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Pictured below is a gift someone gave me. It is a common item and happens to be state of the art and at the top of its industry position in quality and precision. It was given to me as a gift because of the work I sometimes perform. This little beauty when placed in my heands gets the job done......
China town for me has always been a place of mystery ever since I was a little boy. You see that is where anyone could go to buy illegal fire works which to young kids is like having all the ice cream you can eat. China town also is known for serving up some the best foods around. I mean who does...
I once had a bank contact me to do a BPO 800 miles away. At first, a local address came up, but it didn't fit the property description. I decided to call the bank. Calls to banks are always interesting in and of themselves. After the being put on hold, transferred around, I come to someone who ca...
Doctors should make house calls and they used to back in the day but now they don't. I know of two attorneys that will come to your house right now and counsel with you and get things done. Real Estate agents are eager to serve in this capacity and have always prided themselves on being hands on ...
I was fortunate to still be in my youth when Frankie Valli was releasing one hit song after another. He literally hit the high notes and the Four Seasons back-ups set him up to do it too. I can remember driving around with friends, my girl or even alone and if his song came on, well I reached ove...
I mean no disrespect to anyone that likes to do things for themselves or to represent themselves. As individuals in this mighty Country of privileges called the United States of America, every citizen here has unprecedented rights and entitlements granted to them. So, if you want to represent you...
I am talking about the mistake, the defect or the problem that may or may not be known. In Real Estate, in purchasing goods or services, if something that is not welcoming or as promised shows up, then all the parties involved are affected and the game has shifted like it or not. The consumer or ...
Everyone has an opinion. Some are more opinionated than others perhaps from being passionate about something or wanting to be right badly. When a persons position on something is presented, here we have the theory aspect of it. However, the reality or the truth has yet to appear until we apply or...
We all know the rule of thumb on a public rest room in a restaurant. If that place is filthy, well don't waste another minute...get out of there and forget about eating anything. The bathroom in today's world is an excellent indicator on how things are up close and in detail in many places includ...
I have a developer client who has the cash, savvy and rock and rolls when it comes to decision making. If WE do business with anyone, it happens quick, fast, lean and mean... right down to escrow closing before you can draw a hesitant breath. We move with a purpose and look for our like kind type...

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