scottsdale: Mighty Mud Mania 2010 in Scottsdale AZ - 06/21/10 05:38 AM
Live in Scottsdale?  

Got kids?  
Got kids that like mud?  
If so, odds are you and the minions were cavorting about the same city sponsored bog that swallowed the Slaybaugh family this past weekend.  Saturday, 6/19/10, marked the 35th annual incarnation of the infamous Mighty Mud Mania event at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale, AZ.  If you missed it, you missed out.  The good news, though, is that the filthy fun will return next year.  Follow the link below to see the pictorial carnage and get a gritty taste of one of the local customs that make Scottsdale … (7 comments)

scottsdale: Waste my time ... please! - 10/16/09 12:03 PM
I have made light of purchasing reticence within this virtual nook.  I have assailed the inability of some to clear the hurdle that separates “browsers” from “buyers” in this ethereal cranny.  I have most likely made some fearful to ever step into my vehicle as a house hunter, lest they be tormented by the subconscious meter that ticks inexorably closer to the outlying fringe of my patience in their pursuit of a home.  The squeal of brakes at every red light reminiscent to the mind's eye of the protestations of a creaky shopping window closing against its will.The truth of the … (41 comments)

scottsdale: When the Distressed Deal is Just Too Distressed - Phoenix Home Builders in Trouble - 03/05/09 03:23 PM
As Phoenix area homebuyers look to cash in the winning lottery tickets in their hot little hands, it is worth noting that there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew.  While market analysts and laypersons alike point to avarice as the primary machination that brought our economy to its current state, buyers need to be watchful that they don't get clobbered by the same pendulum that threatens to come careening back their direction.  As our populace accumulated far more Real property than it could actually afford at the height of the market, buyers today encounter a … (14 comments)

scottsdale: As Temperatures Rise, Please Be Mindful of Your Children, Phoenix - 03/05/09 07:19 AM
Frankie was eating an ice cream cone when the world ended at precisely 3:14 PM PST. 
Perched upon the slightly too tall swivel stool that prevented his size four shoes from reaching the metal footrest, he raced the sun that beat down on his prize through the pane glass window for the last dripping remnants of rocky road.  His four year old mind was not equipped to appreciate the terrible irony of his selection.
The van was somewhere beyond the wall of light, but the glare prevented him from seeing it.  He wanted to move to a different seat, … (9 comments)

scottsdale: Things to do in Scottsdale: Yogurt Builderz in North Scottsdale - 12/05/08 02:09 AM
It’s hard to imagine improving upon the kids and ice cream concept.  You say, “Want to go get ice cream?”  They say, “ICE CREAM!”  You take that as a yes, drive them to the local parlor and there is much rejoicing.
Looking for that elusive next level of frozen fun, however, we stumbled across Yogurt Builderz in Scottsdale.  Tucked in amongst the businesses on the Northwest corner of Scottsdale & Thunderbird Rds, Yogurt Builderz offers a more interactive experience. 

Given cups and directions, Brandi, the boys and I were loosed upon various flavors and toppings (including a couple of … (25 comments)

scottsdale: Simply Amazing Modern Arcadia Area Home for Sale in Phoenix AZ - 12/03/08 02:57 AM
Looking for that no-expense-spared remodeled home in a central location near the border of Scottsdale and Phoenix?  Look no further than this Arcadia area gem!  Tucked away in a charmingly secluded neighborhood, this modern home is done a tremendous disservice when simply called a "remodel."  A near total 2008 renovation has taken the modern flair of the original architecture and brought it into the next millenium.  For those of discriminating taste, this is the future home of the buyer who values quality over the bargain bin.
Contact Ray & Paul Slaybaugh for a private viewing of this rare and distinguished home.

scottsdale: Buyer Touting: Targeting Sellers Before They Become Sellers - 10/21/08 06:54 AM
In typical Real Estate marketing, an agent directs efforts towards selling either a product or his/her services.  In turn, that is how most professionals gear blogging habits.  We post our listings and promote ourselves as buyer and/or seller representatives.  One avenue that is lightly explored, however, is the direct marketing of our buyers to sellers.
Given the sheer immensity of active inventory in many markets throughout the country, the art of mating buyer with property is not always as refined as it could be.  For example, we have about 50,000 listings currently on the market in the metro Phoenix area.  … (34 comments)

scottsdale: Searching for the Great Pumpkin? Follow us to Schnepf Farms! - 10/19/08 10:29 AM
A weekend at the Railroad Park is a tough act to follow.  Knowing this, Brandi and I reached into the bag of parental tricks and headed to the Southeast Valley yesterday.  Queen Creek, to be precise.  We knew we'd have to dig into our jeans for a bit more cash for this week's excursion, but what can you say to plaintive pairs of baby blue and brown eyes?  If you are like us, you say, "Wanna go see the animals?"
This was our second trip to Schnepf Farms in as many years.  While we enjoyed our initial foray last year, we … (12 comments)

scottsdale: Time for Landlords to Turn Their Heads and Cough? - 10/17/08 06:52 AM
There is an increasing number of accidental landlords in Scottsdale and Phoenix right now.  What many prospective tenants do not realize when shopping for a place to hang their hats for the next year or two is that the new landlord might be on unstable footing.  Unable to keep up with mortgage payments and unable to sell, leasing the home is becoming the trendy way to staunch, or at least slow the bleeding for many struggling homeowners.
The tenant will not bat an eye at the proposition of completing the requisite application, credit and background checks as an integral part … (63 comments)

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