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This Saturday I will be helping my son’s Cub Scout troop by driving the trailer as we go house to house with bags for families in the Tigard / Beaverton area off Borrows road looking for food donations. We ask that if you aren’t going to be able to be home to stop off at 9:30 at the Godfathers o...
You could stay on the valley floor, but the smart ones know being the king of your own mountain is where you really want to be. You can see your competitors and where your business is coming from. Are you the king of your mountain or looking around on the valley floor nervously?  
Winter is here, but that doesn't mean the demand for blood donations is going down the fact is it is actually going up. The finally couple weeks of summer can actually be one of the biggest times for the need for blood. Families are doing a lot of holiday shopping and that means a lot more poepl...
I know we are told not to get to personal because this is business. I still prefer to talk about my family, my friends and my everyday activities, but why? Well, I’m here to make money and by sharing more about me, I’m making friends and the only way to do that is to open up and share more about...
This was a door handle on a fort that was built in the 1800 in Utah and I have to say it fascinated me knowing that this door handle was handmade. To me it had personality, it had depth, it was something that had pride. Today, we don’t see door handles like this anymore to which I think it is a ...
I was talking to an agent before I went on vacation and he was complaining about a client that kept walking away from deals because he had a friend who kept giving him real estate advice. We have all had this happen, and though it is frustrating, it is something we have to overcome. How do you d...
There are many fine restaurants out there and don’t get me wrong I love Sonic, Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King and most of the fast food restaurants. But, these places are more known for having a drive-thru, they have limited menus and you can get in and out quickly. I like to think of myself more ...
I love dogs, let’s get that out of the way right away. I’ve owned many over my life and I know one day I will own another one. Probably an English Bull dog or a Basset Hound, I just think they have so much personality in their faces. But, when you are selling a home with a dog, there are some ru...
This chart below breaks down Beaverton Oregon Real Estate homes sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 11/26/2010. Here is a breakdown of real estate homes sales in Beaverton, Oregon for the week broken down by neighborhood. Just click on the link to your neighborhood for the complete breakd...
This chart below breaks down Tigard Oregon Real Estate home sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 11/26/2010. Sales have been off since last year but, but still there is hope on the horizon as more and more buyers are realizing the deal that are to be had because of falling home prices. Her...

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