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The RealMan blog is about the world of Minot Real Estate as seen by Real Estate Broker/Owner Robert (Bob) Timm. National Marketing Realtors has been serving Minot ND for over 40 years form the same North Hill location it was originally founded from. Being one of Minot's oldest Real Estate Brokerages National Marketing Realtors we will give you experienced perspectives through The RealMan blog you will not find anywhere else. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read Real Estate blog. When it comes to experience look to The RealMan blog
SPECIAL OPEN HOUSE!for MSU Staff & Faculty ONLY!Wednesday April 26th from 3:30 - 6:00 PMBring your MSU ID to register for prises! Food and beverages will be served.This is a brand new construction (85% completed) home just 1-1/2 blocks off campus at #9 11th Ave NE in Minot.
My daughter is 16 and has her head screwed on straight.Here is Tina's Sunday Column.Of course I thought it was pretty cool that she gave dad a little credit. You read that part about encouraging her to take a more immediate approach? That's me, you want it... go for it, why wait, why doubt your a...
Yesterday was a day of chores and family. Real Estate has a way of bringing those two together. I could never do what we Realtors do without the help of my family. Ever since my children were old enough to lick a stamp, clean dads office, help decorate for holidays, my family has been behind me 1...
Congratulations Bob Thompsonon your first listing!We all get our start somewhere and my agent Bob Thompson is starting right here with this 2015 Venture Mojav 3 bedroom 2 bath 16 X 80 mobile home located in Holiday Village. This home is located in the newest part of Holiday Village with other new...
We moved the right direction this week with 9 closings this week compared to 7 last week  in our very narrow category of stick-built single family homes within the City limits of Minot. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was 147, a slight increase of the days on market ...
Just Listed Today5 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, and a triple garage, on a near quarter acre city lot. This beautiful home just keeps getting better as the current owner has made improvement after improvement during her 3 years of ownership. Great open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. Finished lower lev...
 Real estate licenses are issued by the State of North Dakota. Those wishing to sell Real Estate in ND must submit to a thorough background check that includes fingerprints and an extensive credit check. (the objective here is that if you can not handle your own finances you should not be handlin...
I don't remember which Star Trek Movie they introduced the The U.S.S. Excelsior NX-2000 in but I do remember that it had Transwarp Drive. How cool would that be?If you are a sci-fi fan then you know that a Transporter disassembles your molecules in one spot and then in the blink of an eye reassem...
If you did not get out to celebrate Easter at the church of your choice please join us with this broadcast of our service at 11:00AM today. This is our first successful live broadcast which was also captured for playback as you see it here. It has taken months of planning, purchasing equipment an...
On Friday's radio broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today I interviewed Del Menien of Home Warranty Inc, Rock Rapids IA.Minot Real Estate Today is a weekly radio broadcast on KHRT AM radio. It is aired every Friday at 4:45 PM. Once aired it will eventually be posted on my website   

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