customer service: APOLOGY IS ONLY THE HALF OF IT - 11/05/13 02:47 AM
Yes to apologizing when at fault. It is the right thing to do and the sooner it is done the better for all. Everyone plays a "life" part and the learning curve is fraught with trial & errors.  When we boo-boo, we account for our part, signify and mark it with an apology or admittance to the error played out by us and then...we move on...but do we?
NO...we do not just mouth the words and expect it all to be well if your heart is not in agreement. It must be a heartfelt, sent message to be effective. Words cannot … (2 comments)

customer service: ITS MY FAULT FOR HAVING $100 - 11/05/13 01:17 AM
I went to a place of business for fun. I was going to purchase something and stood in line. The names and locations are not disclosed to protect the innocent. I wait and wait at this busy place and then my turn comes. Me and my wife, in our sixties, low key, honest decent people out spending money order up. I go to pay with a hundred dollar bill
I am a criminal now. I am told with expression and attitude...WE CANT ACCEPT THAT. It is like I did something wrong and got caught. I am bothering someone. I have violated a policy … (14 comments)

customer service: DOING WHAT IT TAKES TAKES DOING - 10/26/13 08:53 AM
In business one day my boss of yesteryear came to me and said we are going to take turns working a Saturday. WHAT? I was always off Saturday and Sunday at that time in the eighties. We were doing second trust deed loans and the title companies would list you as a source for lending on their hot sheets. But that didn't generate enough business. After much squawking and resistance, we all started doing 10-2 Saturday shifts
Now there was no internet, cell phones, email or texts but just land lines. If you are not in your office, then a message is taken either by an answering service or a … (4 comments)

customer service: DO YOU SPEAK 6TH GRADE? - 10/23/13 12:27 AM
Many years ago when I was being deposed in a lawsuit, I was told to explain what happened so that if forms a clear picture as I speak. I wasn't quite sure what that meant so I followed it up with a question. I am just going to tell you what I know sez I and the rest is up to you. Ask questions is what I thought. But then, I was told...speak like you are in the 6th grade...
I understood what that meant. I spoke without being guarded, complicated while keeping it brief, relaxed and to the point. I made short … (28 comments)

customer service: ARE YOU CALLED TO DO THAT? - 10/19/13 05:12 AM
Many people are in professions where they don't belong. We all see it and know it and not only are they miserable, but they generate misery for others. You see this in public agencies, systems and large operations where the people on point just hate being there. How? They don't want to engage, help, or spend time interacting with anyone more than they should which is decided by them.
I mean if you are interacting with the public and you hate them, where is this going? You will be the first to suffer because the endless line of people needing your services … (14 comments)

customer service: HOW CAN I HELP YOU - 10/14/13 04:21 AM
Read the above title slowly. The part you play is upon you when you have a job to do. It is showtime and rehearsals are over. Your result is knocking on your door. Will you answer? Will you let it in or will you be taking a shower while the opportunity goes on to someone else? In buying and selling large expensive items customer service is the focus and you get one chance to make your point..your branding work   SELLING AND BUYING ANYTHING   If someone wants to purchase or sell something in the hundreds of thousands of dollars...ask yourself this? How … (7 comments)

customer service: CONSISTENCY STILL RULES THE DAY - 09/10/13 01:19 AM
It's a little over-looked gem of a dynamic. A tool that when applied delivers the goods. Even the human body thrives and appreciates a steady routine or eating, exercising and resting. It then cooperates making a memory so that the routine can be carried out even more effectively. Consistency when applied to your business also performs very well too
The big food businesses know that serving the same product no matter where it is offered the same way is very important to branding and giving the public what they are saying they love. When that is absent, people notice. … (8 comments)

customer service: GROWING YOUR BUSINESS...posting contest - 09/06/13 03:30 AM
I have started companies and run them. I have worked for large corporations and small ones too. There is so much to learn about business in and of itself and then to learn about HOW you want to run your business. For that, you need a business plan. Within the plan, there must be an action (s) or milestone (s) to achieve or trigger and then you want to know where it all is going to land
Discipline, consistency and hard work must become your best friends and fast friends too. Because anything worth having takes hard … (8 comments)

customer service: SPENDING THE RIGHT TIME IN THE RIGHT PLACE - 09/06/13 01:03 AM
If you spend the time to educate yourself, improve on your condition and monitor the results making the necessary changes as you go, then the only thing that can become of this is a better person because of it. Then, whatever that person offers as a service or to do as a living takes on more meaning and value to those that hire or receive service
The inside and the outside has to be addressed. The outside we know. It comes under first impression dynamics and is consisted of appearance, stature and speech. Clean clothes, impeccable hygiene, and … (2 comments)

customer service: CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS TO PRODUCE A RESULT - 09/02/13 12:51 AM
You can apologize all day long for falling short on someones expectations. It wont hurt but it also wont help produce the coveted results and certainly is a poor substitute for the lack of the result. Often, people use the words I am sorry or I apologize and quite a few times it is disingenuous but on the record for compliance to customer service...Again...wheres the beef?
Meeting the expectation is what we are all looking and wanting. That is the position or mention as represented. Just give me what we discussed or you promised. I mean that is … (48 comments)

