selling in montpelier: How to Not Get Sued - 03/13/11 01:32 AM
Stop!  Don't Sue!
Most homes for sale in Montpelier and Barre come complete with what's called a Property Information Report.  That's the six page document that gives the seller the opportunity to say what they know about the place.  Has the basement flooded?  Has the boiler been replaced?  How old is the roof? 
This does a couple things.  First, it lets the seller have a public confession that the house is not, in fact, perfect.  Second, it lets buyers become aware of the imperfections before they even look at a property, and certainly before they make an offer.  The result should … (2 comments)

selling in montpelier: Friday's Tip: Be Available - 03/04/11 12:47 AM
Friday's Tip:  Be Available
Buying a house isn't easy.  Selling a house isn't easy.  I know, you thought I'd try to convince you otherwise.
For buyers, the home search adds to an already busy schedule.  Imagine taking everything you normally do in a week, and then looking at a couple houses, searching online, talking with your trusted Realtor about different properties, and more.  Some buyers are lucky and they only look at one or two places before they know they've found the right one.  Others look at five, even ten houses before making the decision.
That's a lot of time, a … (1 comments)

selling in montpelier: Genius Three Year Old as Realtor Phenom - 01/31/10 09:24 PM
I normally wouldn't bring my three year old to a showing.  But I've been working with a buyer for several months, and we could only get everyone together to look at a house if I bent my "rule" a bit.  Besides the buyer is very cool, and my daughter is generally a pretty well-behaved kid.
So I took my chances.
It was a good showing, and the buyers picked up on all the positive features of the house.  You know, the finished basement, the landscaping (had to use a little imagination in Vermont in January), the quiet of the area, the babbling … (8 comments)

selling in montpelier: Zoom Zoom: January in Montpelier - 01/18/10 12:00 PM
The reports of a dead January in Montpelier and Barre are greatly exaggerated.  Ok, it's maybe not as hectic as in June and July, but even so, Fred and Charlie in our office were out on appointments all day, as was Tim. 
Me?  I had a showing in the morning, ran out to meet with an appraiser, came back to the office to scarf down some bean soup (I made it myself, thank you very much), and then was out to another listing appointment in Montpelier.
Don't believe that things are picking up?  Check out to see the listings, and explore … (1 comments)

selling in montpelier: Was that Ray on a Snowmobile?? - 01/13/10 12:20 PM
See, here's the deal:  I REALLY enjoy my job.  Today I enjoyed it even more than usual.  As some of you may know, I have a remote 100 acre camp listed for sale in Worcester, VT (just north of Montpelier).  In the winter, the only way up to the camp is on snowshoes or on a snowmobile.
Last week, another agent in our office, Jane Eakin, went for the bucolic snowshoe approach.
My buyers today wanted to burn a little gas.  So, up we went.
I haven't been on a snowmobile since I was in Junior High, and my friend's parents … (4 comments)

selling in montpelier: Montpelier and Barre Multi Family Sales - 01/04/10 12:54 PM
Well, here's my unofficial summary of 2009 multi family sales in Barre, VT and Montpelier, VT.  To me, the most interesting number is the total inventory of available properties in Barre, compared to the number of sales in 2009.
Closed Multi-Family Properties:
Barre:  8
Average Sale Price: $122,238
Average Price/Unit:  $34,187
Montpelier:  9
Average Sale Price:  $185,322
Average Price/Unit:  $79,402
Interestingly, only 2 of the sales in Barre were duplexes, but 6 of the Montpelier multi-families were duplexes.  Some of them were really "in-law" situations.  There was also a very wide range of "price per unit", including one ridiculously low … (2 comments)

selling in montpelier: Why I Love Being a Realtor - 12/31/09 03:40 AM
Of all the places to visit over Christmas, I went home to Michigan.  No sandy  beaches, no glorious historical architecture, and worst of all, no optimism.  Ok, a little optimism.
I was asked again and again by wave after wave of relatives and friends, "Must be tough in real estate these days, eh?" 
Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't.  That's not really the point.  The point is that I have had so much fun this year as a Realtor, that I can't imagine doing anything else...and I get paid for it!
I told those waves of disbelieving relatives that … (5 comments)

