firefox: How to create a PDF flyer from your RealBird property website - 02/03/12 09:47 AM
Did you know? The new RealBird property website's printable page can be easily converted to PDF.
All of the browsers on Apple OSX supports "printing" to PDF instead of a physical printer and on Windows, the Google Chrome browser has built-in support for the same. For Windows users, we suggest to download Google Chrome, it takes only a minute or so to set it up and you can still use IE for your MLS etc. should you need that.
So let's see how this can be accomplished:
Screenshots on Mac OS X
Using Firefox on Mac

By default Firefox on … (5 comments)

firefox: Those of you who are using Internet Explorer 4.0 please raise your hand - 10/13/09 06:21 PM
We noticed a few Internet Explorer 4.0 users on the domain and also on the RealBird single property websites. According to Wikipedia IE 4 was released 12 years ago in '97 superseeded by IE 5 in 1999. I wonder who on Earth still uses IE 4?
Good news: As you can see it in the trends below, in most browser categories, usage of the latest versions grew significantly.
The only category where I would like to see some changes is the upgrade from IE 7 to IE 8 (and forgetting about IE 6 altogether). Firefox 3 and 3.5 are both … (9 comments)

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