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Previous Broker/owner serving Lee and surrounding counties in Mississippi. My personal blog efforts are now directed and concentrated on planning for and retirement living abroad. Please visit my website http://retiredinsamar for insights into overseas retirement.



When I first decided on an office location, it would be in a low to modest cost area with high visibility/traffic and ultimately offset high advertising startup costs and help with company branding. Over the years, we have usually captured a walk-in client or two just based on the convenience of ...
Residential Finance Specialist designates guides Buyers through mortgage maze and even ad to the value you provide to potential clients.  When I, AKA The EXiT Guy, look at the news and read about the financial woes facing so many homeowners today, I can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I am...
After reading some comments by Mr. Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, Inc., and his suggestion that the strong third-quarter numbers were the result of time shifting of second-quarter demand spurred on by mostly the first time homebuyer tax credit, I had to run our local numbers for comparison and...
I know this picture is going on a couple of years old, but I still enjoy looking at it and wishing for a White Christmas in North Mississippi. If all things line up correctly, ie., air masses, fronts, moisture, etc, it can happen. In other words its kinda of like bad chili - if one ingredient is...
  Can anyone identify this piece?  I found it in my back yard while doing some landscaping last summer. Once in a lifetime find!

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