professionals: FIRE BROKE OUT RIVERSIDE CALIFORNIA - 12/22/17 07:45 AM
You never know what the day might bring except to get-up every morning and be ready to meet and greet it. Be careful not to fall into complacency or routine. Why? Be aware of the obvious i.e. no two days are alike making you sit-up and at the least show the principle some respect. Then, your day may summon you for extra-ordinary service
I am committed to a principal belief and enjoy the fruits of it. It is simply this: If I am doing well as can be expected, I always lend an eye and an ear to the other fellow to see if he … (2 comments)

professionals: FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - 05/11/17 02:09 PM
It is not just a deliberate error on the persons part for an array of reasons for failing to do what was told or expected but also very revealing to the person as to why they did or did not follow instructions. Instructions are the sure thing key that will open the "targeted" door guaranteed. Why wouldn't someone follow them and finish what was started? 
The nature of every activity, game or business is defined by the rules. Follow the invitation and all goes as represented. Failure to do so takes us onto another path or realm where the original sought after result is now customized. The … (2 comments)

professionals: AN AGENT HAS TO CLOSE - 12/06/16 07:59 AM
What is the point of having a Real Estate agent if that agent does not make a difference? Let's back up a bit. A principal like a seller, investor or buyer wakes up one day and wants to enter into the Real Estate fields i.e. do some business. In the majority and high percentile of cases, that means calling an agent to hit the ground running & gets things going!
There has to be and most certainly is a big difference between an agent ramping up to do business and an layman or FSBO. When hiring an agent, a series of mandatory events … (7 comments)

professionals: WENT WITH ANOTHER REALTOR? - 08/15/16 12:25 AM
So how is everything going I asked my neighbor, who I have known for 8 years why is he selling his home. I got over the shock of seeing a For Sale sign on his front lawn one day and wondering why he didn't contact me? My wife, using her intuition said he probably owed a favor or had a friend and was obligated. After 30 days went by, I ran into my neighbor and we talked
The main fact was that over the years, his income was declining until it reached the point where they started to struggle financially. Several weeks prior … (106 comments)

professionals: RETURN OF THE CONSULTATION - 06/27/16 11:51 PM
With the Internet helping out and commenting on every subject imaginable, the random opinion levels for everything by everybody will rise with it. It is a self-educating system that works via a beck and call system which exceeds studying, enrolling or structure of any kind. If one wakes up and wants to know something, GOOGLE it and the education begins
Now lets be frank and succinct here. Not everyone who is given tools know how to use them. Not only is further explanation necessary for the majority but also how to learning experiences as well as demonstrations which lead to practice makes perfect will … (7 comments)

professionals: SIMPLE IS AS SIMPLE DOES - 02/05/16 11:28 PM
When you say yes or no to something, that is as succinct and clear as one can be when called upon to do so. Granted, there are times when furthermore is required, but then, we wont know that until that moment. Its trying to include it when it is not necessary that bogs it all down. Spontaneity is to be relished and appreciated
How many times have you heard something said or presented where you don't have a clue as to what it means? Then, the very next step is to inquire and when you find out that it was a simple point, you wonder … (4 comments)

professionals: REAL ESTATE LAY-PEOPLE TALK - 01/29/16 12:11 AM
The salt of the earth, the average homeowner that is or will be think and act differently then the ones that deal daily in this for one obvious reason. They don't know what professionals in the business know but they have an awareness to differing degrees as it suits them and from their point of view. I listened in...
I don't need the money and there is a quite a bit of equity just sitting there. Why are you selling says one layman to the other? Oh, I need to restructure some debts and this is a good way to proceed. The other fellow says, … (8 comments)

professionals: DONT MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT - 12/27/15 10:55 PM
Real Estate is a big deal on its own. So is buying a car, a room full of furniture, remodeling or buying appliances etc. Anywhere where big money is about to be spent, it is wise to give full attention to the deed and make sure that this is what you or the person wants and then to go about realizing that want. These ventures come with their own set of dynamics. Don't add to them but instead, unravel them
The shortest distance between two points is still a straight line. This applies to everything we do. When something comes onto your radar screen for … (11 comments)

professionals: NEWBIE OR NOT TO BE THAT IS THE QUESTION - 10/02/15 12:15 AM
Whatever profession, service or position one finds themselves in for the first time professionally or personally, at some point, you are going to be challenged, approached for dialog, hailed, made conversation with or simply asked a question. It is at that time, the curtain goes up, and the star of the show enters on stage.
If it is a small talk, being polite, a by the way, courtesy meet & greet occasion; whatever comes forth to comply will do just fine. You see we just want to acknowledge each other in passing that's all. But now, lets look at a person who offers services, representing … (21 comments)

professionals: STAY WITH WHAT YOU KNOW - 09/30/15 12:07 AM
Everyone in a while, I like to come out and risk a little. However, these days, I do it for fun mostly. But, there was a time I did it because you think you can do anything and that thinking is right but not accurate. You see, everything has a learning curve to it and no matter who you are, that curve requires and demands some respect. No shortcuts are allowed but sometimes given
Exceptions to this is beginners luck. You took something on, made it do what you intended, and you got lucky. Be weary of illusions of grandeur. Lets clarify this because … (0 comments)

