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I can remember as a kid, living on the ranch in Montana...we had 3 TV channels to watch. And sometimes 2 of them had the same show on them. My Mom wanted a private line, and paid a ton of money to have one installed. (We had a party line, and shared it with 3 or 4 other homes...can you EVEN imagi...
This post originally appeared at  There are numerous things in your lifestyle and daily routine that will change when you live in a condo. I'd like to say that 99% of them are all good, but there might me some aspects that require some adjustment. One might be picking up your ma...
Let's face it. Be it your car, or even your laptop, we often forget that things need maintenance. Right? An oil change, a disk cleanup.I find that many people that live a condominium life-style, take maintenance issues for granted. If you've owned a single family home, but then moved to a condo, ...
Cornerstone Village Historic Manor House FOR SALE Overview Maps Photos Features Description Neighborhood Market Stats $175,000 Condominium Main Features 1 Bedroom1 Bathroom310 UnitsInterior: 891 sqftYear Built: 1940MLS #: 5628261 Location 800 Peachtree Street, NE203Atlanta, GA 30308USA Thom Abbo...
As your real estate consultant, it's my role to understand your needs, be your negotiator, and handle all the details of your transition. (I like the word transition instead of transaction!)  In doing all of these roles, I ask questions. But sometimes, I get an all to familiar response....Why Are...
The article that Susan references at the Harvard Business Review has some great tips! EVERNOTE -- LOVE can take a photo of someone's business card right when you meet them and BAM,  you have all their info. (Ocassionally the camera does not read all the info correctly and you have to m...
Well Said! I've got a pretty extensive Business Plan. Maybe it's to much? I don't see to accomplish 1/4 of it. It's all posted on my office wall. But it has always been on a wall that is hidden when the office door is open. I'm looking to change things up for 2016. That means one wall may not loo...
This post originally appeared at MyMidtownMojo.comEveryday when I'm working with Midtown Atlanta condo buyers, part of our conversation is about the monthly HOA fee that is required when you own a condominium. Indeed, some buildings it can me quite an expense, and it is based on the size of your ...
Here is some AWESOME SAUCE from Melissa! In 2016 I want to triple my production!  It’s that time of year when many of us want to get geared up to start 2016 off with a bang. I’m excited about 2016. I’ve got some personal goals, some projects I want to finish, and I’d really like to be able to do ...
This article originally appeared at As a real estate broker, I've been helping Buyers buy homes and condos for over 10 years now. And I love what I do. But because I do it every day of the week, much of the process is second nature to me. Ah...but that does not mean it is to you...

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