rmls: Search all available homes in and around Beaverton - 03/31/11 07:41 AM

One think I love about Beaverton, Oregon and all of Washington County is that when you live here you can have a sense of pride. I've noticed a lot when people say, "Oh, you live in Portland?" The people who live in Washington County pipe right up and say "No, we live in Beaverton, just outside Portland" or Tigard, Hillsboro, it doesn't matter, we have a pride here and we don't want to be associated with another town even if is bigger, we are proud of where we live... Are you?

rmls: Yes, even you big banks can’t change the contract at the closing table - 03/06/11 01:38 PM

Well, Friday was a good day, my client finally got the keys to her new house, but it wasn’t easy. The delay in close was because the bank on this foreclosure was refusing to sign the settlement statement. They said they were refusing to sign and to pay the buyers prepaids despite us putting that in the contract and them agreeing to it. They thought my client would fold and bring in the extra $1,800 netting them more, they were wrong!

How did we get the bank to finally play ball? The buyer advised me to send a letter … (25 comments)

rmls: We had a little surprise this morning when we woke up - 02/16/11 06:09 PM

It was 8am, we were getting up late as we decided to watch a movie after the kids went to bed, but when we walked out our bedroom door, we knew there was something different. We had our twelve year old daughter standing there all excited saying, “In the sun he melted, melted, in the sun he melted…”

That is from a song they learned when they were in primary at church called, “Once there was a snowman”. So, we knew we clearly had a snow event on our hands during night or early morning and the kids … (17 comments)

rmls: Beaverton, Oregon and Beyond from Todd’s Eyes - A nice winter's day - 12/04/10 08:59 AM

What makes a good winter day in Beaverton, Oregon real estate? When you can look out your front windshield see nothing but sunshine and a clear lane of traffic. We get a lot of rain during the winter months and that sometimes affects traffic. So when you get a day like this, it makes it a pleasant surprise that I’ll take anytime.


rmls: Is finding the perfect home as easy as picking out a pumpkin? - 10/18/10 02:07 PM

As I watched my kids today pick out pumpkins I thought about how they looked at each one from top to bottom, looked for the requirements they were looking for in a pumpkin until they found the exact one they wanted. THEN IT WAS TIME TO PUT THE SOLD SIGN UP! (Or in this case put it in the wheelbarrow) 

Can home buying really be this simple as well? In my opinion if you find the right agent to work with it should be like finding the right pumpkin. You have fun, enjoy the search and then get … (25 comments)

rmls: Big agencies are closing, little offices are closing, who do I hire to list my home? - 05/25/10 07:02 AM

Big agencies are closing, little offices are closing, who do I hire to list my home? This is a question I get asked all the time and I’ve worked for both big companies and little offices. For me personally as someone who goes out of my way to market my properties, I didn’t need a big company, the fact is it was a hindrance.
But, many who work for big companies will tell you the exact opposite. They have thousands of agents worldwide that they can market your home to. I say hogwash to that as well! The simple … (19 comments)

rmls: Donate blood today in and around Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon - 04/26/10 07:12 AM

I can tell you that instead of planning a vacation which can make you feel good for a few days, why not do something that can make you feel good forever and only takes a couple hours? That is right, donate blood! If you are planning your summer vacation, stop right now, take 3 minutes and plan to give blood and then go back to planning the vacation.

Donating blood is quick, easy and like I said only takes a couple hours. Then if you do that and then take your vacation, imagine how good you … (18 comments)

rmls: The Holidays are here, why not give the gift of life: Donate Blood! - 11/23/09 03:05 AM

When is the best time to give blood? The answer to that is anytime! Anytime you can donate blood, there will always bee someone who could use it.
But, as the holidays approach, why not give the best gift of all, the gift of life! My personal story is 20 years ago this year my dad had a liver transplant due to a rare liver problem/ Thanks to someones donation of that liver and the blood transfusions needed during that surgery, I am happy to say my dad will be celebrating a 20th extra Christmas with us this year.

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