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Saturday, December 1st marks our 5th annual breakfast with Santa. You see, every year Washington Square mall in Tigard, Oregon opens it doors early, and for $5 each they open the food court and cook up a great buffet style breakfast.About 30 minutes after breakfast is served, Mrs. Claus shows up ...
Can you believe this call, especially on a day like today when my head hurt, my back hurt (because I sneezed), and I just didn't feel good already. Someone called me out of the blue, and dared to tell me I was old!Why did they do this? They dared asked me if I was coming to my 20 year high school...
Have you ever wondered how to better multi task? I figured out a way, a long time ago, that I could write more blogs in a shorter amount of time. One of the ways I used my time was to blog was at open houses. I would write a blog, or ten, when it was an extra slow open house.The second way was wh...
Recently I've read some great articles about Xerox offering to send cards to service men, but what about their families here back in Oregon who's incomes have been cut by their spouses being over seas?What is Oregon doing about that? Well thanks to a local talk show host Lars Larson, we have the ...
For the last couple months, Jason Crouch and I have been getting to know each other on Active Rain, and we started to notice things that were strangely similar about each of us. So, today I decided to give him a call, after finding out he was a fellow home schooling parent.It was fascinating putt...
Well I'm happy to announce that I've done it! You've heard of Viagra and Enzyte that claim to get you up for the occasion or make you bigger over time, making you more impressive to your spouse, and can make your neighbors jealous.Well I'm happy to announce for only $19.95, I have come out with a...
Yep, I've reached another milestone, and the calluses on my fingers are getting tougher, but I'm still bleeding from my fingertips thanks to Active Rain. Today I'm writing about that oh so big milestone of mine, myWhat has my time here at Active Rain taught me? Its taught me about phone prospecti...
For those of you who don't know what a smoker is, it is a way of cooking your food over 12 hours instead of 12 minutes. The slow cooking actually adds to its flavor.So what does this have to do with your prospecting lists? Well if you think about your prospecting list as a smoker, you can have a ...
Why do I say this is a scam? In some states the banks won't allow you to purchase the home at a discount with the intent of selling it back to the person in default. It is mortgage fraud!The second reason is, even if it isn't written into the deed that they buyer can't sell it back to you, the co...
Early today I had a call out of the blue on, what I thought, was the blog I posted early today about lease options. What it was really about was a blog on lease options that I commented on in May on another blogging site that I used to write on a lot.You see this person was calling everyone who h...

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