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There isn't anyone you can run into now a days that doesn't know something about Real Estate. When it is doing good, it is in the news and word of mouth is about. If not so good, the same dynamics apply. No matter what condition it is in or what reasons lead you to the Real Estate arenas, everyon...
Perhaps the government doesn't know what their job is? There are so many real issues that anyone who is an American can recite without hesitation that it makes you wonder. The wonder part is if they know about these things and have been hired to represent "the people", then the next step is updat...
In the buying of anything, there is always a base model, an entry or a starting point where one can have or be involved at the very least with the minimum product or service followed by something costing more money and even more expense after that for those that can afford to start mid-way or at ...
You don't mind and it don't matter was first introduced to me by someone saying with a straight face: Use "mind over matter" of which I quickly asked what's that? I was interested and had never heard that approach before. Simply put: you don't mind and it don't matter! After cracking the joke, I ...
No, not that! I am speaking of how easy it is to go about your chosen profession, minding your business and making it work without effort. Its when we add or subtract from the effortless systems that we have unintended consequences and of course the lack of results. Unless we course correct, the ...
The Nation didn't want anymore politicians and voted accordingly. Interesting to note the feeling for this was national and deep. We the people were fed-up, tired, running out of hope and with our remaining strengths knew one sure thing without a doubt. You have heard of this many times too. Its ...
When I first heard this statement, I was at odds with it. Why? How can being ignorant reward a person? If you live in the "wanting to get ahead and do well world" of events, ignorance is a hinder not a helper. Yet in time, the wisdom of this statement is delivered to you and it holds when it does...
It is not just a deliberate error on the persons part for an array of reasons for failing to do what was told or expected but also very revealing to the person as to why they did or did not follow instructions. Instructions are the sure thing key that will open the "targeted" door guaranteed. Why...
In the everyday parlance, to know me and I know you in the private sense is called intimacy. Do not confuse this with knowing about something or someone but instead knowing in and of them personally. There is no substitute for this connection but many try to bridge the gap in vain. You see intima...
Zillow is a leader in helping buyers, sellers and agents come to an awareness in regards to property values in Real Estate. For years they have been given their best estimates called zestimates as a way of getting their foot in the Real Estate door. Why? Its a multi-trillion dollar industry and w...

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