ascension parish: April 2011 Home Sales Trends - Ascension Parish - 05/17/11 01:36 PM
April 2011 home sales trends numbers are out for Ascension Parish and it was a difficult month.  After a good start to the year, home sales fell about 30% in April when compared to April 2010.
There were 89 homes sold in April 2011 as compared with 129 sold during April 2010.  Keep in mind, the homebuyers tax credit was in effect during April of last year, but that still probably doesn't account for the steep fall-off in sales in April.  Year to date, there have been 344 homes sold in Ascension Parish versus 443 sold during 2010.
The average sales … (1 comments)

ascension parish: March 2011 Home Sales Trends - Ascension Parish - 05/01/11 11:59 AM
March 2011 home sales trends are out for Ascension Parish and it looks like it was a decent month.
There were 107 homes sold in March 2011 as compared with 142 sold during March 2010.  Year to date there have been 256 homes sold versus 314 sold during the same time period in 2010.
The average sales price was $197,000 and 68 of the 107 homes sold were priced at less than $199,999.
There are 780 homes available for sale which equates to about a 7 month supply of inventory.

If you are contemplating buying a home in the … (0 comments)

ascension parish: February 2011 Home Sales Trends - Ascension Parish - 03/14/11 02:52 AM
February 2011 home sales trends are out for Ascension Parish and looks like it was a tough month.
There were 76 homes sold in February 2011 as compared with 97 in February 2010.  Year to date 2011 there have been 149 homes sold versus 171 sold during the same period in 2010.
The average sales price was $192,400 and 52 of the 76 homes sold during February were priced at less than $199,000.
There are 752 homes available for sale in Ascension Parish which equates to a 10.2 month supply at current sales rates.  Typically a 6 month supply of inventory … (0 comments)

ascension parish: January 2011 Home Sales Trends - Ascension Parish - 02/15/11 06:02 AM
January 2011 homes sales numbers are out for Ascension Parish and it looks like it was a pretty good month....There were 72 homes sold in January 2011 as compared with 74 in January 2010.  The average sales price jumped up to $220,000 with the median price moving up to $197,000.  Ascension Parish homes are selling for an average of 97% of their listing price.
As of the end of January, the average home is on the market in Ascension Parish for 98 days before selling.  There are currently 768 homes for sale in the Parish which equates to a 10.6 months … (0 comments)

ascension parish: Ascension Parish - Fastest Growing Parish in Louisiana! - 02/05/11 07:49 AM
According to the latest data released from the 2010 Census, Ascension Parish is the fastest growing parish in all of Louisiana - with a growth rate over the last 10 years of 40%!  Ascension Parish is now the 14th largest parish in Louisiana.  In terms of raw numbers there are now 107,215 people in the parish as compared with 76,627 in 2000.
Ascension Parish is part of the 8 parish Baton Rouge metropolitan area (MSA). This is how the government groups the region together for purposes of counting among other things, population, housing and employment. With the release of the census … (0 comments)

ascension parish: December 2010 Home Sales Trends - Ascension Parish - 01/13/11 01:47 AM
There were 87 homes sold in Ascension Parish in December 2010 as compared with 103 in December 2009.  The average sales price is $206,000 and we saw a spike in available inventory up to 9 months (6 months is considered to be a healthy number).
I think Ascension Parish looks pretty good.  Inventory is high - there are 782 homes available for sale as of the end of 2010, but average sales prices have held fairly steady throughout the year which means our homes are generally holding their values.
Total home sales for 2010 were 1,249 homes as compared with 1,276 … (0 comments)

ascension parish: First Time Home-Buyer in Baton Rouge? - 01/05/11 10:28 AM
If you are a first time homebuyer in the Baton Rouge area and are contemplating purchasing a remains a great time to do so.
I'm in the process of working with a young couple who is purchasing their first home.  We have located a great, new construction home in Livingston Parish that will be perfect for them and their family.  Because the home is located in Livingston Parish - it is eligible for Rural Development (RD) Funding.  This allows them to finance 100% of the home as well as a 3.5% funding fee.  Click here to view a prior post … (0 comments)

ascension parish: Home Sales Trends in Ascension Parish - November 2010 - 12/05/10 04:43 AM
It was another month of mixed indicators for home sales in Ascension Parish.  In November 2010 there were 74 homes sold which was a drop off of about 25% from November 2009...and roughly equal to November 2008. 
The average sales price increased nicely to $208,000, but the average inventory increased to 11 months.  In addition - there have been 1,158 homes sold year to date in Ascension Parish.
I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about these numbers.  If you would like for me to run these numbers for your neighborhood or for another neighborhood - please just ask.

