professor lin yun: It all starts with a simple idea by Feng Shui LI - 05/08/12 03:59 AM
It all Starts with a simple idea by Feng Shui LI
It all starts with a simple idea.  Than it develops into an action, followed by unstoppable motions and connections of universal happenings to help spread that seed of an idea.  It only took one person to introduce Feng Shui to America and that was High Holy Master Professor Lin Yun.
This is not to say that others didn't speake about Feng Shui because they did. But, to really shine light and bring awareness to any new idea or topic, you need a strong spirited and influential individual. Professor Lin Yun visited various … (8 comments)

professor lin yun: Revisiting a Business Feng Shuied by High Holy Master Lin Yun in Queens NY - 05/07/12 04:07 AM
Revisiting a Business Feng Shuied by High Holy Master Lin Yun in Queens NY

This was an amazing experience to be in a actual space that was Feng Shuied by High Holy Master Lin Yun. Mr. Yun is responsible for brining the teachings of Feng Shui to America back in the early 1990's.  My mother Carole Provenzale who was a Certified Feng Shui consultant studied Professor Lin Yun's teachings and in 1997 was blessed by him at her graduation in his monastery on Long Island NY. This Queens NY based business has been up and running for 15 years and … (3 comments)

professor lin yun: Do not just talk about it, be about it by Feng Shui LI New York consultant - 06/17/11 08:19 AM
Do not just talk about it, be about it by Feng Shui LI New York consultant

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Laura Cerrano New York Feng Shui consultant always discusses two major key components in Feng Shui.  The power of Intention and the action you take to support your intentions in life. His holiness Grandmaster professor Lin Yun always taught his students, 80% of Feng Shui deals with your intention and 20% are the actions you take to help make them a reality. 
You need to visualize what you seek to create and make sure to do your part physically.  Perhaps you … (3 comments)

professor lin yun: Feng Shui & Professor Lin Yun -- Old Westbury Long Island New York - 09/16/09 05:52 PM
 Feng Shui & Professor Lin Yun  --  Old Westbury Long Island New York
Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun has had many accomplishments in his life.  I still consider his finest to be bringing the Black Sect Method of Feng Shui to the United States in 1984, long before almost anyone here had ever HEARD of Feng Shui.
Studying since the age of six years old, Professor Lin Yun has had a long and inspiring career.  He opened our Eyes to possibilities we had never dreamed of and took a subject no one was familiar with that today has become so popular and … (17 comments)

professor lin yun: A Peek inside a Monastery: A respectful way of life in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York by Feng Shui Long Island - 06/12/07 11:02 PM
It occurred to me that most of you, the majority in fact, would most likely never see the inside of a beautiful place; a Monastery.  A Monastery is defined as " a place of residence occupied by a community of persons, especially Monks living in seclusion under Religious Vows."  When Professor Lin Yun arrived her in the early 1980's, he decided to open a Monastery.  His original one is located in Berkely, California and his second one is right here on Long Island, in Old Westbury (The Gold Coast). 
Most of the monks that live at the Monastery take care of … (7 comments)

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