Stealing Bases Won't Hit It Home Everytime with Social Networking and Blogging You can hit it home consistently with social networking and blogging but in order to do this you gotta trackback to the beginning.  Yup most bloggers need to square right up at home plate again look the pitcher dead ...
  How Often Do You Say No To Prospects? When Does It Make Cents To Do So?   How often do you say no to prospective clients?  I mean it...a prospect emails or calls you and is looking to do, say, a short sale.  Now maybe you have shunned away from short sales in the past, but today, in reflection ...
Inspirational Stories~In Hiding from Blogging? No Just Gone Fishing When I began to blog I was very consistent in my pace and messaging and while I insist that a schedule of blogging 3-5 times per week is best for business and readership I have found my blog dragging..... Aimlessly.....posting me...
Inspirational Stories~The Marathon of Life Means Going Some Distance Offline   It's all a rush...everyone starts the web 2.0 race sprinting out of the gate Fatigue, self-doubt, sometimes even panic set in Tales I have heard of staying up at night Just to keep up with points from the next townie b...
The Top 7 Tips to Find Your Mobile Marketing Mojo Mobile access to information is not just the wave of the future it is the wave that consumers are riding now.  Everyday real estate professionals use mobile applications- email, text messaging, maybe access to your local MLS. What mobile applicati...
Aspiring Real Estate Bloggers Are Becoming Ventriloquist Dummies? Say It Ain't So.  A Rant With a Few Blogging Solutions   I wrote this blog post last February because I have very strong feelings when it comes to individual real estate agents and brokers blogging.  Blogging can bring such a conne...
Recent Life Rebecca D. Levinson- May 2009 I am not a philosopher nor an anthropologist.  I am not a historian nor an ethics gatekeeper but there are a few things that have just really gotten to me over the past few weeks. Today I am going to share a few. 1. Fear tactics in marke...

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