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Clock Tower – downtown White Plains NY One of a series of photos I took in downtown White Plains at dusk.  Some things just have a different look at twilight.  The clock tower looks quite dramatic all lit up with the vibrant sunset in the background.  Wish I could say it was more inspiring by th...
This is my latest installment of “Sights Of The Season” – even if it is a bit of a cheat….It was just the other day that I got a call  from a client requesting twilight photographs of a listed home.  This is the first time I’ve worked with twilight photography on a home that was decorated for the...
My latest and greats on my “Sights Of The Season” series – Previous installments can be accessed through my Holiday Season Archive of this blog which includes photos from Halloween onward. Some photos are just plain FUN to take.  Santa is visiting White Plains on his vintage tractor!  After all, ...
Sometimes the sights of the season reflect the cold of winter.  We are now near the solstice so the trees are all bare  and the sun sets early. I took this photo today just as the sun was starting to set.  The cloud cover over the horizon was thick and the cause of the darkness.  It just looked s...
This is the 3rd installment of my “Sights Of The Season” series.  You can see the first two installments by clicking the links:  A cozy corner by the fire  and Holiday lights. This was taken at H Carlson’s Florist a couple of weeks ago.  They decorate their trees like nobody’s business and its tr...
I went to a wonderful party on Sunday afternoon.  The home had a large number of happy people celebrating the holiday season.  As the party wound down, I became aware of the cutest cat that I’ve seen in a long time.  Apparently, she had been keeping a low profile while so many people had invaded ...
Happy Holidays Everyone! For the next couple of weeks,  I will be trying to post a photo every day from that depicts the sites of the season.  They won’t necessarily be all about Christmas or any of the other holidays.  They will just be symbolic of this special time of year.   This first photo w...
Very often I run into real estate agents who just can't wrap their heads around why good photography has to "cost so much".  After all, you just show up and take a bunch of pictures, download them, throw them into email or dropbox and you are done!  Zip, dang, do! I wont go into the weeds about ...
If you need special arrangements for the holiday season – H. Carlson’s Florist’s is a great place to visit for both inspiration and to order any special arrangements for your holiday decor.  Nancy Schellhas has been creating numerous arrangements like this every year and he customers have come t...
Photography shows are fun for the photographer as well as the public.  It allows people to enjoy actual prints of the work rather than viewing them on a computer screen.  Since I started with digital photography online, it has always surprised me how images seem a bit more "alive" in print.  So ...

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