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In Real Estate, there are so many avenues and paths of learning/risking and not just about Real Estate itself but all that is connected to it especially the people factor. Getting upfront, close and personal with your like kind and thinkers when they are handling large transactions with big sums ...
MEEK: Showing patience and humility with gentleness and approachability. When in action, MEEKNESS exposes the true character of the practitioner because it is tested under long-suffering for righteous causes, stands and movements. The calling card or introduction to it is simplicity an action wit...
If there was to be something, anything that speaks ill against a person or business it would be that they leave whatever they have begun UNDONE! A task that has not been completed haunts the one who began but did not complete. It speaks in its own language and everyone understands it too. It poin...
It's a lifestyle and when lived, speaks for itself. Often we hear about keeping things simple, imagining our world in that state and then we go back to the rigid routines that say otherwise. The true freedom comes from a type of simplicity that has its own legs i.e. moves with its own purpose in ...
I remember growing up and some of all the little memories, events, sights and sounds that accompany it. The good stuff just flows and speaks for itself while the not so good leaves a trail of tears and regret and even taunts us by coming before us again & again in memory/thought for a type of rev...
It is still not settled even in today's climate of buying and selling this title post question of mine. I still get inquires from buyer agents and principals who just haven't tamed or answered this vital question. The right answer makes you a player and the lack of one a dreamer and a waster of t...
One day, a long time ago, four wise Real Estate agents were on their way to a big city with dreams to set-up offices and conduct business. They traveled far & wide with the hope and expectation that once they arrived, and after they got settled in, business would start to come to them. This was r...
NO...I did not drink excessive eggnog, over-eat, or wear out my prescription for my glasses. Nothing that simple. Instead, after so many years which seem like a blur of months, instead of looking at my 1 (one) million plus points everyday and not paying it any attention, I looked today and someth...
If there is one thing that we cannot absolutely live without it would be the subject of the dynamics of the second chance not to be confused with the do-over. NO. I am speaking at how none of us know what to do & when we think we do, then to be allowed to proceed knowing that whatever is necessar...
What is the point of having a Real Estate agent if that agent does not make a difference? Let's back up a bit. A principal like a seller, investor or buyer wakes up one day and wants to enter into the Real Estate fields i.e. do some business. In the majority and high percentile of cases, that mea...

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