loan officers: You Might Consider Another Line of Work - 10/01/11 09:21 PM
Jeff Foxworthy has, “you might be a redneck.”  I have, “you might consider another line of work.”
If you are a real estate agent or a loan officer and:
1)      You don’t put your client’s needs ahead of yours; you might consider another line of work.
2)      You don’t return phone calls on a timely basis; you might consider another line of work.
3)      You are not getting properly trained; you might consider another line of work.
4)      You don’t like people and you can’t treat everyone exactly the same; you might consider another line of work.
5)      If you … (66 comments)

loan officers: Hawaii Randy’s Rules for Vendor Referrals - 07/25/10 06:55 PM
The kinds of vendors our clients ask us to point them to are loan officers, home inspectors, termite inspectors, contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen, flooring installers, painters, escrow officers, insurance agents, landscapers, home cleaners, property managers, locksmiths, etc.
I had a few discussions this week with other agents about giving referrals of vendors to clients.  I have my own set of rules in regards to vendors.
I only give names I trust completely to take care of my clients and will make me look good. I have a list that is extremely difficult for a vendor to get on.  They can be … (15 comments)

loan officers: Mortgage Loan Officer Licensing - 12/09/09 03:19 AM
New federal law requires states to have licensing laws for loan originators or they will fall under a HUD back-up system.  Hawaii introduced a new state law to take effect July 2010 (Senate Bill 1218, SD2, Act 32).  It exempts Bank employees but covers almost everyone else.  A nice thought but a long way from what is needed.
In my opinion anyone who originates a loan in the state of Hawaii should have to be licensed by the state; banks included. 
They should be required to complete an education process, pass a test and have continuing education requirements.   To have … (8 comments)

loan officers: Keeping Your Cool When Others Are Freaking Out - 12/02/08 07:15 AM
One thing that stands out about a real estate professional is their ability to keep their cool under pressure.  The process of buying or selling real estate can be a very stressful process.  Buyers are sellers in many cases are dealing with the most expensive thing in their life.  Rarely does a real estate transaction happen with a curve ball or two.   When this happens we separate the professionals from the amateurs.
The professionals are those who see these are challenges or just part of the process.  The amateurs are stressed out, acting badly or just shutting down.  As … (74 comments)

loan officers: Shopping for Mortgages - 06/01/08 02:56 PM
I thought I revisit this issue again, since it comes up so often in the course of doing business.
I frequently get asked about using a funding lender vs. a mortgage broker vs. an online lender.
I have some very strong opinions on the topic and have never been shy about it and why I have the opinions I have.
Randy's Rules:
I strongly recommend using a funding lender whenever possible. I strongly recommend in using a local lender. I strongly recommend using an experienced agent and not a rookie. I know there are some really great mortgage brokers out there.  … (18 comments)

loan officers: A Loan Approval from Bob? - 05/03/08 04:56 PM
Have you ever gotten a loan approval letter from Bob's Mortgage and Hair Cutting Emporium?  You think I am kidding, don't you.  I did make that one up, but trust me some of the companies I have run across are just as crazy.
In the last couple of years it seems like every third person thinks they are a mortgage professional.  In Hawaii to be a loan officer all you need is about $100.  That will get you a license and a set of business cards.
Today I received a copy of the Governor's e-newsletter.  She spoke this week to the mortgage … (22 comments)

loan officers: Mortgage Fraud Creates Many Victims - 02/15/08 02:40 PM
The problems in the mortgage industry has caused the last year to be a rough ride for many in the country and looks to be possibly an even rougher ride for many more next year.
Those who played by the rules will be paying for the unethical and unprofessional behavior of others.  We have all read stories about loan officers, real estate agents and appraisers who have conspired to inflate prices and pull out cash or take kick-backs on real estate transactions in various parts of the country.  Those who did that should be made examples of.  Loss of license and the … (24 comments)

loan officers: REALTORS® Giving Vender Referrals - 10/24/07 09:43 AM
This topic comes up regularly.  How do you decide on venders like home inspectors or loan officers to give your clients?
The most common school of thought among agents I have spoken to over the last few years is to give a list to your clients.  I have such a list and freely share it with clients.  In a recent regional meeting of the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, the attorney for our Board said that giving a list may not minimize your exposure to potential future law suits.  He said that whether you refer one or ten names to your client, if … (83 comments)

loan officers: Balancing Venders - 04/01/07 10:20 AM
As I get more experience and more recognition in the industry, I get to meet many fine professionals that provide services that can be used by my clients and me.  There are just so many of them.
I have developed a system for venders; that has worked fairly well so far.  I have a services directory that I give clients.  I try to keep no more than three contacts in each category.  It is made up of people I have had good success with or have been working with the agents in my office and consistently have provided top service with reasonable … (30 comments)

loan officers: We Need More Control Over Licensing of Loan Officers - 11/12/06 07:51 AM
As a real estate agent, I have spent a lot of time and money to ensure that I have the best training and knowledge.  The state required me to take as tough exam and get continuing education.  I carry E&O insurance and subscribe to an ethics code.
It is not a perfect system, but it has improved with time.     
Loan officers on the other hand are not held to a set of standards.        
Don't get me wrong, I work with some of the finest people you could ever want to do business with and proudly recommend their services to friends and clients.  … (23 comments)

loan officers: Spam From Other Realtors - 11/07/06 10:12 AM
A pet peeve of mine and many of my Realtor® friends is the barrage of e-mail spam from other Realtors®. 
Trust me I check the MLS daily.  I know the inventory my clients are looking for.  I do not need every new agent in town pointing them out to me one at a time. 
The two groups that are the most obnoxious are:                                       
The ones who attach 5 MB files to them and choke the box.The ones who send from a server that goes through my junk mail filters because they do not send from an e-mail account.Before I forget I would also like … (14 comments)

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