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How does radon enter your home? Radon, because it is a gas, is able to move though spaces in the soil or fill material around a home's foundation. Minnesota homes tend to operate under a negative pressure - this is especially true in the lowest portions of the home and during the heating season. ...
What is radon gas? Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, naturally occuring radioactive gas, that is formed from the breakdown of the minerals uranium and radium.  Why is it Important? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each year 21,000 people die of lung cancer as a res...
While it is common during a home inspection to encounter many different things from structural issues, roof leaks, and improper wiring just to name a few it is not nearly as common to come across pests and insects, especially large ones. While I don't mind crawling through attics and crawlspaces ...
With hot weather soon on its way in Minnesota, many homeowners will be using their air-conditioner. Furthermore, if you are like myself and have allergies you may already be using your air-conditioning system. Now, is the time to get that air-conditioning system prepared for battle during the sum...

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