selling in montpelier: My Newest Mission Statement - 12/13/09 09:08 PM
I've always been kind of an eye roller when it comes to mission statements and guiding principles.  I understand the value in taking the time to craft and refer back to such thematic guides, I just feel compelled to eye roll (at first) at the silliness.  You have to admit, there's something a little silly about pledging to be "honest" or to be "customer oriented". 
But this weekend, I stumbled upon what, even as a skeptic, I think is a pretty good guiding principle.
Whatever you do, make sure you can smile about it no matter who's around you. 
Here's what … (3 comments)

selling in montpelier: Open House? In December? In Vermont? - 12/06/09 09:19 AM
Open houses still work!  I just had an open house in the Barre and Montpelier area (the second one), and had five interested parties.  One wrote up an offer right there at the house.  Granted, it was low, but high enough to get to the negotiating table.  Still in negotiation...
The point is that you never know what's going to work, and you sometimes just have to try lots of ways to market a house.
The other point is that despite what you hear about it being a buyer's market, homes that are priced right will move quickly.  Doesn't matter what price … (1 comments)

selling in montpelier: It's Important to be Local - 12/03/09 10:10 PM
Although Montpelier is the capital, it's still a pretty small town of 7000 people.  The other towns in the area are small too.  And each one has its own feel, its own vibe, its own reasons that people want to live there.
Let me clarify what local means here in Central Vermont.  When people call in, walk in, or visit the website, they usually want specific locations.  As examples, some people want to buy a home in Montpelier, some want to buy a home in Barre, some want to buy a home in the U-32 school district, etc. 
It does happen … (0 comments)

selling in montpelier: There's Honesty, and Then There's HONESTY - 12/01/09 12:20 PM
I have a wonderful coworker here in Montpelier, Vermont.  A fellow by the name of Charlie Clark.  He's helped me out a ton, and he's a great office resource.  I was unavailable for the one time a seller could meet, and Charlie met with him, got the listing, and despite my pleadings for him to take it, is sharing the listing with me.
That's just giving props, and letting everyone know one of the reasons I like my agency so much.
But let's talk about this listing. Not really.  Let's talk about listings in general.
The house is solid, but needs … (0 comments)

selling in montpelier: Slow Time? What Slow Time? - 11/19/09 04:51 AM
Stick Season In Montpelier and Barre
I will admit, the phones aren't ringing as steadily, and I'm getting fewer email inquiries about our listings as I did throughout the spring, summer, and early fall...but it's not dead.  Not by a long shot. 
Two weeks ago I had three offers come in (2 are accepted, one is a short sale, so you never know when that'll land).  Last week I added another offer and a new listing.  Today I'm headed out to see about a listing, and then this morning I had an email inquiry wanting to know about selling her house. 

selling in montpelier: Perfect Time to Buy...or Sell - 11/16/09 09:16 PM
The Perfect Time to Buy or Sell a House in Montpelier or Barre Is...
There's no one perfect time to buy or sell a house in Montpelier or Barre.  Sorry to disappoint.  It only really matters when it's a good time for you and your family. 
In the summer, there are lots more new listings than the fall or winter.  So...lots more competition.  In June, there may be 20 new listings in a day, and yours can get lost in the shuffle.  On the other hand, there are more buyers looking as well.  Yin and Yang.  Postive and Negative.
In … (0 comments)

selling in montpelier: Adventures in Septic Tanks - 11/14/09 12:31 PM
Adventures in Septic Tanks                                                       
Buyer loves the house.  Buyer and Seller quickly reach agreement on price and terms.  Things are moving forward swimmingly...foreshadowing...
Wrench!  The buyers are using FHA financing, and, as such, the appraiser needs to know exactly where the septic tank is.  No problem, right?  I mean, the sellers know that, right?
Wrench!  The sellers DON'T know where the tank is.  They're pretty sure, but never had it pumped.  No problem.  I'll just go back and find the previous owners and check with all the local septic pumping companies and see who did it, and where the tank … (3 comments)

selling in montpelier: Spreading Gossip About Barre Street in Montpelier - 11/06/09 09:46 PM
Spreading Gossip about Barre Street in Montpelier
I learned in 2nd grade that it's not good to spread gossip. When I was a teacher (and yes, I taught 2nd grade), I tried to get the kids to understand the same concept. 
Word on the street in Montpelier--and I've heard this from more than one person--is that Barre Street, long the gritty, shuffling along cousin to The Meadow, College Street, and Liberty Street, is the new cool Bohemian place to live.
Think of it as the Jamaica Plans of Montpelier.
Now I'm not saying that Barre Street is without flaw.  But, if … (1 comments)

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