services: THE MINDS MUST MEET - 07/09/16 06:38 AM
Its the age old rule of all business. Two people must first have a belief driven by desire that leads to intimate contact or inquiry. From there, activity or interest is given a chance to develop and what is important is that it is mutual in nature. At some point, and without words, a sense of follow through is activated and a finale or closure takes place. A service or product has just served its purpose
Forcing a meeting of the minds is stressful but doable. It is an aggressive way of doing business still needing a sender and receiver to … (2 comments)

services: NO EXCUSES - 05/20/16 07:37 AM
Easier said than done these two words NO EXCUSES be. Interesting too depending on what side of the fence you are on when this comes up. If you are in pursuit of something or wanting a gain, then you are expecting NO EXCUSES when it is your turn to receive it. However, if you are providing a service or product, then others will call you out on NO EXCUSES
Does anyone really want to know why something has failed when they go to get it? If you have a desire, whatever it is, and someone is offering that service or product, … (10 comments)

services: SEND NO MONEY (now) - 04/05/16 07:30 AM
Those late night commercials remember them? They can teach you life lessons and are worth watching just for educational purposes alone. Here, in the fast-paced, expensive world of marketing where you have to get as much bang for the buck possible as well as return on money invested. We learn that how to say what is necessary is a practiced art
Many don't know but in the movie theaters starting in the 1940's and up, they had taken their captive audience and used them to market, advertise and capture their customer base while they could. They would run a short film on a free … (15 comments)

services: PEOPLE RUN THE SHOW - 03/02/16 01:39 PM
I see this wherever I go and you have too. It doesn't matter where it is either. Whatever service is offered or being consumed, it is the people that make it go round and function. Not just the purchaser but the servicer as well. Where it breaks down is when people forget that it is about people first not the product
There are many reasons why it does breakdown some valid and some are excuses. Systems and services are only as good as the people who power them. Lets explore some people dynamics at work or not:
1. What you are doing doesn't … (6 comments)

services: KEEPING PEOPLE WAITING - 01/02/16 06:55 AM
When did this become acceptable? It is a contradiction in terms and conduct. Businesses beckon to us to come but then when we do, we are put on a type of hold. The hold or delay is countering the message making us consider to assess if it is worth it to stay. In some cases we must. In other cases we walk-away
It doesn't work any better over the phone either. If one answers the phone, then the caller should have needs met or the reason for calling addressed immediately. If not, why answer to begin with? Putting people on hold is substituted … (10 comments)

services: DATA AND PROCESSING IT - 12/08/15 10:21 AM
Anyone can gather information to no end now a days. Google it and there you go tons of it non-stop presented in so many different ways by differing people. Why study anything when instead you can just pluck it out of mid-air so to speak and then apply it? Wait a minute! Is that all there is to it?
What to do with the data is another matter which can be fraught with doubt, confusion, hesitation and trial & error dynamics before it can gel or makes sense. That is the start-up price to pay for data. Having it and then applying … (20 comments)

services: WE ARE ALL BUYING & SELLING - 11/29/15 07:47 AM
What are you selling? The more traditional way of putting this question is "what do you do for a living"? How about "what is your profession or livelihood? The point is that we do give and we do take and we need to do this as it is not practical for one person to do all things. We must outsource which means we shop or buy what we need or want at times
It started out, simply enough, thousands of years ago with trading services for services. A farmer, who had need of a doctor, and a doctor who had need of food, would simply exchange … (9 comments)

services: PROMOTING YOU OR THE TRANSACTION? - 10/18/15 07:56 AM
How about both? The subject to discuss is when you are listing a property for sale OR when you are designing a business card, should your picture be on it? It is not unusual to see an agents picture on a for sale sign. But the questioned being begged is...isn't it about the property and nothing else?
Let's look at business cards. If you were to go around giving out little wallet size pictures of yourself, people may or may not take them and most would just throw them away and shrug you off. But add a title or a function … (4 comments)

services: WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? - 09/25/15 03:53 PM
ME! I am in it for you. I am here for you to help you accomplish your goal, task, move, leap or progress. I stand ready, willing and able to follow your direction and help you accomplish your vision or complete a need. You see as a consumer, we are always looking for what is in it for me wherever me (you) goes.
Often, some products and services spend too much time boasting about themselves instead of the benefits they bring as it applies to the end user, consumer or product purchase. The person buying wants to know what they gain … (7 comments)

services: THE CONSUMER MAY NOT KNOW - 08/07/15 07:00 AM
There are so many businesses and services for just about anything having to do with everything. As a consumer, we only get interested when we reach the point that we need said products or services. Then, where to go, what to do, and why is our first steps and the beginning of a journey to find out. For some....
It's daunting and for others it falls into place. A lot depends on the subject matter. A home buyer decides they want to buy. Way before that point, they had an awareness and inquired nonchalantly and in a pace befitting to the curiosity of … (4 comments)

