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Information about content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and online lead generation. I have written thousands of articles for other people who have published my words in their name.
What a long strange trip it has been! First of all thank you to the many friends and fans who have been with us since the beginning. Some of you even go all the way back to August of 2008 when I had no idea what I would do with the show but new I wanted to find and share great information. At tha...
As most of you know I spent all of the 2000's directing a successful mortgage lender. Unfortunately we weren't large enough to make it over the hump and closed our doors in 2010. I was never a "loan officer" or "mortgage broker" but because I wrote prolifically about mortgages many people assumed...
Keywords Still Matter You bet keywords are still an important part of content when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. A recent study I did using the nonsense keywords "elberdarle dillishnad" continue to churn out some amazing results. Each time I perform an analysis on that crazy phrase I le...
By Writer for Hire 21 March 2014 Much maligned due to much abuse the subprime loan is making a comeback. Although the numbers are small, miniscule in comparison to those of the previous decade, home loans for buyers with minor credit issues are slowly returning to the market. According to the lat...
All of our listeners know when we have a guest they are among the elite of Social Media marketing. Names like Laura Fitton, Danny Browne, Erika Napoletano, Beth Kantner, Guy Kawasaki, Shel Israel, and Chris Brogan to name but a few. This Tuesday, February 26th at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern is absol...
It's a pretty simple quiz and you don't really need an answer sheet. In fact it's not only simple, it's short. It doesn't ask how many awards you have won from your association. It doesn't ask if you're "tech savvy". Heck, it doesn't even ask how many listings or sales you've had. Go ahead, try i...
Upcoming changes to the Wordpress core are at the heart of improvements you're going to be seeing over the next few month. The release of 3.0 brought a few major changes which made WP worthy of the dominate title gained over the years among bloggers but still left many issues and challenges dangl...
The Setup Industry insiders, to any industry, know when their "competitors" are lying in their advertisement. Sometimes it's just a matter of "how can they do that?" Other times you, as a competing professional know there is no possible way! For example Countrywide used to advertise "no one can d...
"I've been doing this for 25 years and I never ...", right, and you probably never will.  The real estate industry has a segment that is absolutely leading edge for all businesses. There are daring souls who try the newest tools, toys and gadgets and do their best to see how they work into the ev...
EDIT 12-Dec: We're talking about duplicate *content* in significant numbers. After reading the comments I want to clarify - reposting your AR article to your hometown blog is not duplicate content. Creating 10 blogs and posting the same articles to them every day, day in and day out is duplicate ...

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