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The RealMan blog is about the world of Minot Real Estate as seen by Real Estate Broker/Owner Robert (Bob) Timm. National Marketing Realtors has been serving Minot ND for over 40 years form the same North Hill location it was originally founded from. Being one of Minot's oldest Real Estate Brokerages National Marketing Realtors we will give you experienced perspectives through The RealMan blog you will not find anywhere else. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read Real Estate blog. When it comes to experience look to The RealMan blog
Our BEST Week Yet For 2016 The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.Today there are 273 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 149 pending sales. The most expens...
Born on the 1st of the month? Your birth certificate may say so but not affording to Social Security. Another tidbit of our governments stupidity.I became eligible for social security on May 16th. My coworker became eligible for social security on May 1st.My coworker received his first check in t...
While driving out to a rural property yesterday I noticed that the Milkweeds were just starting to bloom.I immediately thought about how I should be seeing the Monarch butterflies very, very soon.It's always fun to the Monarchs appear and to see their cocoons on the Milkweeds. I remember as a chi...
5 years ago today, June 22nd 2011, is a day in Minot ND history that will never be forgotten.This is the 5th anniversary of the day the sirens were activated to warn people to get out of their homes before the worst flood in Minot history destroyed 1/4 of the homes in town displacing thousands of...
Aside from the obvious, waking up beside my stunningly beautiful Bride, I'm talking about the first flower in our yard for 2016 (aside from dandelions).I did not plant any flowers at all this year but I have planted poppies in the past and they are very good at volunteering to come back again and...
Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend.Said LORD POLONIUS to LAERTES in Shakespeare's Hamlet.I really need to learn to quit volunteering my tools out to friends... and yes exfriends.Having always been know as "Timm the Toolman" (even before Tool Time) friend...
This is the second good week in a row, Things are improving!The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.Today there are 266 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 1...
Yes I'm bragging again about the undeserved love I receive as the head of the Timm family. Below are the smaller cards I received that I could scan. The note on the left side of the card says I.O.U. Beef Jerky as that was the treat he wanted to give me but did not get to the store on time.   
My stepfather gave me piles of old pictures before he died. I've been making an effort to get through them so I can pass on the ones my siblings may want. This picture brought back many good memories. My mom and Jim lived on the top floor of the Fine Arts Club for several years while my mom manag...
For the 2nd Year in a roll DadFest was a GREAT success. My apologies for not bringing it to your attention until about half an hour prior to closing but now is a good time to put it on your calender for next year.DadFest is the brainchild of Minot's First Assembly Of God in coordination with a lo...

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