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While the country at large is wrestling already dropping home values, there are some areas that continue to defy market conditions and still see the average home price increasing.In my community of Morgan Hill and in Santa Clara County at large, we still saw a 5% increase in home prices over the ...
As we have seen in more local markets like Morgan Hill and Holiday Lake Estates, Santa Clara County has managed to see an increase in average home prices from last year. Despite the fact that inventories are at record highs and the number of home sales remains flat, average home price growth fro...
I came across a recent article here on active rain about folks leaving the state. It got me thinking about the subject and I decided to do some research. Most of us hear things from time to time that make sense when we hear them, but we never go back and look up the hard data. In this case, check...
From time to time, I come across things that just make me shake my head. When those things relate to other real estate agents it is particularly frustrating. I am sure that many of us cringe a little when someone who has the same job we do does things that make us all look bad - or in this case,...
Tuesday, 05 December 2006 In the month of October, Morgan Hill continues the trend of more homes for sale and the same number or fewer buyers out there looking for them. Despite all the numbers showing that the market is flooded with homes, that there are fewer and fewer buyers and that it is ta...
    CNN did a story about the best investment markets for real estate. It should be no surprise that San Francisco ranked as the best for investors.  From 1949 to 2006, real estate investors and those owning property have seen an average 4.2% appreciation per year.   So, while we have all become ...
  Very little was done this month to reduce our record setting number of homes for sale. In fact,  in the Month of October, Holiday Lake Estates had only one home sell. Overall, we have seen a continuation of the trends observed in past months.  Lots of homes, fewer buyers.   First, lets take a l...
    The old Morgan HIll Police building has been transformed. It now houses the El Toro Brewing Company. In a recent article from the Morgan Hill Times ,  it was revealed that this move was 16 years in the making. The article quotes the proud new owner, Geno Acevedo, as saying " ...we decided th...
Santa Clara County covers a robust market that has managed to resist much of the downturn in other markets across the nation.  While we do continue to see a slowing in the Santa Clara County market, we are still seeing growth in average prices. However, we continue to see an increase in the inven...

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