nashville tn home inspections: Duck Tape - 02/06/16 02:20 AM
    Duct tape! Is not all it is quacked up to be and it is used for almost any type of repair that the human mind can imagine. However, duck tape had an interesting beginning:
    The duct tape that we know today was first created and manufactured some time in the early ’40’s by Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals and its use was to keep moisture out of the ammunition cases. Because it was waterproof and was made of cotton duck, folks gave it the nickname "Duck Tape."
    Military personnel quickly discovered the versatility of the product and used it to … (8 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: What is Your HIIQ? V01 - 02/03/16 04:16 PM
    It is not uncommon for home inspectors to get asked by a customer, “What all do you inspect?” There are some that will say everything. Really? According to most Home Inspection Association and the State Home Inspection Standards, there are items we shall do and then there are things that are we are not required to do. Some items are optional. The questions in this video came from Association the State of TN Inspection Standards. Watch the short video and test your Home Inspection knowledge.
TeamCHI ~ The Complete Home Inspections Team

nashville tn home inspections: (not so) Speechless Sundae ~ 01.31.16 - 01/31/16 04:02 AM
         Every property I inspect is a new adventure - no two are exactly the same. There is a lot to be said especially when inspecting a newly rehabbed properties. No two of them are exactly the same either. Sometimes I wonder if folks bubbles are off or do they just make do?  Who knows? As in the old Jedi mind trick, "Nothing to see here . . . just move along . . ." Must be an optical delusion.
TeamCHI ~ The Complete Home Inspections Team

nashville tn home inspections: RE Agent vs Home Inspector - When Will the Insanity Stop? - 01/30/16 03:36 AM
     Home inspectors and inspections. As a listing agent, some cringe when they hear that Hank Heavyhand is doing the inspection. Then, there is Nicholas Nitpick, who literally picks a house apart and scares the client half to death and the buyer’s agent too because nothing is right with the property.
    15 years ago, when I got into the inspection business, the inspection process was no way near as complicated as it is today. With agents, buyers, tradesmen and even inspectors being ignorant of their own States Standards of Practice, inspection reports have gotten more complicated and lengthy due to “Real … (66 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Entrapment - 01/24/16 02:54 AM
    Remember when you were a kid and sang songs like:
        Here we go loopty loo
        Here we go loopty li
        Here we go loopty loo
        All on a Sunday morning.
    Not that I am against happy songs and a happy plumbers as we all need more happiness in this spinning orb. However, it seems as if some folks have the propensity to get a little too carried away and start drifting . . .
    The S-shaped trap AKA the S-bend was invented by Alexander Cummings in 1775 and was replaced by the introduction of the U-shaped … (13 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: What's Your Prob? It Was Issued a CO! - 01/21/16 02:38 AM
      Many folks in the real estate industry are under the misconception that because a property has been issued a CO, everything is or has been installed as per codes. Really? I have heard that argument time and time again from agents when I write up some deficiency and the selling agent throws out what they hope will be the trump card to discredit my findings: "I was issued a CO from the Codes Inspectors. Everything has to be right!"
    First of all, City or County codes officials are not the sharpest tacks in the box and they certainly do not … (12 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: (not so) Speechless Sundae ~ 01.17.16 - 01/17/16 03:39 PM
    It is not unusual to see folks take a creative license when it comes to the installation of common, everyday items. Creativity is something we are all born with and somewhere along the way, some folks convince themselves they don’t have the right skill set to be creative or artistic. I will have to admit, the artist was very creative; however, they did not convince me that that is switch installation conformed to local and industry standards.
TeamCHI ~ The Complete Home Inspections Team

nashville tn home inspections: High Drain Loops - 01/15/16 04:58 PM
    It is not unusual to see high drain loops not installed on dishwashers. I see it almost daily during my inspections and I often get asked by real estate agents and home owners alike why this is wrong. Hopefully, this video will help you understand the reason this is practice is not allowed and the reason home inspectors put this item in their reports.
TeamCHI - The Complete Home Inspections Team; Brentwood, TN

nashville tn home inspections: Monday Morning Motivator - 01.11.16 - 01/11/16 02:51 AM
    As the new year rolls out, many are planning or have in place new business plans and goals for the new year. One thought that comes to mind is: “Fail to plan; plan to fail.” I hope that everyone has a good solid business plan in place and you can make your life what you want it to be.
TeamCHI - The Complete Home Inspections Team; Brentwood, TN

