national marketing realtors: Fun At The Fair, Just 3 Pictures - 07/26/16 06:33 PM

I had a GREAT day at the North Dakota State Fair today, Tuesday 07/26/16. I was there from 11:00AM to 8:00PM, that was enough. I had all kinds of fun... even when some guy/thing was hugging up my Bride.
The midway was great, especially loved this new ride.
Not a ride for the faint of heart.
Here is a little tamer ride.
Some mornings I could use this ride to get to the office a little earlier.

national marketing realtors: Meet My Blogging Bunny, Cashmere. - 07/24/16 08:26 AM

I've mentioned in other posts my blogging bunny/buddy. Well this post is just about Cashmere, my blogging bunny. Please forgive my "baby" voice on this video. When I talk to my buddy I'm afraid to use my real voice as my natural deeper tone my frighten her.
While blogging out on the deck this summer I've often been joined by a furry little friend I call my "Blogging Bunny". I think she's to cute to call Blog so I decided on Cashmere. Yesterday she must have thought I was lonely or that we had a lot to talk about as she just sat … (5 comments)

national marketing realtors: 105 SW 26th Street Minot ND, An INCREDIBLE Home For Sale! - 07/23/16 05:34 PM

We've all heard the expression that the mailman doesn't come home and talk a walk. Well here is the story of the master craftsman/builder who comes home and does his sweetest music after a full days work. Cory Hash took this home away from the ravages of a flood, stripped it down to the studs, and built a true Masterpiece. There is no part of this home that detail is NOT evident. Here are just a few pictures. I will have more uploaded and on the MLS soon as well as a video walk through.

 Even pictures can not explain the beauty of … (12 comments)

national marketing realtors: Minot ND Housing Report for the week ending 07/23/2016 - 07/23/16 08:13 AM

Not bad but we certainly could do better. Once again the days on market keep climbing. Of the homes that closed this week the average days on market was a whopping 144 days.
The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.
Today there are 269 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 134 pending sales. The most expensive home listed in Minot ND is $995,000. The least is $30,000. and the average is $264,231. Average days on … (7 comments)

national marketing realtors: What School District Are You In. Your Realtor Should Make It Clear! - 07/22/16 08:53 AM

Don't ASSume your kids will go to the school across the street. School districts do not always follow a logical pattern.
On the cover of today's Minot Daily News is a story of two property owners who purchased a home near Minot's newest elementary school only to find out after closing that their child will be going to school several miles away.
So where was the communication breakdown? The info to the right shows that the listing agent made it clearly available to the Selling agent. According to the article the home Buyers say the blame lays squarely on their agent who did not inform them. … (6 comments)

national marketing realtors: Bob The Borg - 07/21/16 06:29 PM

Yesterday my eye Dr. turned me into a Borg. OK, that only makes sense to Star Trek fans. The Borg was a collection of beings that were "assimilated" into being part human and cyborg. "Resistance is futile". Well I did not resist because I really wanted to know what is going on with my eyes and if blindness is in future (I've been experiencing some sever eye pain). The Dr. did find some issues but all in all my vision is actually improving so it was a good visit. Further testing in 6 months.
Let us help you "Assimilate" into Minot ND … (12 comments)

national marketing realtors: Think You Know Your Vintage Vehicles? Bet You Don't Remember This One. - 07/20/16 12:36 PM

Is the name on this truck a prank or a joke, was this a real model made by Ford Motors. This one was parked near my office this morning.
The license plates say 1976 (Pioneer Plates). I'm sure there have been many modifications to this vehicle, it looks like a Jeep make-over to me and I can not find anything on the web about a 1976 Ford Pick-up truck called a Tonka. Not even on Wikipedia. There is a new model but a 1976 model?
What do you think?
I'm no automotive expert but if you are confused about housing and Real Estate stop … (10 comments)

national marketing realtors: 100 Degrees, Blogging & Ear Scratching - 07/19/16 05:50 PM

What could be better? 100 degrees, my Blog Bunny, and my BIGGEST fan.
8:00 PM and the temp is down to 85 degrees.
My blogging bunny stopped by to show me how to scratch your ear with your leg... I didn't try it.
Also on the deck with me is my biggest fan. It's a 1/4 HP furnace blower I salvaged from an old furnace that had other problems. It isn't pretty but the breeze is beautiful on a deck when the temp is in the upper 80's or beyond.

national marketing realtors: Urban Beauty, Is it still a weed if God put it there? - 07/18/16 06:14 PM

When you are surrounded by acres of pavement you might accept flowers in any form. Sure they are weeds but how can you not appreciate their beauty and the way God so perfectly placed them?
Then there is my blogging buddy, or should I say Blog Bunny who visits me every evening when I sit out on my deck and post here on Active Rain. This picture of him was taken about 5 minutes ago. I think I've got more pictures of him then I have of my kids because every time I see him I grab the camera and take a … (13 comments)

national marketing realtors: Burn Baby Burn! - 07/17/16 05:24 PM

If you are as old as I am you remember that phrase from the 1960's and 70's. It had to do with Vietnam protesters burning their draft cards. I was a hippie without a clue back then BUT I did not burn my draft card.
Today, however, while cleaning out one of the nooks or crannies of my storage shed I found my 2010 tax records. It was a good excuse for this pyromaniac at heart to fire up the backyard fire pit and chant "Burn Baby Burn".
Minot Realtor

national marketing realtors: In North Dakota Tiger Lily May Make You Want To Dance - 07/17/16 01:53 PM

