Oh Yea, Then There's THAT! INK In setting up my new office I decided to add ink-jet printers to each desk in addition to the networked color laser copier/printer.  I like having a printer on my desk so if I'm printing something personal, like a receipt from eBay, no one else has to see it plus so...
CHRISTMAS... Thank God for the Commercialization! Speaking as a dedicated Christian, follower of the Savior of the world Christ Jesus, I am so happy that Christmas has become extreamly commercialized. In the USA nearly 90% of our citizens profess a Christian faith, I'm guessing that like myself y...
REALTORS...A DIVERSE GROUP! It never ceases to amaze me what a diverse group we Realtors are. Granted some folks hold a Real Estate license as a hobby or even just for their own purchasing benefits. Some Real Estate professionals hold a second job out of necessity just to make ends meet. Many Rea...
There is No "Right To Receive" or "Obligation To Give"! I consider myself to be a generous giver. I give more to the church I attend then I think I can afford (but it always works out) and I also give to various charities of my choosing. At this time of year we are all besieged by pleas to give t...

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