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Today I had a real joy talking to one of my past clients on the phone. I had called her a couple days ago to see if I could stop off, to see how things were going, and hadn't gotten a call back until today. It seems my client, being from Arizona, had never been to the ocean, and her son had taken...
Are you a buyer that has had problems in the past, and your credit score has suffered for it, but you still want to be a part of the American Dream and own your own home? Then how about having someone on your side who would like to help you repair your credit and get you into a home. I will tell ...
Last night, one of my clients decided that after the inspection, based on the watermarks on the sump pumphome, they were scared that the home may one day flood and with their luck, it just wasn't worth the risk. They decided a home in a possible flood plain was too much risk for them. But, I had ...
I love Halloween and not just because I have to test candy to make sure it isn't dangerous. As all parents now the most dangerous candies are Butter Fingers, Chocolate Malt balls and Kit Kats. But you also get the chance to have fun with the kids, even if they don't always like you taken pictures...
Sometimes a pile leaves can be used for more than just a compost pile, as our puppy figured out real quickafter a long day of playing with the kids.Todd Clark - brokerKastings & AssociatesPhone: (503)524-9494Fax: (503)622-8739Todd@IFoundYourNewHome.com UPDATE: We ...
Well, I got another call today from a friend of mine who hasn't made the jump to owning a home and is planning a move back... home? Don't ask me how they can handle that at almost 40, but mom's basement must be fun! Now, the call goes something like this... Friend: What you doing this weekend? Me...
I've told my daughter that the tooth fairy has rules just like banks. She thinks I am pulling her leg, which I would never do! She started to lose another baby tooth last night and I told her that if she lost it after 5pm, like all banks, all transactions after 5pm have to wait until the next bus...
Every year, I sit down with my family, and we set a goal for sales that I need to reach. When I reach that goal, we go on a family vacation. We take a picture of that goal and put it on my bedroom door and my bathroom mirror. This reminds me as I go to bed and when I get up what my goals are and ...
My kids, loving fire trucks, thought this was the coolest thing seeing all these fire trucks pass us, but they wanted to know where they were all going. Neither my wife, nor I, had any idea, and so when we got home we decided to go to a local news channel and see if there was a large fire that we...
Commonwealth Lake Park in Beaverton, Oregon is another attraction in Beaverton that the whole family can enjoy. The park is hidden within a neighborhood and is really difficult to find, and unless you know its there, you would never find it.  But, with its trout filled lake, walking paths, playgr...

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