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Congratulations! Your home is goal and job, is to get as many people as I can through your front door to see your home in person. But, there is another critical part of marketing your home.....know what that is?It's the photos! When your listing is entered into the Multipl...
Executive Living Steps from Grayson Elementary Overview Maps Photos Features Description $2,155 Residential Rental Main Features 5 Bedrooms4 Full BathroomsInterior: 3,141 sqftYear Built: 2006MLS #: 5912535 Location 551 Pine Grove AvenueGrayson, GA 30017USA Thom Abbott Thomas Ramon [email protect...
I feel like so many days my engines look like the second picture in Anna Banana Kruchten,CRS,CRB,GRI post!I am constantly working to keep my engines lined up!Are you?    A speaker that Mr Banana and I listen to quite often has talked about lining up your engines instead of having them go off in a...
I can sing this song...and I should not be. Listed a condo for a previous buyer client. His parents purchased it, and put it in his name. He's a computer science geek, and knows more about numbers and real estate than I do.....and has no mortgage so his "carrying costs are low and I don't want to...
As a Seller of real estate (that being your home), you need to have the "right buyer" for your home. What exactly is a "right buyer?"Well finding the right buyer has much to do with how your home is priced. Think of it like a 14-day rule. Most homes will receive an offer within 14 days of listing...
Viewpoint Midtown -- One Bedroom 16th Floor Overview Maps Photos Features Description Neighborhood Market Stats $240,500 Condominium Main Features 1 Bedroom1 Full BathroomInterior: 620 sqftYear Built: 2008MLS #: 5881625 Location 855 Peachtree Street NE1615Atlanta, GA 30308USA Thom Abbott Thomas ...
Your real estate professional did all the work with staging and marketing your home For Sale. You've got that contract!!! Now comes the home inspection! YIKES!!! This is the guy that will kill the deal! Well, no, he/she shouldn't be! Depending on how your real estate professional prepared you and...
When you get an email explaining your offer, it can go two ways. 1) It can be a heartfelt "OMG we LOVE this home and we JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT" email with why you are asking for any number of things....i.e. quick closing, asking over list price, waiving contingencies, etc, etc.)Or.....2) "My buyer ...
Don't you just love a headline that catches your attention? You're already thinking crazy thoughts...I can hear them from here! Lenders are starting to do crazy things again? Interest rates going up and Buyers can't qualify for as much? A particular lender has not followed up and a deal is lookin...
Here is the perfect example of how a headline can catch your attention in a big way!I have Google Alerts set up for a number of things, but one of them is for "midtown atlanta." This brings stories, news and events to my attention that I might otherwise miss. Plaza Midtown Sells for $32M -- Say W...

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