professionals: REAL ESTATE MADE INTO AN APP? - 09/04/15 12:17 AM
There is so much data in regards to Real Estate, from the local neighborhood, County, and then the State to the Country and then including the entire globe itself. You may access just about any place in the world from your computer including pictures and data plus weather and demographics too. Real Estate at your finger tips. Ah, but it involves your pocketbook too!
There so many applications that piggy-back on Real Estate all claiming to deliver a piece of the puzzle. Anyone that wishes to know something about a piece of property or the area it is in can do so with ease and … (4 comments)

professionals: LICENSE TO THRILL - 06/04/15 11:23 PM
That be us Real Estate agents. We are involved in a profession that moves people deeply within and affects their well-being at the same time. We stand ready to play a significant part in hundreds of thousands of dollars moving around and the pace that it moves has to do with what we do or don't do
Everyone likes to share personal opinions. Take the medical arena. Not only do people share what their personal ailment or infliction was or is but the Internet allows for one to enlarge on their opinion considerably. However, unless you spent the seven years studying and interning, … (0 comments)

professionals: THE AGENT THAT DOESN'T KNOW - 05/27/15 07:21 AM
The good news? They are doing us all a favor. How? The ones that do know a thing or two shine in their presence or in their wake. The ignorant or passing through agent makes the career minded professional stand-out providing a contrast not only the consumer but for the industry as well. The uncommitted haunt us all
The bad news is that many consumers will not get the services they are entitled too and wont even know about those services but form an opinion claiming all agents fail and they can do better. I wont argue either point, but I know of people … (2 comments)

professionals: THE DAY OF THE LOOKY LOO OVER? - 12/29/14 10:41 PM
Does anyone allow anyone to just come over and view a home for sale anymore? The answer is YES if it is an open house. All are welcomed. However, other than that, isn't the market today based more on performance rather than possibility of sale? I believe so. Can you perform invites transparency of motive
Why would someone just want to view property and not buy? Real Estate goes in cycles and I remember when it was a buyers market, sellers and their agents danced to the buyer's (real or not) tune whatever it was. Today, it is more of a seller market dynamic and … (6 comments)

professionals: WHY DID THE REAL ESTATE AGENT CROSS THE ROAD - 10/12/14 08:49 AM
To get the clients signature? How about to view the property? Meet the appraiser? Do a walk through?  Give a closing gift? Place or remove a sign? Take pictures? Help someone move? The Real Estate agent is always on the move (pun) because the business we are in requires it. Real Estate just stays where it is until....
When someone wants to buy or sell Real Estate then the subject property becomes a hub of activity for many with the agent filling in as a tour guide, facilitator, negotiator, host, inspector, paperwork provider, picture taker and orchestra-tor and so much more

professionals: EXPOSING IT NAKED TO THE WORLD - 09/29/14 03:04 AM
Your house being put up for sale is doing just that. Your abode, residence, casa and the place you lay your head will come under scrutiny once you decide to place it on the Real Estate market. Because of that, there is much to be done and it is all fun, productive and profitable if you respect the systems in place. First thing to do? Hire a professional agent
A team will be formed where the mission is to carry out the clients desires to their fruition while inviting all who are interested to join us. We then welcome and assure that fair … (2 comments)

professionals: IS THERE A REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE HOUSE! - 09/27/14 01:20 AM
A doctor goes to the movies. He is ready to enjoy the show when someone faints, falls over or lets out a scream or a yell. Then, someone says...Is there a doctor in the house? The rest you know. A path is cleared, the doctor is let through and the treatment begins. A doctor is never off he is just out of the office right now
Our business doesn't work that way. Someone doesn't belt out in a public place...Is there an agent here? LOL. However, keep this in mine. We are judged by appearance where … (13 comments)

professionals: TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN - 08/23/14 12:49 AM
There are people who do this and get criticized for it. Then, there are people who don't do this and suffer from it. What is the middle ground here? How does one say or promote what they do and at the same time keep the "I" do this and "I" do that from becoming a boast? The art of marketing should be consulted with
You can make yourself known without having a call to action. For example: the statement..."Your neighborhood Realtor" doesn't sell it tells. Plumbing specialist does it too. Yet there are professionals or experts out there that believe the … (21 comments)

professionals: MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN THE CAT - 08/01/14 05:11 AM
Here kitty kitty....? NO...that's not the point. What this means is that there is more than one way to get things done. Where the system breaks down is where people try to make nice with their problems instead of terminating them. Then, there are those that are so rigid that they wont let you or others do any skinning but their way and that doesn't work either..
Many problems go unsolved because we get stuck and mired down in our beliefs. Problems for the most part come out of no where very much unexpected too. Think about … (12 comments)

Remember those Chinese boxes where one box is put into another and then another and as you open each one, a smaller one is in there until you reach the teeny tiny one and in that is some sort of gift or message? That's what comes to mind here after reading about how Zillow is interested in acquiring Trulia who of course dined on ActiveRain as sort of an appetizer who hosted little ole you and me
Amazing because these businesses only have standing by hosting your Real Estate beliefs, input, listings, opinions, instructions, education and Real Estate life in … (21 comments)

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