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     We all know the mortgage industry, and the requirements to qualify have tightened. The two big areas that affect a majority of the population are credit scores and down payment requirements. In the last 18-24 months, guidelines now require the borrower to have a little better credit score to...
     Interest rates are offered with varying costs. If you call a lender today and get quoted 5.0% for a 1% origination point (1point = 1% of the loan amount) and hear tomorrow that rates have dropped, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same 1% (or 1 point) gets you a lower rate. Example: Today...
Stock Rally Pushes Mortgage Rates Higher      While the economic data released during the week generally matched expectations, the outlook for future economic growth improved due to strong earnings reports, tame inflation data, and a revised forecast from the Fed. Stronger economic growth was goo...
When someone asks me: What works for you when trying to sell a home? I give them a very straight forward answer: virtual tours. When I first started looking back on things to do differently, and things to change to make my business better, this stuck out like a sore thumb. Real estate agents, eve...

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