customer service: OPTIMISM ONLY GOES SO FAR - 08/25/13 08:16 AM
In any profession or retail environment whether it be online, in person or bricks and mortar, if you say you are going to do something or that something can be done if you are hired to do it...well get to it or get out of town! People want what their money can buy
I remember people who were unemployed applying for jobs... any jobs and during the interview process when asked if they could perform the necessary duties would respond that they could do anything when called upon. WRONG ANSWER. What can you do, would do and … (25 comments)

customer service: A WELL DRESSED PYTHON IS STILL A SNAKE - 08/22/13 05:50 AM
There are people in every business who do not know what they are talking about yet continue to try to influence one party or another. In Real Estate, fair & honest dealing and fiduciary helps to check mate this but not stop it completely. So what happens is occasionally there will be someone somewhere who talks gibberish fluently and that just isn't going to cut it...ever
Lets take local Real Estate agents. As a general rule, they know their own markets. They can talk shop about the neighborhood, events, past present and future and if they don't know something, … (15 comments)

customer service: THE COVETED REAL ESTATE AGENT SECOND SKIN - 08/03/13 12:16 AM
You cannot buy these anywhere. NOT EVEN USED. They have to be earned and then they attach firmly and securely to the one who suffered to have it allowing the Real Estate agent and this second skin to go through life together from deal to deal, more effectively and efficiently. This skin allows an agent to recover rapidly from the known wounds and the AMBUSH type ones that frequently come along in this businesses
The second skin becomes invisible after one gets comfortable with it yet it is always there doing its job to absorb the REAL ESTATE blows that … (79 comments)

customer service: BEING A WELL ROUNDED RAINMAKER - 07/20/13 11:38 PM
When you take college level courses, it is usually a mix of elevated useful educational subject matters that are intended to increase your educational value, experience and intellect. Even if you have a specified major, they still have miscellaneous support classes called electives that compliment the educational process. In the end, you come out knowing quite a bit more than when you went in...So it is with ACTIVERAIN
A well balanced person has more of a command of their circumstances and their tools for dealing with life issues both personal and professional with increased results. I am reminded that … (11 comments)

I had a wealthy couple client referred to me recently by an attorney who liked my work and considered me a specialist in fair dealing and with out of the box or tough transactions. I spoke with these people and what came out very quickly was that their former agent didn't do their job. I hate when I find things like this out. They knew it, I knew it and the attorney who referred them to me knew it too
Now these people have wealth, money and a desire to spend it in Real Estate … (4 comments)

Yes your freedom of professional and personal questionable expression towards people in general, your neighbors, friends, clients, principals, peers and associates that borders on being unproductive, immature and far from inviting is paying off for me. I am reaping um-teem rewards from it and I wanted to thank you. I remain grateful for the contrast
Your dysfunctional conduct makes my functional conduct stand out. The consumer, client and principal are so happy to find someone who will treat them well as they spend their money and just when they think things are getting better, they run … (11 comments)

customer service: GIVING and RECEIVING GOOD IMPRESSIONS - 06/04/13 12:00 AM
Here we are in the business of interacting with people...lots and lots of people. The stakes are not just merely social, but financial and high stakes they are. We are taking the most expensive purchase of a persons life time called Real Estate and moving it from one person to another effectively and efficiently. No two deals are the same and people never fail to surprise us
You never know what is inside a person until that person makes it known. Real Estate tends to bring a lot out of people and into play. Of course, … (4 comments)

customer service: IF YOUR HEART IS MISSING SO ARE YOU - 05/15/13 11:07 PM
This bears repeating so think about this for a while. This is rampant wherever you go. In college, people are there that do not want to be there. Some people cant stand their place of employment. Others watch children and put up with it. Some guy answers the phone in a department and hates it.....we see this happening all over the place.....
But I need the money... I cant find anything else... The benefits are good... This is only temporary......
Okay, lets start with Real … (6 comments)

customer service: MY NO's ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN - 05/11/13 11:46 PM
I learned a long time ago that when practicing the servicing of a customer, the word NO was near worth-less and not appropriate. You may disagree, but I have very high and strict standards when it comes to the needs of my fellow Human Beings. The ones that cross my path.....are entitled to the best I have to offer....
Now that being said, I am finding myself doing a lot of consultations lately. Things are changing rapidly in Real Estate and keeping up with it all is challenging, sometimes daunting....but very doable. When I consult, … (36 comments)

customer service: THREE LEGS OF THE RESTAURANT STOOL - 04/29/13 02:56 AM
You don't need to know much about the restaurant industry to understand the three-legged stool upon which it sits...Wherever you go, the dynamics of Service, Food and Ambiance are at work.... When all three line up, it can be a very pleasant experience. Lining up all three is not necessary to have a pleasant experience either....
There are places that are known for being "best" at their food. It can be a little old oyster shack on a back road, a hamburger dive in an auto parts junkyard or a place known for its fresh, gigantic steak fries..the attraction being … (2 comments)

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