central florida home builders: Custom Home Buiding- Selecting The Best Roof Tile! - 06/17/17 12:31 PM
Color Through Roof Tile Or Slurry Coated?
Building a home is chock full of decisions! Whether it's hardwood flooring, cabinets or roof tile. When it comes time to make your decision on lightweight, concrete roof tile, be sure to ask how long with the surface color last? Why is that important? Well, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to repaint you roof if you select a slurry coated roof tile. Really? Yes, it's true!
On some roof tile, the color is made while the tile is being manufactured and it's an integral part of the tile. From the top surface all … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Buidling- Radiant Barrier, Save $$$ On Your Power Bills - 06/16/17 07:29 AM
Radiant Barriers, A Cheap Way To Save Money On Your Electric Bill!
Of course, the devil is always in the details!
What's a radiant barrier? You've seen them on astronaut space suits or in science fiction movies. A foil like material that either keeps things cold or hot. The material is used on coolers and emergency blankets to keep people warm too.
It's a reflective material that is used in home construction to reflect the suns radiation away from your home. It's a material that will help keep your home cool in the summer time but like I said, the devil is in the … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Dad Story, Fixing TV's and Radio's- Happy Father's Day! - 06/15/17 10:09 AM
Dad Story Fixing TV's and Radio's:
Dad was always trying to make things better for the family. Being a Sanitation Man, he had many opportunities to pick up "treasures" on his route. This was a time before recycling, garage sales and flee markets. If you no longer had use for an item or it was broken, you gave it to a family member or threw it away. Hughie, always had his eye out for a "gently used" item the family could use or resell for a few extra bucks. The garbage men called the ill gotten items "Mungo".
Dad had a soft spot … (3 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Where Are The Gutters On My Central Florida Home? - 06/08/17 07:28 AM
Do I Need Gutters On My Windermere, Florida New Custom Home?
One of the first things that people notice about homes when they move down from up north, homes in Florida don't normally have gutters and downspouts. Why is that? The short answer, the ground in Florida never freezes.
Gutters and frozen ground may seem unrelated but it's right on target. It's important to keep water away from the footings of the home. When rainwater gets below the footing and freezes it will heave the foundation of the house, right out of the ground. Gutters and downspouts are designed to keep … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Which Type Of Garage Position Is Best? - 05/26/17 01:44 PM
Garage door facing the street, front side entry, motor court or side entry. Which type is best?
Garage Door Facing The Street:
I would consider this the worst garage door positioning for a home. The garage door itself is an unattractive feature of a home. This can be minimized by the type of door selected and how it’s painted. Accentuating the garage door is one of the worse things to do. Some Owners choose to paint the door a contrasting color which draws even more attention to the garage. It’s better to down play the garage door instead. Additionally, a street … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Window Blinds That Generate Electricity! - 05/18/17 07:18 PM
Block The Sun From Entering Windows And Generate Electricity At The Same Time!
Wow, how is this for a fabulous idea! Solar window shades that track the sun by opening and closing so they maximize electricity generation. They even produce energy while you are working during the day so you can use the electricity when you cone home at night. Nice. 
The energy can be stored in a battery backup system so you can delay useage. Solar companies are getting so creative.
Check out the look below!
Read More- Solar window blinds
Have an awesome day!

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- New Tesla Solar Roofing Products, Game Changer! - 05/17/17 06:28 AM
New Tesla Roofing Products Produce Energy And Saves Money!
For those of you familiar with my blog, I’m usually skeptical of fantastic claims made by energy companies. Many claim fantastic results with little to back them up. No matter the claim, it most often comes down to substantiated payback period. How quickly, can a homeowner break even and start saving money. Most of my homebuyers ask, Mike, how much green can you put into my pocket”!
Tesla’s new roofing products are a game changer because the solar element is incorporated into the roofing product itself instead of being a separate element … (2 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Being More Kind Than Necessary And Its Wisdom! - 05/12/17 01:23 PM
Be More Kind Than Necessary.
I grew up in NYC where it was every man for himself. What can I say, it's been a long journey. Lol. I used to brace myself against life like a bad storm. Now I find that I'm more comfortable being "more kind than necessary."
Frankly, I feel better being this way and it makes everyday more enjoyable. It makes me feel good and the people I meet feel great! Many times, it's more rewarding too. Not that any personal benefit is my purpose for being kind. Life just works out better this way. It's hard to explain. … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- What Should I Do, I hear Animals In My Attic? - 05/10/17 08:35 AM

