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Real Estate Broker/Owner - | (503) 810-7192 Portland Metro Exclusive Buyers Agent | 100% Buyer Representation ~ 100% of the Time - Licensed State of Oregon
As an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS' AGENT I assist buyers in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington counties with their home purchase. Listing Agents represent the SELLERS! Have an 'advocate' on your side, and hire an EBA today! Buyers Agents Portland, LLC: 100% Buyers Representation + 100% of the Time = NO conflicts of interest! ~ Buyer Focused ~ Buyer Results ~
When Buying a Home in the Portland Metro Market . . . Don't Forget the Schlep Factor!!Buying a home in the Portland Metro real estate market is GREAT now that the sun is out, and we have wonderful summer weather.Buyers look at beautiful homes and imagine the possibilities, as they should!Last Sat...
Several weeks ago I was outside and noticed a very lovely halo ring around the Moon.  The glow of the Moon was delightful and the low-hanging clouds helped to reflect the Heavenly glimmer.  I wanted to capture it, since it looked so beautiful.When I got around to uploading the photos I'd taken, I...
Carla Muss-Jacobs is One AGGRESSIVE Real Estate Agent -- You Better Believe IT!  Builders, Lenders . . . OH MY!There is a reason why I take a very aggressive stance when it comes to representing my clients.It's because I have to!I read two posts today that almost dove-tail what I have been experi...
I love this post!  And it's written by a very STRONG listing agent. When buyers think that they know it all . . . this is something that can happen with a Dual Agent.  I'm wondering if the BUYER knows that the Dual Agent is trying to interfer with the appraisal and get it adjusted up!  LOL.  Both...
In honor of the year-old birthday of the AR Group Crap-Tacular -- which I encourage everyone to join -- I'm sitting at the party, currently on HOLD with Cricket. A four-digit code . . . and four-digit code.  My Kingdom for a four-digit code!!  My apologies to Shakespeare and Richard III My son, w...
Knock, Knock . . . What a Joke!There are a few articles that have been recently written which talk about door knocking: the pros . . . the cons.This post is about the knock, knock too!  But with a twist.This morning there was a knock, knock at my door.  Suddenly, there came a tapping, a tapping a...
Highest and Best . . . CHUM!This post was inspired by my own comment made on Conrad Allen's post:  What Does Highest and Best Really Mean?These three words "highest and best" are the listing agents' chum . . . and they're using it over and over again when chumming the waters.With inventory levels...
Buyers in Back Up  . . . What Portland Metro Real Estate Buyers Should Know Real estate is local.  And while this isn't a "trend" in the Portland Metro real estate market, it may become one.I have real estate colleagues all over the nation.  I listen to them talk about their local market, and som...
When Buyers Get Annoyed With How the Market is Moving . . . They Don'tRight now, there is a very strong sellers' market in my local area.  As much as it pains me to say it.But, this too shall pass.I've been in the business too long and know the one constant to the many variables:  markets DO CHAN...
Are You Browsing for a Home . . . OR . . . Are You Buying a Home?Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?If I were a chef I'd say "Who gives a fricassee?" and just prepare the dish the customer has ordered.The age-old question is a good one . . . when someone wants to remain in a conundrum.Whic...

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