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As an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS' AGENT I assist buyers in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington counties with their home purchase. Listing Agents represent the SELLERS! Have an 'advocate' on your side, and hire an EBA today! Buyers Agents Portland, LLC: 100% Buyers Representation + 100% of the Time = NO conflicts of interest! ~ Buyer Focused ~ Buyer Results ~
Since I'm on a role with the home inspections . . . what NOT to do, what to think about . . . Francine Viola has added to the topic.  Read what happened when a Buyer's Agent thought they knew how to change a light bulb! What happened when the buyer’s agent changed a light bulb at a home inspectio...
Our very own "tell it like it is" blogger, Greg Nino, posted an article today which couldn't have been written at a better time:  Showing Agent Falls in Kitchen . . . This week my client, the Buyer, emailed me.  She let me know her father, possibly her mother, would be attending the entire home i...
What Was the Point . . . Exactly? The Early Bird Doesn't Always Get the WormThere was a loan officer who called me last week and left a voice mail message.I did not call him back.I do not take unsolicited calls from vendors at this stage of my real estate career.  He's nothing more than a local s...
This post says it all . . . and in not so many words!Pre-Approve Before You Move is a TM of Carla Muss-Jacobs / Buyers Agent Portland, LLC YES -- be ready, be prepared . . . William Fella says it all!! If you are looking to buy a home, Be ready! There are a lot of buyers and not many homes. You n...
I keep telling people that real estate, and the representation of clients is all about LEGAL, LEGAL, LEGAL . . . the clients worry about location, location, location.  Licensees need to be concerned with their legal representation of a client.  Obligations they may have to the consumers and gener...
Buyers BEWARE When Buying a Condo in the Portland Metro MarketOMIGOSH -- it's called a RESERVE STUDY!  And you don't get one done when you KNOW that you have latent defects in the condo building complex.  You get a "RESERVE STUDY" done when you DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS . . . and you plan -- AHEAD -- ...
You Can't Spell "Assessment" Without the . . . ASSNot sure if it's me, but I wonder if anyone else would want to head bang after reading a NINE page document about the upcoming assessments in a condo complex in my local market.I'm working with buyer clients and when they expressed interest in a c...
When the Zombie Apocalypse Hits . . . You'll Be Glad You Live in PortlandFor those of you into Zombies . . . or believe in the Apocalypse . . . AND/OR thrive on the double-duo of the combined  "Zombie Apocalypse" you'll be so happy you decided to live here, right here in Portland. An apocalypse (...
MLS Data Entered Into A Listing Sheet . . . DOES NOT FORM A CONTRACT Nina Hollander wrote a post which was very wildly commented on:  Listing Agents in Danger of Misrepresentation -- a Cautionary TaleIn her post she described a recent decision made by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.DIS...
What Does a Rice Cooker Have to do With Real Estate . . .Yesterday, I went to the store and I bought a rice cooker.  It's the first rice cooker I've ever purchased and it's one of those "Why did I wait so long?" DUH moments in my life.I had the same thing happen with . . . the leaf blower AND the...

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