localism: What's so GREAT about Localism? It's a TREASURE! by Feng Shui Long Island Consultant Carole Provenzale - 11/13/09 07:01 AM
What's so GREAT about Localism?  It's a TREASURE....
There are some people, especially "Newbies" to Activerain that may not see the Advantages of posting to Localism.  As a Feng Shui Consultant who lives and play on Long Island, NY and in New York City, I love writing about the different areas I find myself in.
I have many New York City locations including posts on Central Park and different parts of Manhattan.  As I travel all over Long Island, I capture pictures and write about Feng Shui in a particular place or just about this lovely Island itself.
Several months ago … (37 comments)

localism: Is ACTIVERAIN the NEW EBAY? by Feng Shui Long Island & New York - 02/21/09 07:27 PM
In the New York State Lotto, they say it takes a dollar...and a dream.  I wonder what the founders of Activerain thought? 
When I joined Activerain in October, 2006, it had about 6,000 members.  Wow, I thought, that's a lot.  NEVER did I imagine it would grow to the heights and status it has today with over 136,118 members and a site so loved by Google   http://www.Google.com it is crawled every 15 minutes or so!
I also remember the early days of EBAY.  They started with not much more then a dollar...and a dream.  Just two … (31 comments)

localism: Activerain: BENEFITS VS. RISKS - 12/14/08 11:50 AM
 Activerain:  Benefits VS. Risks
In a recent study due to be published next month by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) it was reported that the business/social media website ACTIVERAIN http://www.Activerain.com has reduced both Holiday Stress significantly (82 %) along with what is commonly known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
Preliminary Studies indicate that Patients being treated in both studies reported a sharp decline in feelings of loneliness and isolation and a sharp increase in Business (77%) for those who blogged consistently.
The study found that depressed people were much more likely to get outside and Photograph pictures for their sister-site … (79 comments)

localism: Two YEARS on Activerain! - 10/12/08 11:14 PM
Two YEARS on Activerain.  In the beginning, a particularly ROUGH start.  What I didn't realize when I signed on to this Adventure:
So Many people had never HEARD of Feng Shui.
Those that did had formed an opinion that Feng Shui Consultants were crazy!
Living in New York it was the first time I had encountered people from all across the United States.  And it seemed Feng Shui had been thought of as some kind of mystical--even evil thing to those not familiar with it.  OUCH!
After some blogs that I put up that I received almost NO comments on (though … (36 comments)

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