Keller Wiliams
Keller Wiliams
I see where I can upload a new photo to my profile, but I would actually prefer not to have one for the time being.   I'm trying a new standard black and white lingo.   My business cards are in black and white and I am trying to create a photoless presense on the internet.    
Keller Wiliams
This DVD is scheduled to be released on November 24, 2009. If you wish to reserve your copy now please e-mail with a request for how many you wish. The price will be $14.00 which includes all shipping fees if mailed in the US. This is going to be the same DVD that is sold ...
Custom Business Cards for REALTORS and all other businesses in general. Quantity- Price   250- $15 500- $25 1000- $40 2500- $65 5000- $115 Prices include one colored company logo and text on a white background.   Cost of extras is $0.25 per 100 cards for one and $0.10 per 100 cards for each addit...
I am selling the Pittsburgh Steelers DVD that is going to be released on February 24th.  The cost is $19.00 which will include shipping.  That is for 1-3 Copies.   If you would like to order more copies, I can sell 4-6 at $18.50 each 6-10 at $18.00 each or 10+ at $17.00 each. That is if you would...
Do you have old VHS tapes that you would like to be put on a DVD? Do you have old home movies on VHS tapes that you would like transfered onto DVDs to take up less room? For a standard VHS to DVD transfer that includes interactive menus, the cost will be $7.99 plus shipping and handling which wil...
A Phiner Bistro is located on Chester Road in Avon, Ohio across from Wal-Mart.  The restaurant is a very formal setting and the prices that you see on the menu could give you the impression that you will have an enjoyable meal.  However, when I had dined there with a friend of mine, we had only o...
It may sound overly confident for me to say this, but there are numerous advantages to using me as your real estate agent. This confidence is what sets me apart in a cluttered market. You need someone who is not afraid to negotiate - someone who will fight for the best deal - someone who will get...

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