national marketing realtors: North Dakota State Fair July 22-30 2016 - 06/30/16 08:02 AM

Where Summer Shines, is this years theme.
Summer does always seem to shine during the week of the North Dakota State Fair and I have to say this is always my favorite week of the year. Most often the weather is very cooperative, sometimes in the 70's and sometimes up to 100 degrees. Personally, I like 100 because of the way people dress when it's 100 degrees. You can always get out of the heat by taking time to view items in the venders building, 4H displays and more.
Here is a 30 second fun video about the 2016 State Fair
Here is a … (5 comments)

national marketing realtors: Don't Miss The ND State Fair Parade - 06/29/16 07:35 AM

New to Minot? You don't want to miss the ND State Parade.
The ND State Fair Parade is held the 1st Saturday of The State Fair. 
This is the only parade held in Minot ND and it is huge. If you want a good seat to watch from you need to set up early. I, and many others actually set up the night before the parade by parking our vehicles along the route where we want to sit.
By 8:00 AM you will be lucky to find a good shady spot. If you wait till 9:00 you will most likely find yourself parking blocks … (2 comments)

national marketing realtors: Townhouse above the Beautiful Puppy Dog Coulee - 06/28/16 05:53 AM

Our Newest Listing
This Townhouse is located atop the beautiful Puppy Dog Coulee in SE Minot. Great views and a excellent location with easy access to shopping, dining, recreation, and more. There are tons of features to this home but my favorite is the view, followed by it's proximity to my favorite store, Menards and to the church I attend.

 More pictures and an interior walk through to come. A deep cleaning and de-cluttering of the home is scheduled as well as some floor coverings to be replaced.

national marketing realtors: 6 Months Till Christmas... TODAY! - 06/25/16 07:47 AM

My son has a Christmas Countdown Calendar
but I confess that the on 25th of every month I take note of how many months to Christmas.
If you are just now contimplating purchasing a home and wanting to be in by Christmas you need to get on the stick NOW!
Your first step is to go to a lender and see what you can borrow. Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Brokers each have slightly different lending rules they must follow so I recommend you check with one of each. Find out how much money you need to "have down" to obtain your home. If … (9 comments)

national marketing realtors: Minot ND Housing Report for the week ending 06/25/2016 - 06/25/16 06:45 AM

Our BEST Week Yet For 2016
The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.
Today there are 273 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 149 pending sales. The most expensive home listed in Minot ND is $995,000. The least is $50,000. and the average is $271,413. Average days on the market = 83 (Median days on the market = 59).
*This list is only of single-family stick built homes and does not include multifamily homes, condos, town … (2 comments)

national marketing realtors: Sellers Beware and Be Aware Of Listing Agents - 06/23/16 07:58 AM

Let's assume you have decided to list your home for one reason... to SELL it!
Next step: Find a Real Estate Agent.
How do you determine which Real Estate Agent is going to help you accomplish your goal ... to SELL it!
Do you sign a contract with the hottest looking agent in town? Of course you do if you are a single young man who's hormones are running amok and you've lost sight of your goal ... to SELL it!
Do you list with a relative? It's hard to argue with this one even is your brother only sells a house every 2 years because you want to keep peace in … (11 comments)

national marketing realtors: I Was Greeted By A Beauty First Thing This Morning - 06/21/16 06:23 AM

Aside from the obvious, waking up beside my stunningly beautiful Bride, I'm talking about the first flower in our yard for 2016 (aside from dandelions).
I did not plant any flowers at all this year but I have planted poppies in the past and they are very good at volunteering to 
come back again and again. This one had perfect timing. Having raised poppies for many years I can tell you whether it is the variety with a full head like this one or the kind with 4 to 6 petals they do not withstand wind very well. I have seen flowers like … (16 comments)

national marketing realtors: Christmas Video Tour of National Marketing Realtors - 12/24/15 08:00 AM

Christmas Video Tour of National Marketing Realtors
Feel free to stop in for coffee and treats. We will keep the decorations up till January 8th. National Marketing Realtors is proud to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Christ, Lord and Savior not only at Christmas time but we proudly proclaim Jesus year around.

national marketing realtors: MINOT REAL ESTATE 101 #11 Curb Appeal & Selling As Is - 03/11/15 02:10 PM

 Welcome to Bob Timm’s, National Marketing Realtors, Minot North Dakota Real Estate 101, lesson 11.  A Message To Sellers.
 The purpose of this ongoing course is not to teach anyone to be a Real Estate genius but to simply help you know the absolute basics about Minot North Dakota Real Estate.
The hardest lesson Realtors have to teach Home Sellers is “Curb Appeal” and the fact that there is really no such thing as selling a home “As Is” unless you have a cash buyer.
Curb Appeal
Imagine this, you are … (4 comments)

national marketing realtors: Open House Sunday 1:00 - 3:00 @ 814 SW 5th Street Minot ND - 02/03/15 12:13 PM

