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As an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS' AGENT I assist buyers in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington counties with their home purchase. Listing Agents represent the SELLERS! Have an 'advocate' on your side, and hire an EBA today! Buyers Agents Portland, LLC: 100% Buyers Representation + 100% of the Time = NO conflicts of interest! ~ Buyer Focused ~ Buyer Results ~
 To those who have known me for awhile, you know I've not published anything in months.  Well, today I was inspired.I read the following article this morning:  First in Time Lawsuit:  Yin et al vs. City of Seattle.The article is well written and easily digested  Please read it, but if you don't h...
 The other day I had a lead but, unfortunately, I could not accommodate that particular buyer.  They wanted to look in Washington state.  Although a hop, skip and a jump from my Portland Metro real estate market base, I'm not licensed in Washington.There's an agent that I've referred to before an...
The land on the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock has been targeted.  Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Native American reservations in North Dakota and South Dakota.Keep in mind kids, Thanksgiving is about when the First Nation of Wampanoag, and Chief Massasoit who helped the folks who were known...
In May this year I wrote a post entiteld:  Have a Nice Trip . . . See You Next FallToday, I read a very nice bookend to this tale.  In The National Association of Realtors Legal Summaries the case in Colorado has No Liability on Buyer's Fall -- the actual appellate ruling is found here.Risk manag...
From time-to-time I'll read a post and it will make me think a little deeper.  I read this post today "What's with the house next door?" and it got me re-thinking the precept.First, when a prospective buyer views a home on paper, it does not, can not and will not -- ever -- be a tactile review of...
This is a vent post about an occurrence only 30 minutes fresh.  It's a "localism" and a sign of the times, unfortunately.I'm 58-years old.  I wasn't around when the phrase "The Bee's Knees" was uttered.  We had different words to describe AWESOME!  We had "rad."  We had "groovy."  We even went so...
 Once upon a time there was a Rosie-haired real estate agent.  She meet with three lenders over a period of time.  Lender One called RosieLocks directly.  He had found RosieLocks doing some searches trying to find some new lead sources.  RosieLocks has a really nice website, and he was attracted ...
Kimo Stowell  is really making it EASY this year.  Not for himself, because he's in charge of it all. But look at all the ways you can get your GHOST ON!This is a very fun Haunted Parade, and I see a few spots that fit the blog -- for me!HAPPY HALLOWEEN and get in the SPIRIT!!  It's time for the ...
 Being in the business of assisting Buyers for nearly 20 years, I have been known to make suggestions, from time-to-time.  I offer advice, coaching, hand holding and the myriad of other business-related duties of the real estate kind.While I can lead a horse to water . . . I can not make them dri...
This is a absolute on obsolete . . . must read!!  I re-blogged Gary Waters post for a reason.   And that reason is: He's correct!I have to add my own story.   Several years ago I assisted a first-time buyer who had no legs.  That was her reality.  She was such an inspiration to me, and I enjoyed ...

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