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I was driving through another part of town, one street after another with older homes (50-100 years old) and one thing stood out over everything else. The Front Porches! They all had them! Different designs and approaches too. Some went lateral and others went for depth and all were covered too. ...
Everyone everywhere is an opportunist meaning that people are always looking for prosperity, breaks, good situations to invest or grow in and they should. America's economic base is built on making money, acquiring goods and services toward having a more quality of life as each one believes. That...
I am reminded of the fable of the Emperors new clothes. Paraphrasing the story, the King believes what he is told about clothes of such magnificence that they remain invisible and because he is feared by everyone, no one says anything to him when parades around naked showing off his "clothes". Th...
A couple of years ago, I was talking to a anesthesiologist you know the doctor who puts you to sleep before a surgery. I asked him if the drug he administers that causes instant sleep state of  unconsciousness can be considered an actual sleep inducing rest? He responded NO... it can not and that...
If everyone was to see this coming, we would all be millionaires a few times over. There are no sure-thing heads up or  analytical formulas in Real Estate with one exception. Buying a piece of America usually works out in the short and long term. Just the premise of you have to live somewhere dri...
It appears that the first time buyer phase is moving steadily along as well as the trade-up market which has been missing for decades. The high end has slowed a bit and the mega-high end is the playground for the very rich who need assets more than they do cash. It appears many dynamics are in he...
When in a rush, a willful world of making something happen is at work. I refer to it as being in a type of game show you know those shows where contestants have to do something under the gun which is a time sentence. Not only do you get penalized if you don't come in on time, but the prize eludes...
The subject of "fun" stands on its own. It doesn't need anyone by its very nature but we need "fun" to be sure. Its free, available and pays off consistently. It is fluent in all languages, can operate under all conditions and has a reputation that cannot be tarnished. Fun remains one of the most...
Learning curves many times are mistaken for knowledge. We have the ability to do most anything. These curves are introductions to knowledge or just the beginning stages. Ân experience is the next stage and that is the one that teaches, rewards and even introduces us to more learning curves. Where...
Just going here and there requires very little planning. From waking up in the morning, entering into the routines and then beginning the more meaningful or involving tasks or pleasures up it a notch. When taking a specific duty, service or challenge, we can activate all, some or most of our capa...

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