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    Plumbers! Ya gotta love 'em as it appears as if there are only two things they must know: (1) What flows downhill? (2) How much butt cleavage is appropriate to show when on a job site?     Just because you have an appliance or new pipes installed by a ‘licensed’ contractor, it does not always...
Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.~ Benjamin DisraeliThis motivational moment has been brought to you from your friends at Team CHI. We serve all of Davidson and Williamson County TN one customer, one house at a time.  To do a common thing uncommonly well brin...
     It is not uncommon to see "tradesmen" take shortcuts when building our new houses. If something does not look right, it typically isn't. While inspecting a new construction house in Nashville, TN I ran across a wooden block by a doorway that really looked out of place. Removing the block I w...
     Thankfully, this week is coming to a close and I am starting to run out of energy.  I really think that I am going to take my cue from kitty here and chill out for what is left of the weekend. No, I will not curl up on the slacks, but I will have to admit, he sure does look comfy doesn't he?...
    There are days that one just has to shake their head and scratch what itches and wonder, ‘What were they thinking?” There are right ways to install gas vents and then there are the ’Red-Neck’ ways. What can I say? . . . The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Trust me, one just cannot make thi...
      Several times a week, I see keyed entry locks on both sides of the deadbolt lock. More often than not, most folks have a false sense of security because they feel burglars will not be able to reach through the broken glass and unlock the door. I promise you, if folks want to get in, they wi...
         It has oft been said that a picture is worth a thousand words give or take one or two. On occasions, I run into some things that really make me want to scratch my head. Now I know that there are some folks that have little tennis balls hanging from the ceiling or other indicators to let ...
    Today’s hot real estate market often finds new home shoppers going to the on-site agent to purchase their new home in attempts to save having to pay commission fees. Of course, the on-site agent gets paid by the builder/developer and they will do their best to steer folks away from getting a ...
    Although plastic dryer venting has been banned from residential usage for several years now, I still see it from time to time during residential property inspections. This type of material is considered a fire safety hazard and should be replaced if you have this present in your home. The rea...
     I really like what earns my livelihood. The only thing is I just don’t care to do it in the rain. Yes, I know rain is a vital part of the cycle of nature and that there are those in the western part of the United States that are begging for rain. In that standpoint, I am grateful for the rai...

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