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As an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS' AGENT I assist buyers in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington counties with their home purchase. Listing Agents represent the SELLERS! Have an 'advocate' on your side, and hire an EBA today! Buyers Agents Portland, LLC: 100% Buyers Representation + 100% of the Time = NO conflicts of interest! ~ Buyer Focused ~ Buyer Results ~



Is it just me, or has the media started a BLITZ with "Rent vs. Buy"? Unless someone is, actually, living in Mom's basement, there are two options when providing a roof over one's head: A) Rent B) BUY It's been this way for a really, really, REALLY long time now. Interesting, I've never heard peep...
Sorry Robert Frost.  You wrote,  "Good fences make good neighbors."  I couldn't agree more.  But, I also think the same good fences, are making fence sitting even more comfy for Buyers, right about now. "It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is gett...
I couldn't say it better myself.  Sharon, a real estate colleague in Florida put together a very good post about home buying . . . She brings up a good point about interest rates, which are low.  That saves money.  Prices are low -- that saves money.  Inventory is good in the local Metro Portlan...
Potholes for Poverty Potholes . . . . we all have them, we all hate them.  We can't repair them ourselves, even though it's our vehicle that gets mud splashed into the undercarriage, and if not careful knock the alignment out of whack (I can't stand when alingments are kinked up).  We drive aroun...
I wish the NMLS Consumer Access Database would have been available a few years ago. Once upon a time . . . I was representing a buyer who was moving to the area on a job transfer.  He didn't want to use my referrals for local lenders, and told me he had a buddy who was going to do his loan. When ...
In March this year, my little darling (and he hates it when I refer to him as "my little darling" -- HA HA HA) started to work for PUB QUIZ USA.  I posted about it PUB QUIZ USA Carlson has been going to Hood River every Wednesday evening, a two-hour drive (roundtrip), to host a pub quiz.  I go al...
Is it just me, OH NO  . . . FACEBOOK not available?!? What will the world do now? Wonder why this is??  I read the story of a hacker finding a loophole in Twitter -- could it be . . . a hacker's blackhole was found on Facebook?? Supermassive black hole?!?  Is it me . . . or can you sign on to Fac...
"Rummer Homes" are a Portland landmark.  They are very distinctive to the Metro Portland market, and you won't find these homes anywhere else.  There are approximately 1,200 or so Rummer homes built in the Metro Portland area.  From Beaverton, to Gresham and parts in between.  The story behind Ru...
Buyers' Remorse -- Two Sides of the Coin We've all heard of "Buyers' Remorse," perhaps even representing a buyer who has displayed this malady.  Basically, "Buyers Remorse" is when a buyer decides not to proceed with their purchase, or contract.  And, within very clear "rights of revocation," the...
Egyptian Newspaper Doctors Photos If you've not read this story, it's kinda funny.  Apparently, a photo was "doctored" which showed President Hosni Mubarak in a position he wasn't in.  Egyptian Newspaper Criticised For Doctoring Photo Because I don't want to get sued for posting the before and af...

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