social media: Social Media… Activerain now makes it easier than ever to share our posts! - 08/15/11 04:34 AM
OK, I love the new buttons next to our title of our posts! This new feature is awesome and really brings Activerain to the forefront of social media and blogging. Personally, I never thought it would have been that nice to have them all right there until I posted one of my newest posts to Google this morning!
  So, thank you Active rain for your newest upgrade and I do also have to say thanks for the stability lately, though a few couple glitches, the downtime has been significantly less than it was just a few months ago. (Even though … (5 comments)

social media: Are you twittering too much to get business and referrals? - 04/16/11 05:37 AM

Are you twittering too much to get business and referrals? I usually put up about 10 tweets a day other than when I responding to people when I’m on the road. But, I do see agents chatting to each other online and some of the feeds go for hours!
But, when I was online and read this on someone’s status update, I had to wonder if these agents were doing themselves disservices by being online so much?

You see, I found this because I had a search set up on Twitter for people in Oregon who were looking to … (49 comments)

social media: Well it has been a busy week for me and my team and we are looking to grow! - 01/18/11 06:25 PM

Buyer’s broker needed! Are you looking to take your business to new heights in 2011? Are you a self motivator? Are you someone who understands social media or is willing to learn how to incorporate it into your business?
Then I may have the opportunity for you! Over the next 2 weeks we are hiring two more buyers’ agents to join our team. If you think this is something that you are interested in, give me a call and set up an appointment for a meeting. Experience isn’t a necessity, but the willingness to work hard, have fun, be a … (13 comments)

social media: How much is too much… Follow up to “Did you know your iPhone can help get you robbed?” - 11/22/10 06:02 AM

Yesterday I wrote a post called “Did you know your iPhone can help get you robbed?” and it brings up a good question… How much information is too much information? I have heard the argument from people that they don’t want to use Twitter and Facebook because “Well, why would someone want to know I’m going to the bathroom?”

The answer to that is, they don’t! But, your friends and family do want to know what you are up to, what you are doing at work, job promotions. In real estate, people like to hire people they know, they … (9 comments)

social media: Can Raincamp make you a better and more productive blogger and Realtor? - 07/05/10 09:11 AM
Yes, I’m at the top of Activerain, but that doesn’t mean I can stop learning! I’m going to my first Raincamp on Wednesday here in Portland and why am I doing that? Well, to put it simply, though I can teach people how to use Activerain, there are still people who can teach me.
I will never pretend that I know everything. There is always something new and exciting in business, technology, and life, and there will always be someone smarter and better at it than me. The key for me is to learn from them and to never forget that … (31 comments)

social media: Trekaroo, the leads just keep coming in! - 04/22/10 02:44 AM

As many of you know just by looking at my logo, my target audience is families. I love children and the excitement I see in their eyes when they pick out their room in a home. But, finding families that are looking to buy or sell is always a challenge, so you need to find your target audience and find out where they are going.
This is where Trekaroo has been a goldmine for me. When I first wrote about Trekaroo, I was still fairly new to the site and just knew that it was a site for families to … (19 comments)

social media: Activerain has made me so busy that I’m losing valuable social media time - 03/27/10 04:43 PM
By Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

What? Social media time, what the heck it that? That is the time I used to spend on Facebook, Twitter and Activerain. Though I still get plenty of leads from Activerain, the problem actually came when I had so many leads from Activerain that I had to either service my clients, or enjoy telling people that I was out with clients, or taking classes to make me a better Realtor.

Either way, something had to give. I’ve hired a transaction coordinator, but that only gave me more time to find clients from Activerain … (44 comments)

social media: I love to talk politics, but you don’t do it at work or in a public forum if you can’t handle the heat - 03/22/10 02:23 AM
By Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

As many of you know I was a DJ for 18 years one of the things that comes with becoming a DJ is learning how to debate. (That is if you want to get in to talk radio.) But, you have to be willing to listen to both sides and you have to learn how to not raise your voice, the minute you do that, everyone knows you have lost your cool and really have nothing left to argue about.
The key to a good debate is to keep a cool head, know your … (38 comments)

social media: Is just blogging to get business enough anymore to survive this market? - 01/17/10 01:53 AM

Is just blogging to get business enough anymore to survive this market? In my opinion, no! I blog … a lot and I get a lot of business from it, especially in the form of referrals both received and sent. But, is it really enough anymore if I want to survive until the market recovers and sellers are happy to sell again and the foreclosure or short sales are the exception to the rule rather than the norm?
Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed since I’ve stopped posting to Twitter and Facebook my links to my blog articles, … (15 comments)

social media: By referral is great, but I WANT MORE! - 08/09/09 02:22 PM

I love getting referrals. They are the greatest compliment a past client can give me, but I WANT MORE! You see, if ever one of my clients in the past gave me even one lead per year to me that would not be enough business for me, personally.
That is why I blog regularly! When I started blogging I thought it would be more of a way to supplement my income from referrals, but in the past two and a half years, I can say it has surpassed my referral business and now my referrals are my supplemental … (14 comments)

social media: Ask for help now, not when it is too late! - 08/03/09 07:25 AM

I love real estate. I love teaching and I love social media, but often when I’m asked how to use it, it is because someone is about to leave the business and they are really too late to the game and just scratching and clawing for a way to stay.

Why not ask before that point? Many people are volunteering to help. Check out the Activerain Ambassadors, these are people that want to give back to the community, but only can help those who want to be helped.

Last week I was helping with a class put on … (13 comments)

social media: Beaverton Oregon Real Estate and more: What does it say about you when other agents link to your blog!? - 07/21/09 07:50 PM
I am very proud of my blog on Beaverton, Oregon, real estate and more. My blog is slowly growing in popularity and getting more and more visitors everyday.
You see, if you go to my outside blog you will see it is exactly what it says it is about. Your guide to everything Beaverton! I post a lot about the community, real estate, and even my family.
But, today I think I really hit it big! You see, social media sites such as Twitter are the best way to build an online following. You need to provide quality … (15 comments)

social media: If you are using social media, remember you are trying to get business not eliminate it - 07/16/09 03:54 AM
Social media isn’t new, it is just in a new format with the internet now. You are trying to build your business, but before Twitter and Blogging, social media through was done through articles in newspapers, door knocking, fund raisers, networking meetings such as Toastmasters, and many other ways of getting your name out there by meeting people.

Well, today, Social media is now considered to be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Activerain and many other blogging sites. But, how you use it can and will affect your business! Just like when meeting people face to face, in order to get business, … (14 comments)

social media: Is social media taking you away from your family time? - 05/30/09 12:26 AM
More and more I’ve been seeing people online constantly! I have to wonder if this taking away from their family time or their interaction with the world. I would criticize teenagers that don’t leave their mom’s basements, spending all day and night playing video games, is social media and what you are doing really any better?
There are times when I’ve left to go show homes, or to go coach baseball, and when I’ve come back and they have been on Activerain, Facebook, or Twitter and you see that they have left 125 tweets in those few hours. What? You didn’t … (70 comments)

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