ascension parish: Ascension Parish: Available Inventory Snapshot Analysis - November 2010 - 11/10/10 09:33 AM
FAIR WARNING:  numbers, numbers & more numbers.....
After taking a look at the October sales and inventory numbers for Ascension Parish, I wanted to drill in a little bit deeper to better understand what is happening in the available inventory pool of homes.   This analysis is based on a snapshot of the inventory available today - it will change tomorrow, the day after and so forth, but I think this information gives a nice picture of what is happening on the ground right now.  I plan on refreshing this information each month and after I have a couple of months data, … (0 comments)

ascension parish: October 2010 Homes Sales Statistics Update - Ascension Parish - 11/01/10 09:56 AM
There was a fairly substantial slowdown in home sales in Ascension Parish for October 2010.  There were 79 sales in October of this year as compared to 98 in 2009.  The good news is that the average sales price showed a substantial increase to $214,000.  There are 808 homes for sale in the parish which represents about an 8 month supply and the average days on market is 84 days.
It is a challenging time to be a home seller right now. That's why it is more critical than ever that your home is totally prepped and ready to sell before … (0 comments)

ascension parish: VIDEO: Ascension Parish - Using Rural Development Financing to Buy a Home - 10/30/10 04:42 AM
Rural Development financing is a great program for qualified buyers as it dramatically reduces the amount of cash needed to purchase a home....and most homes in Ascension Parish qualify under this program.
Here is a link to a previous blog post that has more details about how this program works.  Embedded below is a video that also talks about Rural Development financing.
Go visit with your mortgage broker to see if you qualify, or I am happy to recommend a couple of local mortgage brokers that specialize in Rural Development loans.  Give me a call if you have any questions regarding … (0 comments)

ascension parish: Purchasing a Home in Ascension Parish using Rural Development Financing - 10/08/10 09:32 AM
There is an excellent program in place - managed by the US Department of Agriculture - to help encourage home ownership in rural areas around the country.  Most of the homes in Ascension Parish are eligible to be financed under this program - though you must check each home address individually against a database to confirm eligibility.
Here are the key general points of the program:
Must not currently own a home or have a mortgage Must have income of under $74.050 (for a family of 1-4), or under $97,750 (for a family of 5-8) Have a credit score greater than … (0 comments)

ascension parish: September 2010 Homes Sales Statistics - Ascension Parish - 10/01/10 11:00 AM
Shown below is a summary of September home sales statistics for Livingston Parish.   The activity is very similar to what is occuring in East Baton Rouge and Livingston Parishes.   The number of homes sold is down as compared with this time last year, but the average sales price has increased over the same time period.
As well - available inventory is at 12 months, which is considered high.

If you have questions about Baton Rouge real estate in general, or your neighborhood in specific - please call me at 225.287.9448 or send me an e-mail at
Come see … (1 comments)

ascension parish: August 2010 Housing Stats for Ascension Parish - 09/04/10 02:42 PM
It appears the August 2010 housing market softened a bit in Livingston Parish.  Sales dropped compared to August 2009, available inventory increased to almost 10 months, but the average sales price held its own.

If you have any questions about this information or real estate in general for Baton Rouge, please give me a call at 225.287.9448 or e-mail me at

ascension parish: Sales statistics update July 2010 & YTD 2010 - 08/18/10 10:41 AM
Housing statistics for East Baton Rouge, Livingston & Ascension parishes were mixed for the month of July.  The effect of the expiration of the tax credit began to show itself during the month.  Overall - the local market continues to fare better than most markets around the country.  It appears that strength of the market is in the sub $200,000 homes and neighborhoods.  I've attached a chart show the month of July statistics as well as the year-to-date numbers.  I'll be publishing similar reports on specific sub-markets within these parishes soon.  Send me a note if there are any specific areas … (2 comments)

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