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     ActiveRain must be taking lessons from Siri. As all Apple users know, Siri is that digitally challenged bimbo that makes our life more and more interesting. And when she has a digital brain fart, it can fill the moment with angst and frustration. Yesterday, I posted an article on ActiveRain ...
     Wow! It seems as if it were only yesterday that it was colder than blue blazes when the new year was ushered in. Here is is, almost 7 months later and there is a scant 5 months left. So how have you fared? Are you on track to have a banner year or are you still wondering how to get out of th...
     Gosh! Here it is Sunday evening and I have not gotten all my blogs in for the week. As we all know, around here it is use ‘em or loose ‘em. It sure would be nice if we could have a carry-over plan like many of the phone companies used to offer. Didn’t use your minutes for the month? Not to w...
     It doesn’t matter what business you are in, one has to continually market in order to get consumers to notice them. My thoughts are that once folks use us, they will like our service and how we conduct business. So the order of the day is market… market… market…    One of the things I have n...
     Here it is, the wee hours of Sunday morning and already my mind is racing at the maximum speed of thought. Sunday, so much to do before Monday. What do I make as my priority? Plants to water, reports to finish from yesterday, projects to wrap up and the list goes on adnauseum… This afternoon...
     Yesterday was one of those rare days that I was not busy crawling under houses. It was nice to be able to sit in the office, talk with the staff and strategize on the waning months of the year. It was a wonderful day spent in catching up on projects, making phone calls and just chilling. I h...
“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” ~ Napoleon Hill     While reading and turning my windshield time to learning time, I have been re-visiting the age old classic by Napoleon Hill. In my search and quest for answers, I have come acros...
     Today, I started revisiting an age old classic, “Think and Grow Rich”. This is one of those books that every time I read or listen to it on audio, something new seems to jump off the pages. Sometimes, I swear, I think I am reading or hearing the book for the first time. As I listen to the bo...
     I have a real passion for real estate and what earns my livelihood. I like to stay on top of positive sayings and truisms. One truism that I stumbled upon during my MAPS coaching is the BOLD LAW, “All work expands to fill the time allotted.”     Every morning I allot 2 hours to wrap up stuff...
    Time is sure fun when you’re on the fly or is it, time flies when you’re having fun? Before we realize it, another month will have bitten the dust. August’s soon-to-be upon us. It just seems as if it were only yesterday we were celebrating the Fourth of July. All too soon, the last holiday of...

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