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Saturday, December 1st marks our 5th annual breakfast with Santa. You see, every year Washington Square mall in Tigard, Oregon opens it doors early, and for $5 each they open the food court and cook up a great buffet style breakfast. About 30 minutes after breakfast is served, Mrs. Claus shows up...
Can you believe this call, especially on a day like today when my head hurt, my back hurt (because I sneezed), and I just didn't feel good already. Someone called me out of the blue, and dared to tell me I was old! Why did they do this? They dared asked me if I was coming to my 20 year high schoo...
Recently I've read some great articles about Xerox offering to send cards to service men, but what about their families here back in Oregon who's incomes have been cut by their spouses being over seas? What is Oregon doing about that? Well thanks to a local talk show host Lars Larson, we have the...
Why do I say this is a scam? In some states the banks won't allow you to purchase the home at a discount with the intent of selling it back to the person in default. It is mortgage fraud! The second reason is, even if it isn't written into the deed that they buyer can't sell it back to you, the c...
Recently, here in Oregon, we had a lady that was finding vacant homes that were for sale and posing as the owner. She was advertising that she was doing lease options and meeting potential buyers at the home. She would collect a large upfront option fee and first months rent and let them move in....
I am kind of in charge of getting a condo conversion project sold in Tigard, Oregon, and in 1 month's time we had about 30 showings and two offers. Not bad, since the only home we had to show them was the model, and if they put an offer in, then we put the finishing touches on the unit they would...
I was talking to a client today and she said, "When I think of you, this is what comes to mind." I had to laugh. She said, "So many people are never willing to think out of the box and when they die, you have to wonder if they regret it. With you I'm never worried about that, you are always think...
Winter is coming to Oregon and so is the freezing rain. If you have trees around your house, you know when the freezing rain hits, some of those limbs will be coming down from the weight of the ice hanging off of them. Now, if those limbs are above your home, then you and your family are in dange...
I'm thankful for my health, which gives me the opportunity to enjoy and be thankful for everything else on my list!                        I'm thankful for the most wonderful family I can ask for. Smart, wonderful, healthy children, and a wife who is willing to stand behind me in any decision I m...
Most of my clients are first time home buyers, that at one time or another had a home ownership dream. But that dream was crushed, either by another agent or a mortgage broker that told them "NO, you can't own a home at this time".That is when they found me, an agent that wanted to be their dream...

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