances for helping … (5 comments)

laura cerrano: Explore Healthy Long Island With Miss Feng Shui: Bare Naked Bakery - 04/01/13 05:58 PM
Explore Healthy Long Island With Miss Feng Shui: Bare Naked Bakery

Bare Naked Bakery and Café is located in Bellmore NY.  The local bakery was Long Island’s first eatery dedicated to being completely gluten-free. Bare Naked is sensitive to other dietary needs as well.  All their foods and desserts are nut-free and offer dairy-free options like soy ice cream. Choose to eat in our take out.  The space offers a unique country home decor that welcomes you as soon as you step foot inside.

I have not been able to try everything but I do recommend the home made … (7 comments)

laura cerrano: Motivational Monday: Persistance by Feng Shui Manhattan - 03/25/13 06:27 AM
Motivational Monday: Persistence by Feng Shui Manhattan
"Continued effort" is the definition.  WE are all capable of this, in fact we do it everyday. But what makes the difference is what are you allowing your personal energy to be persistent with?
Become aware of your thoughts and actions and start weeding out perusing negative habits, associations and connections with events and people. Be persistent with the positive goals you have set for yourself, that you are certain you will manifest.  With persistence, focus, the right enviroment and supportive elements/people you are sure to succeed. 
Feng Shui LI
*Carole Provenzale was … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: Affordable East Village New York Feng Shui Consultations - 03/25/13 06:12 AM
Affordable East Village New York Feng Shui Consultations with Laura Cerrano

Times for home and business consultations are typically 2-3 hours
First: An on site interview is provided to help gain an understanding about the specific areas of your life you seek to enhance. This requires sharing information about key events of your past, which paved the way to your current life situations and understanding your future plans.  This allows insight into your main intentions for why you are having a Feng Shui consultation.
Usually clients have 2-3 key areas in their life they wish to focus on … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: What it means to be a leader by Feng Shui Long Island - 03/25/13 06:08 AM
What it means to be a leader? by Feng Shui Long Island
Leadership starts with integrity, walking the walk and talking the talk
Leadership is speaking the truth
Leadership is being honest and fair with self and others
Leadership is collaboration and compromise
Leadership is looking at the bigger picture and understanding what needs to be prioritized
Leadership is found within yourself
Leadership is being proactive and taking charge of a situation
Leadership is about paving the way for strong foundations of true values and morals of self and with the connection to others
Simply start with yourself.  It's Called Personal … (1 comments)

laura cerrano: 3 Fast Feng Shui New York City Apartment Tips by Laura Cerrano - 03/18/13 03:25 AM
3 Fast Feng Shui New York City Apartment Tips by Laura Cerrano
Sometimes space is limited when choosing to live in a New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens apartment.  You have to make the best and most of what you have.  Here are some Fast Feng Shui tips to help you pick out and plan the layout of your furniture arrangement when living in an apartment.
Feng Shui suggests to choose furniture that has curved or rounded edges.  This allows a better flow of energy though your entire space.  Choose furniture that is multi functional.  It … (4 comments)

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