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                              Head of St Margarets Bay as seen from high up on the mountain.   I Have lived in St Margaret's Bay now for 46 years and have seen the changes over the years. Market values have risen from $18,000 for a small house on an ocean lot + 5 acres -  to $320,000 paid for a ...
Pole Photogrphy Halifax For those of you that were wondering how I get  those picts. - I have a Olympus E-mp1 .  Highly  rated for such a light camera. And detachable lens. I have it mounted on a peice of ridgid fibreglass. You can see the two peices of  aluminum Are used to tilt the camera. We h...
I just got the pole sys. and was testing this last week. I'm goingto call the company - High Shots photography.Here are some of the aerial photos from in and around Halifax. This is a house of my Neighbor - The wind nearly Knocked over the rig but we got this pict in. This is a shot of my parents...
Downtown Halifax condos - They are spread out over a 10 km square area on the penninsula of Halifax. We are experiencing a shortage of condo listings! The demand is up , Sales are as high as ever recorded !But the yearly active count is way down. We are almost short 1/3 the listings1 This was wel...
The Condos in Halifax sales for January are in. The pending condo sales ratio to active listings have never been higher. I've tracked the data for 3 years now and it's usually below 10% . It peaked last year at 11.5 %.  41 Pending  sales / 260 actives = 15.7%! The inventory is a bit low for this ...
A new feature! I got this idea from an article on blogging!A compilation of some of the blogs direct from Condos Nova Scotia. Halifax ,Nova Scotia is a vibrant city.  recently we won a Canadian shipbuilding contract worth 25 Billion over the next 25 years. Basicallyenough jobs for 1000's of worke...
Between photo shoots I went to Hemlock Ravine Park with Cosmo - my dog. We had about 2hrs to kill. I never realized how big it was. It is 197-acres ! It was home to John Wentworth, Nova Scotia's lieutenant governor in the 1780s!There is a big heart shaped pond down at the entrance. Trails wind th...
The newest tool unvailed just a week ago available for Nova Scotia real estate agents. Unveiled by Novascotiabiz's MLS(R)  -  Nova Scotia home photography Services. The photo service includes full flickr services - We make it easy to show clients the photos! It also includes a Youtube video of th...
It all started in November of 2007. It was a typical busy weekend.I had 3 clients on the go - Two out of town buyers and an unexpectedcall from a client I had worked with before. It all happened Friday evening. I went to bed with a splitting headache. I woke up and there was some extra ringing in...
Today I took a drive down past Kentville to Hall's Harbour to see the low tide! As part of the Bay of Fundy they enjoy the world's highest tides.  I had my camera with me and could not help but to grab these spectacular shots. The tides are 53 feet in the bay of Fundy!  That's about 9 times the a...

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