A Big Thank You to follow Rainer Jay Markanich  A year or two ago Jay wrote a blog about inspections at new construction. At first I thought... really! I'd never heard of or even thought of doing an inspection on a new home.Jay's post was a real eye opener for me. Of course there can be problems ...
Your AM Real Estate Pro In Minot ND!I, Bob Timm, can be found at my office desk every day before 8AM.Time has taught me that I may be the only Realtor in Minot who is consistently ready to work first thing in the morning, Monday through Friday. week in and week out.When I've worked for other Real...
After yesterdays post I decided to do a little research on Drive-In Movie theaters. No much, just a little. Here are some notes:There are 338 Drive-In movie theaters in the USA in 48 states. There are none in North Dakota or Alaska. Ohio has the most with 28 and Pennsylvania a close second with 2...
When Was The Last Time You Could Put Yourself In This Picture?Okay, that's a really long title for a blog. When I'm bored I go though my collection of clip art and try to organize it. I often find something that either works for a post I've typed up or something that inspires a post. So what do y...
CALL ME!I'M ASKING YOU TO CALL MEON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7THBETWEEN 8:00 AM and NOON701-852-8498Our locally owned Christian radio station has it's annual fall "Sharathon" that starts on October 7th and I've agreed to man the phone lines (by myself) for the first 4 hours of the Sharathon.Sharathon wa...
  I went for a walk in the park with my Bride after dinner tonight and I had to take a couple of pictures. The first one is a challenge to Roy Kelley as I am hoping he can tell us what kind of flowwer this is. The plant looks a bit like a cabbage and is about 18 inches tall.The next picture just ...
         ARE YOU A TOURIST?This is "Spirit" week in Minot, at least in the Minot School system. Today is "Tourist" day where the kids are encouraged to dress as a tourist. This is Tina's offering for today's event.It made me think about how often people "assume" they will fit in to a new environm...
 It's A Deck!  Our new pride and joy! Our home had a deck when we purchased it 13 years ago but it was not very safe so we removed it about a year or two after we purchased the home. Now that all the remodel/rebuild work is done from the flood we decided to put a new deck on. Can't wait for next ...
WOW! I'm so pleased with every ones input about the work my graphic designer is doing on a logo for me. Yesterday I posted a color logo that, thanks to your input (especially Jill Murty, Realtor - Orange County, CA ) is under further construction. You will see some minor adjustments on the logo w...
After about 6 weeks of going back and forth with my Graphic Artist, Kayla Cote of Cote Creative, we came up with the design above. It wasn't the easiest of choices as Kayla had some very good work to chose from. It was especially tempting to take one of her designs in Gold or Silver but I felt wi...

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