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I am currently enrolled in my 45 Hours Post Licensing Class, which i do not have to take until March 2009, but I figure I better do it now.  It is a good class so far, actually i highly recommend new Agents taking it early in there first year because it is very helpful with activities I am doing ...
My company recently opened a Manufactured Homes Division for Central Florida.  Out of our 17 offices there are just a few of us that have now gone through training and are registered with the State of Florida to sell these types of homes.  The now mainstreamed term Manufactured Homes (aka: Traile...
Last Saturday I went door to door in my subdivision introducing myself and handing out my Business Card/Calender and a "coupon" for a free CMA.  Out of 60 addresses I knocked on 40 doors (I didn't go to every door due to location/busy roads).  Of those 4o homes 33 weren't home and I left the info...
My new mantra - Real Estate is GREAT in '08!This will be my first full calendar year in R.E.. I'm looking forward to the Spring selling season I keep hearing about.  Hopefully the market will level off this year and begin to go back to normal - whatever that is.  I have high hopes for this year. ...
I have spent countless hours the last 2 weeks working on homes to show an out of town couple that is looking to relocate here. We get along great, there are some beautiful homes they are interested in (some with quite high commission rates and bonus!). Can't wait to show them these houses! Jump t...
Thanks to Floor Time and word of mouth and now have 3 listings. A residential Home, a Condo and vacant land. Too bad the market sucks and it is holiday time. No worries, my sellers know this is not the best time but that I will do whatever I can to get their listings sold- read as still spending ...
I have been working with my first Buyer - Yeah! This is the part I have been looking forward to. Meet with the family, get them pre-qualified, pinpoint their needs vs. wants, narrow down the inventory, plan my tour, take them out to view homes, listen to their reactions and take note, see more ho...
Damn there is a lot to learn with Real Estate - most of it is like those stupid math courses in college ~ you have to take the class on something you will never use in real life. Oh well, I'll go with the flow. I love my office and the other agents I work with are great. Still spending money - st...
It's official - I am a REALTOR®. I past my test in July '07 on the first try, (thanks to a weekend cram course), signed up with a Real Estate company, received my REALTOR® distinction (read as pay more money = your now a REALTOR®), and am now spending lots of money in the high hopes of actually m...

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