nashville tn home inspections: Hot Stuff . . . - 11/25/15 02:16 AM
    The term ‘Hot’ can refer to a lot of stuff such as; a ‘hot’ babe, being physically ‘hot’ or in the electrical world, ‘hot’ meaning energized. As appliances age, it is not unusual to see the male terminals to work loose from the molded plugs especially ones that draw a lot of current. Occasionally when they fail, the prongs become embedded or even welded in the outlet. Judging by the burn marks on the end of the terminal, it looks as if this appliance that had been plugged in this outlet had gotten the terminals physically hot from time to … (16 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: OOPS . . . - 11/22/15 04:01 PM
     It is not uncommon to see "tradesmen" take shortcuts when building our new houses. If something does not look right, it typically isn't. While inspecting a new construction house in Nashville, TN I ran across a wooden block by a doorway that really looked out of place. Removing the block I was really surprised what I found.
     Now I know that a switch was supposed to have been installed in lieu of the block but this should not have passed the electrical codes inspection. For peace of mind, get a second opinion from an independent inspector. Houses are built by … (16 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Safety First! Change Out Those Keyed Locks - 11/21/15 02:10 AM
      Several times a week, I see keyed entry locks on both sides of the deadbolt lock. More often than not, most folks have a false sense of security because they feel burglars will not be able to reach through the broken glass and unlock the door. I promise you, if folks want to get in, they will. I have walked into new construction or vacant properties only to see the doors kicked off the hinges.
    Typically, when I see this, I point this out to my clients and suggest that they may want to consider making the upgrade … (19 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Phriday's Photos ~ 11.20.15 - 11/20/15 02:02 AM
         It has oft been said that a picture is worth a thousand words give or take one or two. On occasions, I run into some things that really make me want to scratch my head. Now I know that there are some folks that have little tennis balls hanging from the ceiling or other indicators to let them know they are at the desired place in the garage. This is the first time that I have ever seen anyone use the protective Pollard as a parking indicator. Oh well, each to their own.


It is a GREAT day at … (14 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: PVC Dryer Venting - Unsafe in Any Home - 11/18/15 04:56 PM
    Although plastic dryer venting has been banned from residential usage for several years now, I still see it from time to time during residential property inspections. This type of material is considered a fire safety hazard and should be replaced if you have this present in your home. The reason this material is a fire hazard is because the ridges in the vent material collect lint. As lint builds up, the dryer has to work harder to push air through the line. Eventually, the dryer discharge gets high enough to ignite the highly flammable lint which has a flash point … (11 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: OOPS! Forget Something? - 11/14/15 01:40 PM
     While inspecting a new construction property in Nashville, TN the other day, I came across this “unusual” way to vent the gas water heater. The water heater was located in the mechanical room off the finished basement and all that separated this room from the finished basement area was a louvered door which did not conform to industry standard.    
    Now I know that the ‘codes’ officials miss minor things from time to time. So what gives? At this point in the construction, I am not sure how the builder is going to vent the water heater save for … (24 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Fireplace & Chimney's Need Maintenance Too! - 11/14/15 03:07 AM
     With winter just around the corner, many folks will be firing up the fireplace as folks gather for the holidays. What better place to gather and raise a glass of cheer than around a warm fire. However; like many places in the home, fireplaces and chimneys need maintenance too.
    Just as your house needs a roof to keep water from entering, so does your chimney. Chimney Crowns are basically very small structures designed to keep water from entering the chimney cavity. Properly designed crowns should slope down from the flue liner at a minimum of 3 inches of fall per … (10 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Water Damage in the Crawlspace doesn't Always Come from Leaking Pipes - 11/10/15 02:33 AM
     Most properties in hilly areas have crawlspaces. If you do have one, when was the last time that you had your crawl space professionally inspected? Having been in this industry for going on 15 years, I have seen a lot of damage under properties that could have been avoided by performing annual maintenance inspections. The old adage, "Out of Sight - Out of Mind" doesn't work for this area of your property. What you don't know can cost you - thousands of dollars.
    Water damage and water related issues are the #1 issue that I find under houses. Loose toilets … (29 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Watch that First Step!!! - 07/12/15 03:21 AM
    Attic pull-down ladders, AKA pull-down stairways, are collapsible ladders that are permanently attached to the attic floor. In order to save money, I find that homeowners, not professional carpenters, typically install attic pull-down ladders. Evidence of this distinction can be observed in consistently shoddy and dangerous work that rarely meets industry safety standards.
    Some of the more common defective conditions I observe include:
     - cut bottom cord of structural framing members.    
    - secured with improper nails or screws.
    - fastened with an insufficient number of nails or screws.
    - loose mounting bolts.
    - cut too short. Stairs should reach … (13 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Knowlege is Expensive; Applied Knowledge is Priceless - 03/11/15 02:53 AM
     The things that rehabbers do to maximize profits never ceases to amaze me and the abilities of some home inspectors makes me wonder if their license was found as the surprise prize in that molasses flavored popcorn & peanut box. There are some things that should not be done and there are items that should never be missed. A panel board in the back of a closet is one of them.
