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The RealMan blog is about the world of Minot Real Estate as seen by Real Estate Broker/Owner Robert (Bob) Timm. National Marketing Realtors has been serving Minot ND for over 40 years form the same North Hill location it was originally founded from. Being one of Minot's oldest Real Estate Brokerages National Marketing Realtors we will give you experienced perspectives through The RealMan blog you will not find anywhere else. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read Real Estate blog. When it comes to experience look to The RealMan blog
Why own a monster truck that makes you look little when you stand next to it? While having my "RealMan Van" serviced it was fun to see this vintage Honda N600 in the showroom. It is a 1972 and the history on it says the engine could achieve 9000 rpm, produce between 36 to 45 hp. The N600 was capa...
The spring like weather we are having is giving us some beautiful sunrises, 3 days in a row now (that I have witnessed). Of course here in North Dakota we are really only about half way through our winter and will most likely see snow another 3 months BUT we sure can enjoy this "January Thaw". I ...
I can't believe this property didn't sell at $12,000. then $9000. BUT NOW at $5,000.It's got to go!!!It needs some work but but this is a great deal for the first time home owner or for someone wanting to get their feet wet in the rental market. The previous owner got a very good start on remodel...
I am so glad that I'm an early riser. I am almost always in the office by 7:00 AM. I'm also glad I have a window office or I would have missed this fantastic sunrise this morning. God is the most amazing artist, no man will every have the entire atmosphere as his canvas... and just look at what G...
Maxed out your credit card?Put it on ice... Literally!This is some great advise from fellow blogger Christina Hayes (Rainer) here on Active Rain in her post How to obtain an 800 credit score! Christina says: "If you are carrying credit card balances, don’t cancel the cards just yet. I just need y...
After a couple of weeks of sub-zero temps anything above 20 degrees feels like a heat wave. This doesn't go just for locals, our Vicar (pastor in training) from Seattle WA mentioned from the pulpit that he couldn't believe how "warm" 20 degrees felt.Tina urged her brother Timmothy to help build a...
We had 9 closings this week, a nice increase over the 4 last week in our very narrow category of stick-built single family homes within the City limits of Minot. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was 130, a slight decrease from week.The chart above is the total MLS act...
Answering the challenge of Praful Thakkar 's Crystal Ball's question of what do I see for the future of Real Estate in 2017 I will give you my vision of the Minot ND market.North Dakota is home to the perfect trifecta of energy, Oil, Coal, and Wind.The incoming administration, love them or hate t...
We received 43" of snow in a short amount of time and all the climatological experts have been telling us that it will have no bearing on spring run-off or flooding...So why did FEMA send out thousands of brochures on flood insurance to local Realtors this week?This is just SOME of the literature...
Martin Luther King Day is celebrated the third Monday of January. It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the Un...

Bob "RealMan" Timm

Bob Timm is Minot North Dakota's Real Estate Guru.
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