Open House Sunday 1:00 - 3:00
814 SW 5th Street Minot ND

Come see the best buy per square foot in Minot ND this Sunday at 814 SW 5th Street. This 3 bedroom, 3 bath home was purchased from an estate by local Realtor, Jared Salwei of National Marketing Realtors. Originally built in 1978 this home has only had 2 owners. Local contractor Krema Designs has renewed this home inside and out. New appliances, a new bath tub, new vanities and much more have been added. Krema designs has also added a sump pit to insure no ground water … (9 comments)

national marketing realtors: CLOWN DOWN! - 12/17/14 06:59 AM


Cloudy the Clown (R) and Timmothy N. Timm (L)
This picture, taken about 6 years ago, is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken at a church function and two of the entertainers who volunteered were Cloudy & her husband Dizzy. Dizzy, Cloudy, and their daughter Sparkly have won many awards for their acts and Dizzy has been honored nationally for his balloon tieing skills.
Cloudy's real name is Claudia Gillespie, her husband Ken, and daughter Janet. This time of year Cloudy and Dizzy are often seen is Santa & Mrs. Claus.
This family has done … (4 comments)

national marketing realtors: NOW is The Time To Buy In Minot ND. - 12/08/14 12:08 PM

NOW is The Time To Buy In Minot ND.

Property values in Minot ND had steadily increased over the last two decades until about 2011 when they shot through the roof. The spring of 2011 brought the "perfect storm" for what many would call a financial housing disaster and what many others would call a financial bonanza in housing sales.
2011 was when the ND oil BOOM became obvious and little dying towns of 10 to 20 residents became Boom towns of thousands. 2011 was also the year that the Souris River flooded far above all previous records … (2 comments)

national marketing realtors: IT'S GOOD TO BE THE BOSS.... - 12/02/14 04:27 PM

....Once In A While.
There are a whole lot of little things about being the Boss that helps even out the BIG pain in the behind stuff that goes with being the Boss. While I don't actually have any "employees" in my office I do supervise other agents and contracted helpers. I get to pick the radio station (always KFYR Christian Radio) and I get to decorate the office to my liking. I like Christmas, and my office screams Christmas this time of year. Happy Holidays may be fine but as a Christian I … (4 comments)

national marketing realtors: AFFORDABLE HOME IN MINOT ND - 11/10/14 08:28 AM

Affordable housing in Minot ND is somewhat of a oxymoron with prices that have pretty much tripled over the last 5 years (due to our oil boom and other positive growth factors). Considering our wonderful financial circumstances in Minot this house is the gem many families are looking for who can not afford our average home price of over $300,000.



Great starter home! 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath. This house has newer shingles, furnace, flooring and appliances. Very large fenced yard is perfect for kids and pets. Optional additional lot adjacent  available. Unfinished basement has a high ceiling … (7 comments)

national marketing realtors: TIME TO SHRED - 08/18/14 12:02 PM

I was cleaning out an old file cabinet left behind from the previous owner of the company and thinking... what am I going to do with this stuff? These were not sensitive customer files, just plat maps and development information collected by the previous owner, a property appraiser.
I could have spent hours going through each file looking for info I may or may not use.... some day.... but I'm opting to just get rid of the clutter. Just in case there is some personal information in there I'm going to take the paper to a recycling … (10 comments)

national marketing realtors: It's time for "THE GREAT TOMATO FESTIVAL" - 08/12/14 12:50 PM

Actually I'm almost late in posting this being the Festival is tomorrow, August 13th from 5:30 PM til 10:00 PM. I love this event. First of all it benefits several good causes, including The Minot Public Library (which my best friend is in charge of). I also love the event because it's a time I get to serve others (literally as I usually wait tables for the event), and maybe most important of all it's a big reminder to me that my anniversary is just a few days away and I better do … (5 comments)

national marketing realtors: A GOOD WOMAN - 07/28/14 01:35 PM

The world lost a VERY good woman this weekend with the passing of my mother-in-law Kathryn Yoder. Katheryn passed on after a brief battle with liver cancer. She was 87 years young.
In the 17 years I knew Kathryn I never saw her angry and I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She even thought her son-in-law was a good guy. I was always amazed at her open hospitality as there was always room for someone who needed a place to stay or needed a warm meal. She was always willing to give … (7 comments)

national marketing realtors: Oh Baby! I found THE Spot. - 07/26/14 05:35 PM

Oh Baby! I found THE Spot.
If you are a camper and/or live in a rural State you know how important it is to find "The Spot". Usually if you are camping in a remote area somebody has found "The Spot" before you and is happy to tell you where "The Spot" is.
You don't get much more remote than our church camp, Shepherds Hill At The Crossroads just out of St. John ND.
I thought I came equipt for a Realtor vacation, cell phone, netbook, mobile hot spot, etc. etc.. I didn't expect the place to be so isolated … (8 comments)

national marketing realtors: WOW! DID I EVER FIND A DIAMOND!!! - 07/17/14 07:53 AM

Meet Jared Salwei, my new Agent.
Some times you just get lucky and that's exactly what happened to me a month ago when Jared Salwei came knocking on my door wondering if he could become a Real Estate Slaesperson with National Marketing Realtors. 
Jared has extensive retail management experience, working on a law degree, experience in land easements, and on and on. Most important is Jared Salwei has drive, lots and lots of drive. Watch for Jared to be in the next issue of Realtor Magazine's 30 under 30. That's just one of his goals. … (8 comments)

national marketing realtors: The Easter Pig(s)????? - 05/28/14 07:50 AM
The Easter Pig(s)?????

OK, so Easter is long past but I'm just about that far behind on everything. I just had to show you how my daughter, dressed up her pigs for Easter.
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