     When properties are rehabbed, they are supposed to be brought up to the current code at least here in TN. Panel boards were banned from installations in closets in … (20 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Nashville's Real Estate Market is HOT Despite the Cool Temps - 02/12/15 02:58 AM
      Despite the colder temperatures, the Nashville, TN real estate market is starting to heat up as we are in the throws of a strong seller’s market and multiple offers is the norm. Along with this type of scenario, getting home inspections scheduled also seems to be challenging for some.
     To date, the Complete Home Inspections Team has 15 inspections scheduled - 5 confirmed and one tentative for today. We also have 4 more ‘penciled in’ waiting for executed contracts. I am so grateful.
     We are seeing this type of action because many single-man operations do not have the capacity … (12 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: How to Prepare Your Buyers for a Home Inspection - 01/10/15 02:39 AM
     I have been in the inspection industry for over 14 years and it amazes me how often I see seasoned agents make rookie mistakes. I am completely blown away when I see how ill prepared that buyer’s are when they come to the inspection. For some reason they feel that we are “Superman” and we can see and do all. It is possible that there are some in the industry that tout, “We inspect everything!” This is not the case. Below are realities of what home inspectors do and what buyer’s agents can do to prepare their clients for a … (42 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: The Ying and Yang of Business - 12/18/14 02:56 AM
     I believe that we can all agree that as business owners we all have three things in common:
          1) We are in the marketing business. This is what keeps the pipeline full.
          2) We are in the sales business. This is what keeps food on the table.
          3) We are all in the people business. It is our personal relationships with others that make people like us and want to do business with us.
     That being said, most business owners are great technicians. IMHO, this is the Yang or masculine, left-brained side of the business. Technicians are … (19 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Being Taken for Granted - 11/22/14 02:23 AM
     The chimney is one of the most taken-for-granted and neglected parts of a home. Because it is taken for granted, it does not receive the attention and maintenance that most other household items do. Despite indifference, abuse and neglect chimneys still perform their job reasonably well and as odd as it may seem, water causes more damage to masonry chimneys than fire.
     Chimneys are not those passive black holes that most people assume them to be. They do perform several vital functions, and their simple appearance misrepresents their complex construction and performance requirements. A chimney deteriorated by constant exposure to … (40 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Multiple Layers of Shingles? Not a Good Idea. Here's Why... - 11/14/14 02:23 AM
     It is not uncommon to see multiple layers of shingles on older properties. Back some years ago there was no limitations on how many layers of shingles could be installed. Today, accepted industry standards limits the number of layers to two. However, even this is not a good idea. Here’s why:
     1) Most manufacturers of shingles will not warrant the roof covering if it is installed over another layer.
     2) Adding another layer of shingles is like adding another blanket. The two layers of shingles will now hold additional heat and cause excessive heat buildup causing the top layer to … (46 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Things that go BOOM in the Night... - 08/18/14 06:28 PM
     I have a fear of gas. I do not care for anything that goes BOOM! or has the potential to do so. Maybe it goes back to or having had what is left of my eyebrows singed lighting gas appliances.
     Recently, I inspected a property that had been inspected twice before by two other local inspectors. Their reports were lying on the counter along with other marketing materials. I had to indulge myself. No where, in either of the reports was there a mention of the missing cap on the gas line or the dryer not being connected to … (4 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Nothing Lasts Forever - 08/03/14 03:15 PM
     Nothing lasts forever. Durable appliances like dishwashers have a typical life expectancy of 10 - 12 years. Most home warranty companies do not or will not warrant some appliance that are approaching the end of their service life. After this many years of use, there is going to be rusted or damaged dish holders. As home inspectors, we are to look at items of function. In other words, is the item performing its intended duty?
     Older appliances will experience normal wear and tear through normal use. Rusted racks, damaged or non-functioning rollers or other components could be deemed normal … (8 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Being a Heathen on a Sunday Morning… - 07/27/14 03:23 AM
    One of our forefathers came up with the expression, "Early to bed early to rise…". You know the rest of the drill. This morning I woke up late after going to bed somewhat early having had an exhausting day. My normal wake-up time is sometime around 3 o'clock. This morning, I woke up around 430. Gosh! I feel like such a heathen! I frittered away an hour and a half of daylight checking my eyelids out for holes!
     Oh well, I do feel rested though. So maybe being a heathen Sunday morning can't be all that bad..
The … (8 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Seeking My Priorities... - 07/26/14 02:36 AM
As we all know, active rain has recently raised their blog tally to 20 week. While I know that there are some out there who can easily reach this number and then some; for me, it is not going to happen this week! This week my priorities have been working in the business and on the business.
There is something to be said about when one starts taking on employees. The dynamics of the business and one's priorities change. When one adds employees they are extending their family. The focus is on how to keep everybody's families fed. Then too, the … (9 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Just Inspected - East Nashville - Rosebank Area - 07/18/14 06:52 AM
          Yesterday, a member of the Complete Home Inspections team had an opportunity to inspect a nicely renovated property in the Rosebank area of East Nashville. This property was being purchased by a new home buyer. The team would like to thank the buyer’s agent, Ashley Payne of Pilkerton Realty in Brentwood, for trusting us to represent her client.

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