What Should I Do, I Have An Animal In My Attic?
I recently had a real learning experience and I build custom homes for a living! After living in our Orlando home for 5 years, we heard the pitter, patter of little feet in our attic one night. Action needed to be taken, before one became many. I
have been through the animal trapping experience before and found the services expensive and ineffective. Many trap the animals, but do not repair the areas where the animals get in. Guess what, new one’s take up residence!
I decided to purchase an animal trap … (8 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- What Color Should I Paint My Garage Door? - 05/08/17 02:19 PM
Is Your Garage Door Yelling At Your Neighbors?
Who cares you ask? What possible difference can the color of my garage door make? Well, it depends.
Do you want people to notice your beautiful home or your garage door? Afterall, you're not selling garage doors are you?
Do you want the color of your garage door to shout “look at me” or blend into the overall appearance of your home?
Perhaps, I should provide some examples?
Above: A garage door that blends into the overall front elevation.
A Garage Door That Shouts  
A Garage Door That Blends With The Overall Look OF Home   
If your garage door is … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Should I Hire The Architect First? - 05/04/17 11:12 AM
Who should I hire first, the Architect or the Builder?
That's a question many home buyers ask before they embark on the home building process. We have our building lot, now what?
Over my 30+ years of building homes I've watched Clients proceed in both directions with quite different results. I'll start with the Client that hires the Architect or Plan Designer first.
Architect First: The problem with this approach, Client is left to deal with the Architect without feedback from a Builder. The Architect has no idea how much the home he is designing will cost. Most times he provides a … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Lanai/Porch Ceiling Material Choices - 05/02/17 10:17 AM
What Ceiling Material Should I Use On My Lanai/Porch Ceiling?
For years Central Florida Builders have be placing textured drywall on porch ceilings. It really wasn't a great application for a drywall product but that's what we did. The knock down texture on the drywall, only made the situation worse because many homeowners couldn't tell the difference between the textured drywall and stucco. They quickly found out the drywall didn't tolerate water like stucco when they tried to wash off the cob webs and wasp nests.
Eventually, the Custom Home market demanded a new product for exterior ceilings. There's lots of issues … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- What Type Of Front Door Is Best? - 04/28/17 06:12 AM
What type of front door should I buy for my Central Florida Custom Home?
Selecting a front door for an upscale home sounds deceptively easy. It's a lot more complicated than it appears, on first pass. If you are going to try and save money on your home building budget the front door area is the last place to do it, as it sets the tone for the entire home. I'll limit my discussion to the 3 most popular materials that are used for front doors in the Central Florida area. Wrought iron, wood and fiberglass. Steel in another option but not … (2 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- How To Select A Builder? - 04/27/17 01:22 PM
How to select a custom home builder....
Hi I'm Michael Mcguffie, President of Regal Classic Homes since 1988 and Licensed by the State of Florida since 1980. Over the years I've found: You can pay people to work for you but you cant pay them enough to give you their heart. They either have that capacity or not. Paying more for their heart only throws good money after bad. Select a Builder that will put their heart into constructing your dream home.
Hiring a builder is like selecting a spouse. Why do good marriages and building relationships go bad? Is … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: How Should I Maintain My New Custom Home? - 04/21/17 11:51 AM
What Does It Take To Maintain My Orlando, Custom Home?
I have been the owner of and upscale home for more then 20 years and a homebuilder since 1980. Below are some helpful hints to maintain your Central Florida, home.
Landscaping- hiring a professional landscaper is best. Mow grass, edge, weed and trim shrubs weekly. Never cut more then 1/3 of the length of the blade of grass. Its puts major stress on the lawn. Sure its more work to cut the grass weekly during growing season but that's what it takes. Make sure you stay on top of your … (0 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Real Estate Commissions, Should I Negotiate? - 04/15/17 07:13 AM
When Should I Negotiate My Realtors Commission?
As a Custom Home Builder, I tell Owners there is great value in having a Licensed Realtor help you with your home buying and selling needs. It’s like someone asking me if they should try building their own home? I wouldn’t advise it. There are enough horror stories out there that should answer that question. That said, should you negotiate the amount of their commission?
The general perception of the public, realtors have a license to steal. I can tell you that’s certainly not the case. A great Realtor, works very hard for their … (1 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Remodeling- How To Air Condition A Room On The Cheap! - 04/14/17 07:37 AM
Why A Mini Split Is A Great Way To Air Condition A Room That Needs More A/C
So you are thinking about adding a small addition to your home or there is a room that is just always too hot, perhaps a mini split is the answer to your air conditioning needs?
In the past, the answer was most likely an entire upgrade to your central air conditioning system. A new air handler, condenser and perhaps some new duct work. With a mini split, it may solve all your issues at a much lower cost.
Sure years ago you could addd a … (1 comments)

central florida home builders: 5 Ways To Make Your Garage Awesome On The Cheap! - 04/12/17 01:09 PM
How To Make Your Garage Pop For Just A Few Dollars More!
First it was how to make your Lanai into a living space, now it’s expanding into your garage and make it perform double duties.
Designers have come up with 5 easy ways to make your garage awesome.
Upgrade your garage overhead door to give the exterior a fresh look. Coat the garage floor with epoxy paint that resists stains and makes the entire area pop. Install a workbench or create a craft center for the kids. Open your mind to creative storage options using milk crates or clear … (4 comments)

central florida home builders: Custom Home Building- Shower Door Or Not? - 04/05/17 09:05 AM
Should I Install A Door On My Walk-In Master Bathroom Shower Or Not?
One of the things I've learned over the years building homes, everyone is different. I'll provide my opinion but frankly it's a personal issue.
Installing a door- the safest bet is to install a shower door. Yes, depending upon the configuration of the shower you may have to clean it more often but at least you will always be warm and you won't have water on the floor.
The current trend is to install a frameless door with the thicker glass (3/8") and heavy duty hinges.
Without a … (14 comments)

central florida home builders: How To Build A Bonus Room Over The Garage - 04/02/17 09:15 AM
Should I Build A Bonus Room Above My Garage?
Building a bonus room sounds simple enough doesn't it? Deceptively simple, I reply. Building a bonus room over a 3 car garage is easy. Doing it correctly is another thing!
We've all heard that it's cheap SF, in fact it's almost free! Well, it's less expensive than kitchen SF but certainly not free. There is also the cheap bowling alley method and the more sophisticated, expensive method.
Frankly, it depends upon the intended use of the space. Bedroom with a bath, office, playroom, teenager hang out room or home theater are examples … (1 comments)

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