services: FREE REAL ESTATE SERVICES? - 08/01/15 11:37 AM
Friends and family even neighbors or a co-worker may approach a Real Estate agent and ask them to help them buy or sell something. The premise is usually that we are close, there is a need and I need your help but I cannot afford to pay you. In fact, I need all the funds coming or going and then some. Will you help?
In coming to me, you have confirmed what I always thought and that is that your thinking is sound in choosing me. Good first step. There is much to be done so lets get to it! I need to ask … (14 comments)

services: IF YOU GOBBLE I'LL TALK TURKEY - 05/20/15 11:39 AM
I can get right to the point or proceed in the introduced flow. I am open and eager to find the connection that brings us together. How refreshing is it then when I find someone who can hit the ground running and talk the relevant issues. These point pioneers, brave souls who get right to it resonate with me
People all have their own landing approach and take-off as well. I get it. However, in Real Estate, among those that practice whatever field they are in, you will find them most eager to jump in and unleash their skills. I find that … (4 comments)

services: I'M WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR - 09/30/14 03:12 PM
It's gnawing at you. You want to say what you do, advertise it, yell it from the roof tops and tell every passerby or or look no more or anywhere else. I can help you with all your professional and personal needs right here and right now. Take my card! Visit my web site! Sample my wares! Let's do business!
Every retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, movie producer, investor and developer as well as customer servicer or provider of sales, service and products is saying the same thing the best way they know how. What Madison ave has taught us is that a quick, memorable … (8 comments)

services: YOU ARE THE POINT OF SALE - 09/24/14 12:32 PM
A Real Estate agent is the receptionist, message taker, cashier, customer service department, complaints department, document preparation department, facilitator, mediator, negotiator, fiduciary, confidant and buck stops here person all rolled into one and quite a bit more too
You may not know this but when you meet a potential client or principal, that is exactly what is running through their mind at one time or another. Why not become pro-active and display your wares when engaging and interacting in the business world and touch on these most important points?

services: UNHITCH THE PITCH WITH RICH - 09/09/14 12:50 PM
For those fence sitters and late bloomers, for those that procrastinate, hesitate and break a date, those that want to but there want to doesn't want to, this post is for you especially. Then there are those that didn't know there was a contest going on to help establish a personal and professional tag-line
No two people individually are alike. Lets start with that. Then, we may all be able to do the same things like cooking, cleaning, traveling, speaking, studying, and some even go into specialty type work like legal, real estate and doctoring. However, each person remains … (7 comments)

services: PERFORM OR TAKE THE HEAT - 08/26/14 10:51 AM
If you are offering a service, product or assistance, then the show is on and you are the star. You have my full attention. I have accepted your offer and now want to enjoy the fruits of my choice. Woo, wow and ooh me! Be warned however that my time is money and if you don't perform, if your ducks don't entertain as instructed, you are going to catch flak. In today's customer service arena...a second bite at the apple?
You have to stand behind what you say and do. NO EXCUSES or explanations because we didn't meet socially. In business, I want what … (2 comments)

services: 20,000 FREE SUBSCRIBERS CLICK HERE? - 07/20/14 10:28 AM
I get these Tweets as they call them from people who can promise me thousands of followers if I click and inquire. Okay. Then, I am reminded of how you can buy "likes" on Facebook for a price. In the end, we are presenting what? What is having all these people following you really mean? I understand in the world of politics, it may mean votes
In the social arenas, does it mean you are the best friend to have or the most popular? Do consumers who follow these numbers say to themselves...Oh, this person must be good or do a … (5 comments)

services: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - 07/16/14 07:25 AM
Simply put that when we go to a doctor, we are wanting them to handle and direct a certain outcome that will better us and we gladly pay for this opportunity. Same with hiring an attorney. There are times we need to defend or take a stand and we hire up to get that job done. In Real Estate, people who are going move product valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are trusting agents to make this happen
In all examples listed above, a fee is charged for services. It is understood where the buck stops and starts in … (4 comments)

services: THE FLY ON THE WALL - 07/09/14 07:06 AM
Here we are in ACTIVERAIN-LAND logging in, posting, blogging and commenting about all sorts of relevant business and personal issues and it is just like visiting with a newspaper only this is live and has more content of interest streaming in all the time. Consider however that what if someone was reading that same paper while looking over your shoulder as you read it?
The fly I mention in the title is the PUBLIC who is listening in on what ACTIVERAINERS are doing and saying in regards to the different subjects. We are being observed as we communicate back and forth making our … (4 comments)

services: 5 reasons for all real estate agents to start considering new careers. - 07/03/14 07:01 AM

Here is a relevant post that should warrant discussion by those in the business at this time. At some point, a software application will be developed that will enable someone to A B C the steps necessary to sell or buy REAL ESTATE. Then, there are so many supporting services that would love to help the "go it a loner" in exchange for their services. Lastly, anywhere there is big money changing hands, there will always be controversy and at some point, people for whatever reason may not want to part with tens of thousands of dollars so easily. I will … (5 comments)

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