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The RealMan blog is about the world of Minot Real Estate as seen by Real Estate Broker/Owner Robert (Bob) Timm. National Marketing Realtors has been serving Minot ND for over 40 years form the same North Hill location it was originally founded from. Being one of Minot's oldest Real Estate Brokerages National Marketing Realtors we will give you experienced perspectives through The RealMan blog you will not find anywhere else. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read Real Estate blog. When it comes to experience look to The RealMan blog
We dialed back this week with only 11 closings compared to 16 closings last week. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was 126 days (going the wrong way from 114 days last week).The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties ...
When I posted about destroying a wasps nest one or more comments were of concern that I had killed the bees. I get that, I understand bees are dying off at an alarming rate BUT wasps can be nasty neighbors when they don't like you being around.The little fellow to the right is much more to my lik...
 Coming up very soon I and four other business owners are having a Customer Appreciation Event. We decided to make it an outdoor event in Oak Park, Minot's largest and most popular park. I will post more about the event it self very soon. For each stack of literature I have I'm going to put one o...
Please join me tonight at 2703 SE 6th Street, Minot ND, from 6:00 PM to 7:00PM for our Open House. Located just to the East of Menards this large, 4 Bedroom 3 bath Condo has a wonderful view of Puppydog Coulee. This condo has a fenced back yard and pets are allowed! Come see and make an offer!
The government has had it's hands in the Real Estate business for a long long time. I'll admit that some of it has been good for ethics and public safety but some of it has been intrusive as well. I didn't particularly like this headline in yesterdays Minot Daily News.Realtors in the Minot area h...
My Bride could not resist adding eyes to this slightly deformed tomato.It's been tomato mania around our house for over a month. The picture below is just today's blessings. I've been trying to keep up, and doing a pretty good job of it, by eating every cherry tomato but I don't think I'm going t...
Pressure treated lumber, some times referred to as "green treated" lumber is not the same as maintenance free decking. Treated lumber generally does not need to be painted or stained for up to a year but the main purpose of it being "treated" is to increase it's durability and resistance to wood ...
All of my social media friends know how proud I am of my kids. I’ve got another proud moment to share with you about Tina, my 16 year old daughter. Rev. Rick Jones, the Chaplin at North Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, Minot ND, is heading up a mission trip to Chile and asked two High School students...
Fairly often I am asked if I'm Bruce Willis. What would Bruce Willis be doing in Minot ND. Now we do see Josh Duhamel and even Ferggie here once in awhile walking down the street but Josh was born and raised here in Minot ND. Not Bruce.As you can see from these side by side photos I don't even re...
The sun has been getting a little lazy these days and waking us up around 7:00AM instead of the 5:30AM awaking we were getting just a month ago. I captured this sunrise on Friday once I got to the office. I'm glad most of the color came through on the photo.I can imagine how beautiful it would ha...

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