dallas: April 2011 Home Sales Trends - Dallas, Texas - 05/29/11 04:55 AM
April 2011 home sales trends numbers are now available for Dallas, Texas and unit volume continues to be a bit soft.
There were 3,809 homes sold in April 2011 as compared with 4,791 sold during April 2010.  Keep in mind the homebuyers tax credit was still in effect last April which led to elevated sales levels.  There have been 11,925 homes sold in Dallas year to date verses 13,857 sold during the same time period in 2010.
The average home sold for $225,200 and there is currently a 7.2 month supply of available homes on the market.
The job creation market … (0 comments)

dallas: February 2011 Home Sales Trends - Dallas, Texas - 03/24/11 05:42 AM
February 2011 home sales trends numbers are out and there appears to be a slowdown in sales activity in Dallas. 
There were 2,390 homes sold in February 2011 as compared with 2,774 sold during February 2010.  The average sales price was $220,300 and there is currently 6.6 months of available inventory on the market.
Year to date - there have been 4,496 homes sold in Dallas versus 4,984 sold during the same time period in 2010.  Keep in mind that during the first 1/2 of 2010, the homebuyers tax credit was still in effect...and was propping up sales activity.
According to … (0 comments)

dallas: January 2011 Home Sales Trends - Dallas, Texas - 03/04/11 12:40 AM
January 2011 home sales trends are in for Dallas and it looks like it is a mixed bag of news.
There were 2.043 homes sold in Dallas in January 2011 as compared with 2,210 sold in January 2010.  The average home price is $202,300 and there is 6.4 months of available inventory currently on the market.
These numbers look a bit soft, but I'm not going to read too much into them until we get a bit further on into the year.  The Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex has a vibrant economy that is continuing to create jobs better than almost any other … (0 comments)

dallas: Home Sales Trends in Dallas, Texas - December 2010 - 02/01/11 01:25 AM
December and year-end 2010 home sales numbers are in for the Dallas housing market and they look pretty positive. 
There were 3,175 homes sold in December as compared with 3,405 sold in December 2009...keeping in mind that December 2009 was in the middle of the homebuyers tax credit buying surge.  The average sales price jumped way up to $235,400 which signifies to me that the upper-middle and upper end of the housing market is moving ahead nicely.  There is 6.4 months of available inventory in the Dallas market - which is up from December 2009, but a decrease from November 2010.

dallas: Home Loan Delinquency Rate Increases Slightly in Dallas - 01/13/11 10:06 AM
CoreLogic has released their Dallas home loan delinquency analysis for October.  While the actual rate increased slightly, Dallas is still performing better than much of the country.
As of the end of October, 5.25% of all Dallas mortgages were 90 days delinquent as compared with 5.22% in September.  The number of Dallas homes actually in foreclosure fell to 1.43%
Ft. Worth's numbers look like this:  5.52% were 90 days delinquent and 1.45% of all Ft. Worth homes were actually in foreclosure.
The national rate for 90 day delinquencies is 7.9%
So you can see that while these numbers could be better, … (0 comments)

dallas: Quick Look at December Dallas Homes Sales - 01/07/11 10:44 AM
The Texas Real Estate Center released December 2010 Dallas home sales numbers and it looks like it was a pretty good month.
There were a little over 4,700 homes sold in December which was only a 6% decline from December 2009.  That 6% decline is an important number because home sales in the prior 2 months declined 25% and 30% respectively over the same 2 months in 2009.
For the full year - there were nearly 64,000 homes sold in Dallas which was down only 7% from the prior year.  Currently there are around 35,000 homes available on the market which … (0 comments)

dallas: Home Sales Trends in Dallas, Texas - November 2010 - 12/26/10 04:19 AM
I prepare a monthly home sales trends analysis for all the major Texas cities each month, and I'm beginning to sound a bit like a broken record!  I am amazed at how similar the trend lines are for each of the big Texas cities. 
All show a sharp drop off in October & November 2010 sales as compared with the same period in 2009 - which clearly illustrates the effect of the elimination of the homebuyers tax credit.  The average sales price continues to trend upward very nicely in each of the cities - which shows that the upper end of … (0 comments)

dallas: Homeowner Equity Rate Improves in Dallas - 12/13/10 09:02 AM
According to a report just released by CoreLogic, approximately - analyzing Q3 2010 home mortgage data, 14% of homeowners in Dallas owed more on their homes than they were worth.  While this seems like a pretty large number it is down from 30% in mid-2009 and compares favorably 22.5% of homeowners across the US that have negative equity.  Ft. Worth's number stands at around 13%.
At the state level - the negative equity rate in Texas stands at 11.3% of home mortgages which again compares very favorably to other states.  Oklahoma has the lowest negative equity stake at 5.8% while the … (0 comments)

dallas: Home Sales Trends in Dallas, Texas - October 2010 - 12/08/10 08:59 AM
October 2010 was a mixed bag of information for Dallas home sales.  There was a sharp dropoff in unit sales to 2,928 in October 2010 vs 4,150 in October of 2009.  There was a nice rebound in the average home sales price up to $209,000 which reflects some additional sales activity in the upper-end segment of the market.  At current sales levels, there is about 7.1 months - or 26,000 listings - of available inventory.  Most real estate professionals will tell you that a healthy real estate market has about 6 months of available inventory.
The chart at the bottom shows … (0 comments)

dallas: Mixed Data for the Dallas Housing Market - 11/30/10 09:58 AM
It is a day of mixed news on the health of the Dallas housing market.  Case-Schiller released its monthly analysis of home prices and they fell 2.6% in September as compared with September of 2009.  This compares with a .6% decline in the average of the top 20 us real estate markets.   Overall Dallas home prices have fallen 7% from the peak of the market in mid-2007.
There was - what I consider some fairly good news - on the foreclosure front.  The number of homeowners in September 2010 that were more than 3 months delinquent in the mortgages was around … (0 comments)

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