nashville tn home inspections: Penny-Wise & Pound Foolish - 01/09/16 03:20 AM
     Every home has a bomb tucked away somewhere. It may be in your garage, attic, basement or under your stairwell. There is enough potential energy in this bomb to level the average size property. The bomb I am referring to is your water heater.
    It is not unusual to see water dripping from the Temperature, Pressure, Relief valve (TPR). Typically, weeping is an indication that excessive pressure is being built up in the tank and it is the valve’s purpose to relieve that pressure. If the pressure within the tank exceeds the design, it could explode with a force equivalent … (20 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: There is a Right Way and Then . . . - 01/08/16 02:38 AM
    Folks just love to fool around with electricity - the one thing that will electrocute them or burn their home down. Nevertheless, some folks love to tinker or they think they are an electrician. [Oye! Veh!]
    The inset is one example of how not to power a garbage disposal. The soft-sided conductor is not designed for exposed use as the sheathing material can be easily damaged and the female plug is designed for use on extension cords. Extension cords are temporary power conductors.
    The correct way to have done this was to put the soft-sided conductor in a protective sheathing … (24 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Dangling Participle - 01/07/16 02:50 AM
    One thing I can say about the home inspection business, there is rarely a dull moment. For the most part, folks who purchase investment properties to ‘fix and flip’, want to maximize their profits. It is not unusual for them to make do with what is offered.
    Selling a rehab incorporates a lot of eyewash. New granite, stainless steel, flooring, paint . . . and the list goes on. Wiring and other components remain whether it was originally installed correctly or not.
    An example is this light fixture. A wire was run through the ceiling panel and poked … (19 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Live in a Healthy Home - 01/06/16 02:48 AM
    January is radon awareness month. Both the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General strongly urge all Americans who live in high radon belts to have their homes tested for radon gas because radon, is 2nd only to cigarettes as the leading cause of lung cancer here in the US. Middle TN is a hign radon belt and high levels can be successfully remediated. Have your home tested because I want you and your family can live in a healthy home.


It is a GREAT day at Complete Home Inspections!

nashville tn home inspections: Independent Framing Inspections - A Must for New Construction - 12/30/15 02:23 AM
     It would be nice if more folks would get pre-drywall or framing inspections during on new construction during the framing phase but many do not feel the need to spend the money as they feel the Codes Department is doing their job. Because they are human and their work load is incredible, they go through a property like a white tornado. They scribble down a few defects and move on to the next property or head back to the office.
    I know that I have beat this drum time and time again Codes Inspectors do not catch everything. Like … (14 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Keep Your Family Safe - Smoke Detector Primer - 12/29/15 05:02 PM
     One thing I can say with all certainty, there is never a dull moment in the home inspection business. Just when I think that I have seen it all, someone comes up with a new twist. All I can say is ‘Bless their hearts . . . there is a right way and a wrong way to install smoke detectors and this is not the right way as this one was installed only 4’ above floor level. Below are some guidelines for choosing and installing smoke detectors:
    1) Choose only UL approved devices
    2) Install smoke detectors in every sleeping … (6 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: (not so) Speechless Sundae ~ 12.27 - 12/27/15 02:39 AM
      There is the right way to do something, the wrong way and then . . . there are the ways that some folks here in Tennessee do things. I know, some folks across the country berate Tennesseans as being “One of those Redneck States” but with the steady influx of "Feriners", 'Good 'ol Boys' are hard to find. Well, I’m here to tell you that rednecks are alive and well in this State. Just goes to show you what one can accomplish with pack of Lucky Strikes, a half a case of beer, some Yankee ingenuity, an old extension cord … (14 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: 'Shrooms Anyone? - 12/23/15 02:26 PM
     For the most part, most folks purchasing new construction, opt to forgo having a home inspection as the onsite agent and builders often steer folks away claiming that the property has been inspected by codes and there is nothing to worry about. Well, yeah but . . .
    In my 15 year career, I have seen mushrooms growing outside of a house, under a house, and a few other places around a house, but this is the first time that I've ever seen mushrooms growing inside a house. Obviously, the builder has a minor problem. For this type of … (18 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Don't Let WDO's Eat You Out of Your House & Home - 12/11/15 02:44 AM
    Lenders in most states require clear WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) letters as part of the loan process and some states will allow home inspectors to do them as long as they have the right certifications. For the most part, the State of Tennessee requires a licensed pest control company to provide this service.
    Although home inspectors are not considered part of the pest control process, we must be on the look out for damages to structural components from WDO’s. Oftentimes, shelter tubes along foundation walls are an indication of an active colony. Like any living organism, termites need food, water … (15 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Just Venting About Dryer Vents - 12/10/15 02:35 AM
    There have been several posts written about unsafe dryer venting practices. Last week I ran into, what appeared to have been, an amateur installation. There are several things wrong with this installation:
    1) All dryer venting in crawlspaces must be rigid metal.
    2) The dryer vent exhausts under the property. This will increase the moisture content in the crawlspace.
    3) The increased moisture content will allow the framing members to absorb the excess moisture. This will promote microbial activity.
    4) The dryer lint is very flammable. This could lead to fires.
    5) All dryer vents are to exhaust to the … (21 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: (not so) Speechless Sundae ~ 12.06 - 12/06/15 02:21 AM
    I used to smoke. I was a 2 pack-a-day user until I pitched the butts out the window of my pick-up back in 1982. I understand, first-hand, how addicting and what a vile habit smoking cigarettes can be. I also understand how hard it is to kick the habit. I did it without the patch!
    While inspecting a property in east Nashville the other day, the got a reminder of what cigarettes can do to the lungs and the property you live in. This, by far, was the worst case of cigarette smoke staining that I have seen in several … (16 comments)

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