In light of fellow Active Rain blogger Roy Kelley 's post and beautiful photograph of a Tiger Lily I've decide to introduce you to two young North Dakota sisters who go by the name Tigerlily and have made quite a splash. These two sisters, Kendra (20) and Krista (18) have been performing across ND and the US for several years now. I wanted to share a taste of their music with you.
I think we will all be seeing much more of Tigerlily for many years to come. Hope you enjoy! If you like this cut they have a brand new one on YouTube … (2 comments)

national marketing realtors: Show Me A Sign - 07/17/16 01:00 PM

Hey! What's Under That Dress (ing)
When I first saw this Real Estate sign covered in duct tape with a rummage sale sign taped to it I was angry. Number one, I was wondering if it was one of mine. Number two I wanted to march over to the persons home with my ND Century Code book in hand and show them that it's a possible $10,000. fine and/or 5 years in jail penilty for stealing a Real Estate sign.
Then I remembered what my wise old mentor said many years ago. We were in a sales meeting and a young new agent … (10 comments)

national marketing realtors: Minot ND Housing Report for the week ending 07/16/2016 - 07/16/16 07:08 AM

Only 6 Homes Closed In The Limited Category I Report Weekly
The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.
Today there are 261 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 135 pending sales. The most expensive home listed in Minot ND is $995,000. The least is $30,000. and the average is $264,867. Average days on the market = 92 (Median days on the market = 72).
*This list is only of single-family stick built homes within the city … (6 comments)

national marketing realtors: More Family Fun Coming To The Old Oak Park Center - 07/13/16 02:36 PM

The Oak Park Movie Theater is making a triumphant return to Minot's old Oak Park Center soon. This is going to make a lot of folks happy as it is/was the only alternative to the Carmike Theater chain in the mall. The Oak Park Theater will once again offer "second run" movies at the reasonable rate of $5.00 and they are also opening a second and maybe 3rd screen. Prior to the flood my office was actually located right inside the theater, it created a lot of walk-in business for me which I really miss.
See the ladder in the picture? That … (15 comments)

national marketing realtors: BIG Fun Coming To The Old Oak Park Shopping Center - 07/13/16 02:00 PM

The flood of 2011 held this old shopping center in it's grips and when it let go no one wanted to deal with it... til now, over 5 years later. Two sections of the old shopping center are getting long awaited make-overs. This section is sure to make a lot of kids happy.
There used to be a church in town called Higher Ground. I wonder if they would consider holding worship service here.

national marketing realtors: Nap Time In Oak Park - 07/13/16 01:20 PM

This is a very common summer scene in Oak Park, Minot's largest park. This summer has been more serene in the park than many due to road construction limiting entrance to the park to just one road.
The group below was a little more active.
With limited access to the park I think this was my 1st time through for the season. I think I will start going more often. This huge park had far more geese in it than humans.

national marketing realtors: My New Face - 07/11/16 05:30 PM

If you see me on the street and I don't quite look like my profile picture it may be for two reasons: 1) I don't always wear my glasses. 2) I picked up a new pair of glasses today.
Not a huge difference. In fact no one in my own family has even noticed yet. Chances are my wife will only notice after she reads this on Facebook.


national marketing realtors: It Won't Be Long Now - 07/10/16 04:45 PM

Once you see these in your garden it won't be long before you will be looking for friends and relatives to give your zucchini and summer squash away to.
Can you tell which plant is which from these two blooms? They both have large yellow blooms and large leaves. The one on the left is a Summer Squash and the one on the right is a Zucchini.

national marketing realtors: Minot ND Housing Report for the week ending 01/09/2016 - 07/10/16 01:25 PM

We had a few less closings last week but it was a short week with the 4th Of July starting it out. The average days on market also increased by 7 days which I can not account for.
The chart above is the total MLS activity for the week. This includes ALL types of properties as well as all cities in our MLS. The chart below is very restrictive as explained below.
Today there are 265 homes for sale in Minot, ND with 137 pending sales. The most expensive home listed in Minot ND is $995,000. The least is $30,000. and the average … (1 comments)

national marketing realtors: My Success In Social Media, by Bob Timm - 07/07/16 11:43 AM

Let me state right up front that all my social media starts right here on Active Rain. I have been involved with Active Rain and blogging since April 24th 2008. I am in the #1 spot on Active Rain for North Dakota and have been for some time.
While my numbers/stats are far from impressive by Active Rain Superstar standards they have served me well. 
Once I have composed a post here on Active Rain I use the links provided and send it to all the available sites AR makes available to us. If the post includes a video I generally compose the post … (14 comments)

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